Thursday, December 31, 2009

More information about the major point of the soul, or the primordial light...

Good repercussions continue to arrive from the 10 suggestions for a pious New year Resolution, which we sent you a few days ago.

One lady, wrote this:

"Thank you for sending the 10 tips for a pious new year resolution.... they were just what I was looking for and didn't even know it. 

I do have a question though...
#4 - Remember: every soul has one MAJOR point upon which is hinged his or her entire fidelity to God and His Holy Laws.
What does that mean?  I never heard anything like this before - is there somewhere that I could read more about it?

God Bless you and all the good you are doing.

In Christ through Mary,


This text from Prof. Oliveira better explains what is this major point of the soul, or the primordial light:

According to Catholic theology, for the same reason that each one of us feels within himself a tendency towards a specific sin—usually referred to as capital sin—in he contrary sense, each soul is called to reflect a specific aspect of God by especially shining in the practice of a specific virtue. This has been referred to as the person’s “primordial light.”

Thus we may conjecture that as one advances in sanctity, his primordial light becomes more evident. Were we to correspond faithfully to every grace that Christ gives, His light would radiate through our poor selves.

One person tends to be charitable, another loyal, another obedient, and yet another serious and responsible. One is inspired by all that is pure and sublime, another by the severe and austere.

One has such a love for our Blessed Mother that he cannot hear her name mentioned without feeling every string of his heart stir. Another is particularly touched by all that surrounds the birth of the Child Jesus, yet another by Our Lord’s Passion. All souls are called to practice all virtues, but a particular virtue shines before each in a primordial, a first light.

Imagine Saint Louis Gonzaga, the personification of purity, and emulate his angelic chastity. Consider Saint Louis, King of France, the embodiment of honor, with uprightness and sincerity written in each line of his noble face.

Reflect on Saint Vincent de Paul, an emissary of divine charity, who walked the back streets of Paris rescuing abandoned babies and carrying them in the huge pockets of his cassock to their new homes. Recall Saint Francis of Assisi, who courted Lady Poverty throughout his life, or Saint John the Baptist, who embodied the rigors of God’s call to repentance and penance.

As every virtue reflects its divine Author, Saint Thomas concludes that Christ is the perfect expression of all the primordial lights that were, are, and will be. To that we may add that every saint is nothing more–nor less–than a small spark of the perfection of Our Lord, an inestimable honor indeed.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ANF members comment on 10 Tips for Pious New Year's Resolutions

Dear Mr. Ritchie:

I did like getting the tips on the 10 resolutions.

What you mention is truly important to me.  I  want really to love the Mother of God.  Many a times I find myself going nowhere .

I find praying to Our Lady and recommending Her to others a great help.  But they don't always get deep into Her devotion.  I ask the Blessed Mother to help me .

S. A.


Robert: Thank you for the message.

In fact, I thought so much of it, I sent it to a number of other people.

These are times when we need much prayer and much encouragement to strive for a more holy life.  I go to Mass each day and we say the Rosary before Mass.  So it gives me great peace of mind in doing that.

Tonight, I got an email from my deceased nephew's wife and in the heading it said Novena.  That amazed me so when I read it, it was the Our Father and after that prayer all kinds of encouragement of how well it would be for me in 2010.

She is not Catholic.  So when I got your message.  I forwarded it to her just a few moments ago.    And to a number of others of my relatives.  Have a great New Year and God Bless you in your ministry to our Blessed Mother at Fatima.   


PS -- Please keep me in your prayers as I am 86 years old and have a double hernia which needs operating on.  I have an appointment with a surgeon on Jan 19th.


These are the best resolutions I have every heard.  Email this to everyone you know.  Merry Christmas!



Dear Mr. Ritchie,

Thank you deeply on sent me these 10 resolutions (tips).  I find these tips very helpful. Thanks God you have sent them to me.  I would be very sad if you had not sent.

In these times we live, one never is overly zealous and much less indiscreet when the subject is the salvation of our soul and the souls of our brothers in Christ.

