Thursday, July 31, 2008

Father John Trigilio Calls for Reparation in Response to Communion Desecration

The Confraternity of Catholic Clergy (a national association of 600 priests & deacons) respond to the sacrilegious and blasphemous desecration of the Holy Eucharist by asking for public reparation.


We ask all Catholics of Minnesota and of the entire nation to join in a day of prayer and fasting that such offenses never happen again. (suggested: one Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament and one whole day of fasting on Friday, August 1st, Feast of St. Alphonsus Ligouri. If this is not convenient or feasible, then we also recommend Thursday, August 21st, the Feast of Pope St. Pius X)

Lucifer Sure Is Angry

   vandalism 001

    Yesterday we reached over 1,900 rally captains!  Our volunteers were most enthusiastic about having met that goal. 


    This week we have volunteers from Long Island, NY, Louisiana, Miami, Florida and Pennsylvania. 

vandalism 002

    Last evening evidently, Lucifer revealed his irritation with the success of the campaign.  Upon arriving at the office this morning, we saw many of the beautiful flowers that grace the front of our office pulled and thrown upon the ground.   

     This morning one of our volunteers from Miami who speaks Spanish was trying to call someone in Puerto Rico.  The phone number was a wrong number.  The volunteer then called directory assistance.  While on the phone with the operator, he told her about the public rosary campaign. The operator signed up to be a rally captain. 

     He was also able to obtain the correct phone number from this operator. He then called the correct number and reached the person who also became a rally captain.

vandalism 004

    We must be doing something right for Our Lady!  To become a rally captain please call 866-584-6012.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Which is more beautiful -- the peacock or the swan?


In different ways and degrees, the peacock and the swan symbolize nobility. 


Both possess superiority.

The peacock is adorned with aspects rich and complex, which invites to analysis and admiration.  On the contrary, the swan is noble in its extreme simplicity.  Its whiteness is its adornment, and white is the synthesis of all colors.  So, in a sense, the swan has the beauty of the peacock, although a very simple way.

The peacock was made to live on the ground.  The swan lives on the water, and the water reflects its beauty. Floating on the water is, however, a most simple posture.

The peacock has a wealth of feathers – a true marvel! But the lines of the swan are more elegant.


It has a long graceful neck that curves gently backwards, which gives it a dignified manner.  From its high perch, the swan looks down on its food, the underwater reeds and vegetation.

With effortless and discrete movements, the swan floats suavely on the water.  When I see it floating along, somehow I feel pricked by a bit of envy.

While the peacock has all the nobility and beauty that comes from complexity and talent, the swan is majestic by its very simplicity.

Which is more noble?

Truly the swan’s whiteness and simplicity are admirable and high qualities.  This makes it easy to say: “the swan is simple and, therefore, more beautiful.”


But the peacock’s overabundance of color and majesty is unmatched in nature.

So, imagine two crowns: one is gold with precious stones encrusted on it.  The other is plain gold, without precious stones.

Which is more beautiful?

The crown with precious stones, of course.

My gut feeling was for the swan.  But after some thought, I would venture to say that, objectively speaking, the peacock is more beautiful.

So, my vote is for the peacock.  How about you?

What one lady did for Our Lady! Incredible!

This is the story of rally captain, Mrs. Escolastica Cabrera, aged 77, from Saipan (my new hero)!

Mrs Cabrera rc  saipan 011

For last year's rosary rally, she prepared an information packed binder with the details about her rally in Saipan.

cover of report saipan 019

I had not seen anything like it before.

Contained in Mrs. Cabrera’s binder were, a detailed cover letter, photos of her rally and other rallies, newspaper articles and some of the attractive and eye catching articles that she used to promote her rally. Mrs. Cabrera had 300 souls present to honor Our Lady.

lapel pins saipan 026

She had lapel pins made for participants to wear with a beautiful image of Our Lady of Fatima surrounded by the words, Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for us.

participants holding mini flags saipan 007

She also distributed little hand held mini - flags attached to a small stick that were emblazoned with an image of Our Lady of Fatima and the words of the Hail Mary.

large outdoor banner saipan 004

Banners were made; ads were also placed in local newspapers promoting the rally.

Mrs. Cabrera’s love for Our Lady is most evident by all of the efforts that she put into having such a successful Public Square Rosary. 

She will be traveling to our campaign office in Kansas later this summer to assist with calls. You might be fortunate enough to speak with her while she is here. I am sure that she will be very happy to share her experiences with you.

