Thursday, May 3, 2018

This is strong against the devil

The Sign of the Cross
is formidable to the devil, because
by the Cross we escape from him.
We should make the Sign of the Cross with great respect.
We begin with the forehead: it is the head, creation – the Father;
then the heart: love, life, redemption – the Son;
then the shoulders: strength – the Holy Ghost.
Everything reminds us of the Cross.

St. John Vianney

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  1. Hi, I am Brazilian. I am 61 years old now and today I celebrate my marriage(28 years ago). Yes, I married on May, 13th 1990. Since I was a baby boy I pray to Mary and specially to Fatima. When I was born I received 7 medals of Fatima. Every person that visited the baby brought a medal of Our Lady. The most curious thing is that people did not have the intention of buying a Fatima's medal but a medal of any other Saint. My grandma picked one of the seven medals and went to the proper shop in order to change it for the Jesus or an Agnus Dei; she came home very happy saying: ok, now you've got an Agnus Dei medal and when she opened the pack there she was again; a different medal of Fatima. So, from that time on I am Catholic. I deeply believe in Our Lady of Fatima. God bless you all.