Once again I say: Thank you very much for have sent me these tips.

I found the tips number 1, 4, 5, 9 and 10 very useful for me.

My connection and devotion to Our Lady of Fatima is enormous.  I lost my mother and, very recently, my beloved father.  Therefore, who now sustain me, in this world, is Our Lady.

I wish you a very Blessed New Year, in God's Grace and with the protection of the Holy Virgin Mary.

Sincerely in Jesu et Maria,



Dear friends,

Thanks, but please excuse my poor English.

I don't speak English, only know some basic words.  So, I need to translate everything.

I know few words and make  mistakes in my writing.

So, although I don't understand much, only a very little, I think that your 10 Tips are a very beautiful way to God, and to Heaven.

They have many thoughtful ideas, words and instructions for all people in their daily life.    

My greetings:



Thank you, Mr. Ritchie, I really appreciate your sharing with me the 10 Tips for Pious New Year Resolutions.

I am going to share it with my friends and relatives.

May you and your family have a blessed and grace-filled new year.  God bless you and your family.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Story shows how God blesses us at Christmas time

Something very beautiful happened yesterday during the open house at the America Needs Fatima Office in Kansas.

    One of the families that showed up had just recently moved to Kansas from Florida.  The father has had difficulty finding steady work and he recently learned that he has a form of cancer related to asbestos for which he is receiving treatment.

    Both parents and their five children attended the open house.  Their children marveled at the prizes to be given away by a drawing. The father particularly marveled at the nativity set.  He commented on how very much he would like to win the nativity set, as they did not have one.

    After the open house there was a public drawing of names.  The winner of the third prize, a beautiful Christmas tree ornament of a magnificent angel was won by one of the children of this family.  The winner of the second prize, the nativity set, was the father.

    They were not present for the drawing, so they were called and a message was left about their winnings.  Later that evening the mother came to the office to pick up the two items they had won.  She spoke movingly about how they had lost their own nativity set some time ago and had not been able to replace it.  With tears in her eyes she graciously accepted the little nativity set and the ornament.

    Our Lady knew who needed these items, who needed Her consolation most. 

    The first prize, the Infant Jesus statue, was won by an employee of the local dentist, right next door to our office.

    May these gifts draw those who won them ever closer to the Holy Family this Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ANF staff in Kansas hold Christmas Open House

Today our Kansas Office held an open house.  The last open house occurred several years ago.  It was suggested to hold another one this year.  Our employees and volunteers enthusiastically thought that it was a very good idea.

open house 002

    The volunteers and employees prepared delicious snacks to serve at the open house which took place today from 11 - 2. 

    The first sight one sees upon entering the office is the beautifully decorated Christmas tree and Nativity scene.  In front of the Nativity scene today were three door prizes.  The guests could enter their names for a later drawing.  Third prize is a beautiful Christmas tree ornament, second prize is a small nativity set and the grand prize is an Infant Jesus statue complete with halo and cushion. 

open house 003

    Beyond the nativity set was a very well laid out table with all sorts of delicious treats, all nicely prepared and arranged by Our staff.

    At around noon the rush was on.  Local visitors graced our office with their presence, learning about our apostolate while enjoying the refreshments and warm atmosphere.

    We had visitors from the local dentist's office, the drug store, the post office, city hall and the local coffee shop, as well as many others.  Since school is out for Christmas break, a number of parents brought their school aged children with them. 

    It was a very wonderful occasion and an excellent opportunity to share the anticipated joy of Christmas with our wonderful neighbors, here in the small town of Rossville, Kansas.  There was no hesitation by anyone here in saying, Merry Christmas!

Majority in US Opposed to Homosexual "Marriage"

By John Jalsevac

December 22, 2009 ( – A newly released Angus Reid poll shows that the majority of Americans are opposed to same-sex “marriage.”

In the poll 1,001 respondents were asked, “Do you favor or oppose allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally?” Forty-six percent of respondents said that they were opposed to same-sex “marriage,” while only 43% said they are in favor. Ten percent said they are not sure.