For those who are not able to do as much, not to worry. The purpose of this article is for us to admire what a rally captain on the other side of the world was able to do for Our Blessed Mother. If we are limited by time and resources, we can still put on a successful rally for Our Lady.

It is so incredibly simple. All you need to hold a successful rally is, to find a public location, invite some family and friends, bring your rosaries and the materials that we will send to you.

If you haven’t signed up there is still time, but hurry. You can call our campaign office at 866 584 6012 or send an email to:

Outrage: Catholic adoption agency’s new policy will allow homosexuals to adopt

London, Jul 27, 2008 / 05:57 pm (CNA).- The largest Catholic adoption agency in England and Wales has decided to implement an adoption policy that does not rule out same-sex couples in the face of new laws that forbid such screening. The change in its adoption policy was made with the full support of the bishops who oversee the agency.

The decision, made by the Catholic Children’s Society of Arundel and Brighton, Portsmouth and Southwark (A&BSP) means the society will not turn away any homosexual couples who present themselves as potential adopters.

Terry Connor, chief executive of the society, explained to The Universe that any changes would not start until January and were a direct result of the recent Sexual Orientation Regulations which enforced “rights” for same sex couples who wish to adopt.

The move will undoubtedly be seen as controversial in some quarters. In January 2007, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor wrote to the-then Prime Minister Tony Blair suggesting that Catholic adoption agencies in England and Wales would be forced to close down if they were not allowed to opt out of new gay rights laws, which he said contradicted Catholic teaching.

The cardinal said forcing people to act against their consciences would mean discrimination on the grounds of belief, adding that it would be an "unnecessary tragedy" if Catholic agencies were forced to close.

In the cardinal's Westminster archdiocese, the Catholic Children's Society has opted to mount a legal challenge to the regulations by amending its constitution. But A&BSP, which prepares between 40-50 potential adoptive parents a year, has instead decided to comply with them.

In a letter sent to the society's supporters by Mr. Connor, he suggested that such a course offered the "only transparent, straightforward and guaranteed way of preserving our full range of much needed services for some of the most vulnerable children in the country."

His letter added that the bishops concerned - together with trustees, management and staff - had all agreed that, in the circumstances, it was the most reasonable and responsible course of action for the greater good.

Mr. Connor also stated clearly that that eligibility to apply to adopt a child was only the first step on the road to adoption.

"I suspect if a same-sex couple arrives at any of the agencies just to test out the system, they will not get very far," he said this week.

“We do not know whether we will actually be asked to consider same sex couples for the placing of children because, statistically, very few same sex couples go for adoption anyway.”

"We have to give an interview to same sex couples asking to be considered for adoption. But we are not anticipating we are going to get lots of same sex couples. It is much more likely that they will go to their local authority because it is the local authority which makes decisions about matching children with approved adopters, not the society.”

Mr. Connor added: "We need to make it very clear that the assessment of any adopters is very thorough. It is not about finding children for adults, but it is about finding families for very difficult children.”

"There are bishops who are taking the legal route about this, but ours are not. It remains to be seen whether that would result in more difficulties for their agencies.”

Copyright @ CNA

Getting near 2,000 Captains for the Rosary Rallies 2008; amazing story about palm reader and Our Lady of Guadalupe...


Thanks to Our Lady and to the great dedication of our phone volunteers, we're almost at 2,000 rally captain for the October Rosary Rallies.

On the phones, you hear the most incredible stories from the people who call in to help the rallies or just to chat.

One rally captain told the amazing story that when a teenager, he was suffering some troubles that led his parents to tell him to go to a palm reader. 

He didn't want to go, but he went because his parents told him to.   After two sessions, he decided it was enough.


On the third visit, he placed a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe in his hat and went in for the session.

As soon as the palm reader saw him, she said: "Get out of here and never come back again!"

He happily complied and ever since has had a deep and true devotion to Our Lady!  Amazing.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I bet some people who don't like these comments on the peacock...

What do you think a peacock represents?

I would say it represents the charm of the superfluous.


The peacock acts according to instinct.  But the instinct was given by God.

God gave it that beautiful tail, the instinct to unfold it, fan it out, and to walk showing it off.  Everything takes place by the pure Will of God.

When a peacock fans out its tail you see color, an intermingling of color, dazzlingly rich, yet pleasing, orderly and attractive.  You feel a bit taken aback, in the sense that it is so, so beautiful, that your capacity to appreciate beauty is assaulted and somewhat humbled.

In a second phase, after having absorbed the general aspect, you begin to see the details.  You are taken by another impression, which, ultimately, is the first impression made more explicit.


One sees semicircles made by the different colored plumes, with something silken about them, something of the sheen of silk or the glistening of crystal or precious stones.

To understand the peacock, you need to imagine a precious stone with silken qualities, or silk with the qualities of a precious stone.

Suddenly, the peacock closes its tail and tranquilly walks away.  He drags his tail made up of "precious stones" behind him ... his tail is so superior that nothing of the ground, not the least dirt, clings to it.

Then you see the peacock's breast. 


It is an interplay of blue-green, radiant with beauty, and with the distinction of a noble lady.

It turns its head to the rear and draws it back a bit.  It looks down from above, as if saying: "Reality, how dare you draw so near to my gaze!  Move back.  I can see you just as well from a distance!"

The peacock sports a panache of feathers, which is in no way necessary to its beauty.  The panache has the charm of the superfluous.

You may see the peacock often, until it becomes banal. When it becomes banal, it has become a part of you, as if encrusted on your soul.  Because it is proper of admiration to be acquisitive.

Thoughts about the lion, the king of animals and symbol of legitimacy

I think the lion represents the principal of legitimacy.


The rose: the queen of flowers

It’s evident that the lion is among animals what the rose is among flowers. The rose is naturally queen. Put a truly beautiful rose among any other type of flower – even among a bunch of extremely beautiful orchids... the rose overshadows all other flowers, even the orchid. The rose is clearly superior.

The lion: king of the animals


Put a lion among every other animals... they are eclipsed.

The elephant is bigger, but…what a brute, vile mass. The camel walks further, but its step is like a heavy laden slave, it doesn’t break out with the proud step of the lion.


The lion marches and jumps, the camel walks.


Consider the fox: it is clever, but fragile; when his wit runs out, it is in trouble.


Consider the other animals: they all have some eminent quality, but none have the ensemble of qualities that make a lion a lion.

Look at the lion – it is king. 


It seems to enjoy the right to be king: he commands, he has the claws of a king, he reigns!

It is normal that the lion be the color of a king.  Gold is the color of kings.  A silver lion – how frustrating!  A golden lion, how natural!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Will you protest this new blasphemy against Our Lord Jesus Christ?

Warning: this movie has blasphemous and offensive content against Our Lord. If you prefer, please skip the movie’s description and go directly to the action item.


On August 22, a blasphemous movie called Hamlet 2 will open in theaters across America.

According to reviews, the movie includes a song called “Rock Me, Sexy Jesus!” Here is an excerpt:

Rock me, rock me, rock me sexy Jesus
He died for our sins, you gotta believe us
Rock me, rock me, rock me sexy Jesus
all night long.

And on the website of the movie’s distributor, you read:

Want to be the first to learn how to join the “Rock Me, Sexy Jesus!” fan team?

And yes, you guessed it, Hamlet 2 was written and directed by the homosexual filmmaker Andrew Fleming.

A movie like this should never be shown in theaters. It truly a terrible sin – a blasphemy on a national scale.

Here's what you can do:

1) Sign and send a protest message to Focus Features, the movie’s distributor (see sample message below).

2) Pray a Rosary in reparation.

3) Call Focus Features to kindly yet firmly voice your opposition to Hamlet 2.

------------ Sample protest message ------------

To: Focus Features

The news that your company is the distributor for “Hamlet 2” with its song “Rock Me, Sexy Jesus” was shocking. I’m deeply upset and disappointed. The movie is an egregious display of blasphemy. Over 82% of America is Christian. Millions feel insulted by this show.

Such a production offends in many ways because it’s at the opposite end of the spectrum of basic decency and moral behavior.

Nothing like this should be produced. I hope your company will NEVER again distribute a movie as disgraceful as “Hamlet 2.” Thank you!



Focus Features

65 Bleecker St., 3rd Fl.
New York, NY 10012

Phone: 212-539-4000

Fax: 212-539-4099


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Falwell vs blasphemy -- how come we don't hear this from our Catholic clergy?

Mainstreaming blasphemy
Posted: July 26, 2008
1:00 am Eastern
© 2008 

"Then Jesus said, 'Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do'" (Luke 12:34).

If you have been watching television recently, you may have seen a commercial for a movie titled, "Hamlet 2," which includes the song, "Rock Me, Sexy Jesus."

Here is an excerpt:

Rock me, rock me, rock me sexy Jesus
He died for our sins, you gotta believe us
Rock me, rock me, rock me sexy Jesus
all night long.

In the movie, written and directed by gay filmmaker Andrew Fleming, a high school teacher writes a sequel to Shakespeare's drama, in which Jesus brings Hamlet back to life to perform in musicals.

I watched a video of the song and found it to be shocking. And why wouldn't I? This is, after all, my Savior and Lord who is being smeared and slandered. But then, I'm a Christian – and my feelings don't matter to the "mainstream."

There's more. Also this summer, a play titled "Jerry Springer – The Opera in Concert" has played in several cities. reported that, in the play, an effeminate Jesus who wears a diaper states: "Actually, I am a bit gay." Eve is reportedly depicted as having sexual dalliances with Jesus.

(Column continues below)

It goes on and on. Earlier this year, a short video titled "Modern Day Jesus" portrayed Jesus as the sex-starved roommate of Mary Magdalene. On "South Park," Jesus was depicted as a member of "Imagination Land." On A&E's documentary "The Lost Tomb of Jesus," filmmaker James Cameron claimed evidence shows that Jesus married and had a family. In April, director Paul Verhoeven cast aspersions on the virgin birth of Christ, writing that Jesus was "probably the son of Mary and a Roman soldier who raped her during the Jewish uprising in Galilee," according to the Hollywood Reporter.

On the radio, we've gotten Kid Rock's "Rock N Roll Jesus" and Hayes Carll's "She Left Me for Jesus," which further denigrate the name of Christ.

You could say, "Hey, Falwell, if you don't like 'Rock N Roll Jesus,' don't listen to it." OK, that's fine. The problem is – and this falls into my mainstreaming-of-blasphemy proposition – ESPN has been promoting the song between innings of baseball broadcasts. It doesn't seem to matter that Christians might be offended by the song.

It's this "Who cares?" attitude regarding depictions of Jesus that leads me to fear that our nation has lost any clear notion of who Jesus is. And as a result of this growing national ignorance, we are witnessing this mounting wave of antagonism and ridicule regarding our Savior.

Compounding the problem is our present age of "diversity," which seems to want to protect every form of expression except those that advance the cause of Jesus Christ.

Further, at the same time Jesus is being increasingly mocked in the "mainstream," His name is progressively more unwelcome in the public square. Just this week a federal court of appeals in Virginia upheld a lower court ruling sustaining the right of the Fredericksburg City Council to bar prayers mentioning Jesus' name.

In our nation, the "mainstream" apparently wants the right to: 1) poke fun at and ridicule Jesus, no matter how offensive it is to Christians and 2) demolish our nation's historic public veneration of Christ and His Ten Commandments. No wonder we are experiencing moral collapse.

The fact remains that even amid this growing hostility toward Jesus Christ, He reaches out in perfect love, wanting to embrace and save those who despise Him – just as He did with Paul (Saul), the great persecutor of Christians in his day.

I'll close with a verse of encouragement from 1 Peter 4:16: "Yet if anyone suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God in this matter." Even as the world continues to despise Jesus and those who love Him, we can never forget that He calls us to be intrepid and honorable representatives of Him so that people will see Christ in us.

We must continue to proclaim that Jesus is "the Christ, the Son of the living God" (Matthew 16:16)!

Join in! True Catholic Charity Reigns Among Rosary Rally Volunteers


    Sometimes parents who are interested in having one of their teenage children volunteer to help with the Public Square Rosary Rallies at our Kansas office are concerned that their child may not know anyone here.

six at a table 002

    As this picture shows, the young as well as the not so young, fast become friends working together for such a magnificent cause as the Public Rosary.

    This table is designed to hold three. These young ladies from various parts of the country are like sisters and cannot bear to be apart from each other.

    It is most edifying to see the fast and lasting friendships made while at the volunteer office.

     If you'd like to volunteer, please call 866-584-6012.

Is a homosexual dictatorship being born?

Did you hear about a new Brazilian law that would turn the country into a veritable homosexual dictatorship? 

Well, it goes so far as to threaten anyone who tries to prevent the public exercise of homosexual acts (“manifestations of affection”), with up to five years in prison. 

Priests who preach against homosexuality and parents who fire homosexual babysitters would also fall victim to imprisonment under the new law.

It has already passed the Brazilian House and is being debated in the Senate.  If it becomes law in Brazil, it would certainly empower the homosexual movement and could prove disastrous in countries around the world. 

Click here to read: “The World Watches as Brazil Advances Toward a Homosexual Dictatorship,” by Luís Solimeo.

Or read the full article here:

The World Watches as Brazil Advances Toward a Homosexual Dictatorship

Written by Luiz Sérgio Solimeo

Thursday, July 24 2008

In 2008, Sao Paulo, Brazil hosted the largest homosexual pride parade ever.

A bill, already approved in Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies and currently being debated in the Senate, demonstrates the type of dictatorship the homosexual movement would like to impose on the Christian world. If this bill were to become law it would punish with imprisonment, anyone who criticizes homosexual ideology or practice. This would empower the homosexual movement worldwide, thus reinforcing their plans here in America.
Similarly, it uncovers the true goals of the homosexual movement, and, is thus of pivotal importance to freedom-loving people around the globe.
Religious Persecution
Bishop Redovino Rizzardo, of Dourados, State of Mato Grosso do Sul, warned about the bill:

“The Federal Senate is evaluating Projected Bill 122/2006, intended to protect those who choose to adopt homosexual attitudes and practices. .... If approved, the bill would hinder the Catholic Church, which strives to follow the Gospel. Thus, a priest who condemns homosexuality in his homily may be judged for ‘causing moral, ethical, philosophical or psychological embarrassment.’ A decision by a seminary rector to refuse admittance to a homosexual student could bring him three to four years in jail.”[1]

Homosexuality: Not a Source of Rights

Fr. Luiz Carlos Lodi da Cruz, a distinguished opponent of abortion and homosexuality, published an article against the bill. In it, he shows how the bill fits into the process of systematic anti-life and anti-family offensives by the socialist President Luís Inácio Lula da Silva’s government, in direct conflict with the fundamental principles of Catholic morality.
In his article, titled “The Lula Government and the Combat against Chastity,” Fr. Lodi da Cruz makes a connection between the pro-abortion and homosexual movements:

“In the Lula government, the pro-abortion cause, that attacks human life, walks hand-in-hand with the pro-homosexual cause, that attacks the virtue of chastity on which the family is built. Since the beginning of 2003, the government has been actively pursuing an agenda, both domestically and with the international community (UN and OAS), to glorify homosexuality and treat those who oppose homosexual conduct as (homophobic) criminals.”[2]

After presenting a chronological list of all the pro-homosexual measures the Lula government has taken, Fr. Lodi da Cruz analyzes the bill that would make homosexuality a source of privilege:

“What does it mean? It means that in addition to the basic rights guaranteed by the Federal Constitution to all people, those who practice homosexuality will also have rights by virtue of the homosexuality they practice. The bill grants rights to homosexuals, not in their capacity as persons but in their capacity as homosexuals. Now then, homosexuality (understood as the practice of carnal intercourse between persons of the same sex) is a vice against nature that cannot grant any rights whatsoever to anyone.”[3]

Vice is Transformed into a Source of Merit
Similarly, attorney Maria das Dores Dolly Guimarães, president of the Sao Paulo Federation of Movements to Defend Life, comments that, according to the bill, “homosexuality would cease being a vice and become a source of merit. Likewise, anyone daring to criticize homosexual conduct would be criminalized.”[4]
Further on, she emphasizes: “Christians will be the first ones to suffer persecution.”
She exemplifies this with some of the bill’s provisions:

“The proposed legislation intends to punish with 2 to 5 years imprisonment, anyone who dares prohibit or prevent the public practice of an obscene act (‘manifestation of affection’) by homosexuals (art. n.º 7).” The same punishment would befall a housewife who fires her children’s babysitter upon finding out she is a lesbian (art. n.º 4).
“A priest who condemns homosexuality in his sermon could be prosecuted as per article n.º 8: ‘causing ... ethical, philosophical or psychological embarrassment,’” and “the rector of a seminary who rejects a homosexual student could be condemned with 3 to 5 years in jail (art. n.º 5).”[5]

“The Gay Gag Law”
This proposed bill has become known in Brazil as the “Gay Gag Law” since, if approved, it would make any condemnation or criticism of homosexual practice illegal.
That is precisely the title of a study by lawyer Paulo Medeiros Krause: “The Gay Gag Law, Gay Super-rights, Unconstitutionality and Totalitarianism,”[6] in which he states:

“The projected bill is flagrantly unconstitutional and beckons the implantation of totalitarianism and State ideological terrorism, in blatant violation of the rights of equality, free expression of one’s thought, inviolability of freedom of conscience and belief, non-discrimination for reasons of religious, philosophical or political beliefs, and a violation of due process, material or substantive (art. 5.º, caput, IV, VI, VIII, LIV, of the [Brazilian] Constitution).”[7]

In another article on the same topic, Dr. Krause shows the ideological Marxism underlying the projected bill:

“What is really behind the projected bill is an attempt to impose as dogma, the morality and naturalness of homosexuality. This dogma is not scientific, but has a Marxist ideological origin. Denying this supposed truth would become punishable by penal law. Nothing could be more aggressive or inadmissible. It is policing ideology. … Obviously, law could never oblige anyone to accept papal infallibility, and yet, this law would impose the dogma of the infallibility of [the Marxist thinkers] Erich Fromm and Herbert Marcuse on all Brazilians.” [8]

Homosexuality is not a “Gender” but a Behavior
Prof. Uziel Santana, of the Federal University of Sergipe, explains in a simple and categorical fashion why the “Gay Gag Law” is unconstitutional:

“Why is Projected Bill 122/2006 unconstitutional? It is unconstitutional because art. 5º of the Federal Constitution establishes, as a first and fundamental right and guarantee, that “men” and “women” have equal rights and obligations. Thus, the Constitution does not recognize a third gender: the homosexual one. So, how can an ordinary bill attempt to establish super-rights for and the impossibility of criticizing those who, as homosexuals, are not even recognized by the Constitution? Whether they like it or not, they are only men or women to our Magna Charta.”[9]

Brazil: the world’s first Homosexual Dictatorship?

Implantation of a Police State

It is fitting to finish this analysis on the danger of Brazil becoming the world’s first Homosexual Dictatorship with a comment by the above-quoted Bishop of Dourados, Most Rev. Redovino Rizzato. One can only imagine the repercussions this would have in the rest of the world:

“From every indication, when the bill is voted into law, in addition to all the basic rights the Federal Constitution guarantees to all Brazilian citizens, homosexuals will have privileges and advantages derived from their sexual choice. In contrast, all those who do not agree with homosexual behavior will either have to keep quiet or to get ready to occupy a cell in one of the country’s prisons.”[10]


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Friday, July 25, 2008

Small, brave group continues the monthly Public Square Rosary Rally in Ohio

Without interruption, for the last 15 months, a small yet brave group of Catholics have gathered in Cleveland, Ohio, to say the Rosary in public and to do reparation for the terrible sins going on in America.


If you would like to join or lead one of the 3,000 Rosary Rallies planned for October of this year, please call me at 866-584-6012.

Washington Post reports on our Jerry Springer protest (see video) -- 1,800 reached yesterday!

In today's Washington Post, you will find an article on our protest against the blasphemous show Jerry Springer: The Opera.

Go here: Video of rally of reparation


I you wish you could have been there with us -- it was very blessed!  Anyway, if you'd like to read it, here is the link: Report in Washington Post


Thanks to the hard work of Our Lady's volunteers, we just reached the 1,800 rally captains yesterday.  


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Reparation! Reparation! Reparation! echoed in DC to the sound of thunder…

These are pictures from yesterday, from TFP-America Needs Fatima's rally in front of the Studio Theatre in DC in reparation for the blasphemous Jerry Springer: The Opera show.


Members of TFP-America Needs Fatima escort Our Lady's Fatima statue to the rally site.  The rally went from 7:00PM to 8:30 PM.


About 30 fervent Catholics came out to defend the honor of Our Lord and Our Lady yesterday in front of the Studio Theatre in DC.  We sang hymns, prayed the Rosary and shouted slogans, such as Reparation, Reparation, Reparation!


Half way through the rally it rained, and there was thunder and lightning too.  Actually, the weather was almost identical to the time we did the rally of reparation for the same show in Cincinnati a few weeks ago -- rain, thunder, lightning, as if the rain was symbolically cleaning the streets of the sins of blasphemy. 


TFP president, Mr. Raymond Drake led the prayers and offered some meditations on Pontius Pilate and the gravity of the sin of apathy and indifference.  Passersby stood and silently listened as Mr. Drake spoke in a loud and calm voice.


When the rain started, we covered the Fatima statue with a glass case...everybody else got soaked -- but for a worthy cause!  


Rally participants used megaphones and bullhorns to amplify the sound of the "Hail Marys" and "Our Fathers;" the sound of the prayers echoed off the surrounding buildings and could be heard for blocks.


We fervently pray more Catholics join our efforts and shake off apathy and actively offer reparation for the sins of blasphemy that are spreading across America.

May God have mercy on our beloved America!

To join the TFP-America Needs Fatima anti-blasphemy network, please call 1-888-317-5571.