The poll has a margin of error of 3.1 percent.

The results from the poll come at the same time as a volley of attempts at legalizing same-sex “marriage” in some of the country’s most liberal states have been defeated.

In Maine, considered one of the most liberal states in the Union, same-sex “marriage” had been legalized by the legislature earlier in 2009. However, the law was suspended after defenders of natural marriage succeeded in getting enough signatures to put the issue to a popular vote in early November. That ballot initiative passed, making Maine the 31st state to pass a ban on same-sex marriage through popular vote.

At the same time, a same-sex “marriage” bill was recently defeated in the New York Senate, despite a fierce push by Governor David Paterson to have the measure passed. A vote on another such bill in New Jersey was canceled at the 11th hour earlier this month after it become clear that there were not enough votes in the senate to see it pass.

However, earlier this week Washington D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty signed a bill legalizing same-sex “marriage” in the district. That bill had been passed in an 11-2 vote by D.C. city counselors, who successfully prevented the measure from being put to a popular vote, arguing that doing so would amount to “discrimination.”

Interestingly, a 2008 study on polling on the issue of same-sex “marriage” showed that polls tended to underestimate the actual support for natural marriage on average by a full 7%. The study compared polling in 26 states, measuring the results from the polls against the results of the actual votes during elections.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Marvelous Christmas spirit; Cheer, song and camaraderie at TFP Open House

In this case, the Sunday Open House at TFP Headquarters can best be reported by displaying these wonderful pictures taken by Mr. associate, Mr. Michael Gorre.

Please enjoy them!

The children marvels at the edible Ginger Bread City.

Singing carols - young, middle age and veterans all joined in with joy.

The Nativity Scene was made by in house artists, Mr. Alvaro Zapata.  He does a new one each year.

Good food; good friends; good conversation in the dining hall.

Monday, December 21, 2009

TFP-ANF Christmas Open House


Yesterday, we had our Christmas open house.

It was very blessed, and people enjoyed the song, conversation and camaraderie.

We sang lots of carols.  My brother Kevin played the organ, John played the trumpet and my sister Therese played the violin like last year, and we had lots of snow to on the ground as you can see in the picture above. 

This picture of our gate house was taken by my associate Michael Gorre after lunch yesterday, at about 1:30 PM, right before the open house started.

ANF members in Kansas has memorable Christmas outing

    Yesterday, America Needs Fatima employees and volunteers at our Kansas office traveled to the Kansas City area to spend the afternoon and evening together in anticipation of Christmas.

    They visited a beautiful Victorian home that was decorated throughout for Christmas.  It was nice to see so many nativity scenes set up in this home.

    90% of the furnishings are all original to the home.  One received an excellent sense of what life must have been like to live in such a magnificent home.

    After visiting the home we went to a local Italian restaurant for a nice dinner together. After dinner everyone exchanged gifts.

    Besides our regular employees we were honored by the presence of a number of volunteers who helped tremendously throughout the year, by placing calls for the Public Square Rosary Campaign, stuffing thousands of envelopes etc.  They did this entirely out of love for Our Lady.

    It was a magnificent occasion for everyone to be together in preparation for the Holy Feast of Christmas.

Prayers Warriors, please pray for this anonymous intention

Oh, most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven.

Blessed Mother of the Son of God; Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity.

Oh, Star of the Sea, help me and show me you are my Mother.

Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in my necessity.

(Mention your request here).

There are none that can withstand your power.

Oh, Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. (3x).

Holy Mary, I place this prayer in your hands. (3x). Amen.

Say this prayer for 3 consecutive days and then you must publish it and it will be granted to you.

Blessed Mother please hear my prayer.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Anti-blasphemy protests are more effective, more necessary than ever

Pope Benedict congratulates protestors of EU anti-crucifix ban in Saint Peter’s Square

There are encouraging signs of renewed Catholic militancy as witnessed over the last few months in anti-blasphemy protests.

Catholics in Italy have reacted with defiance against a decision by the European Court of Human Rights to ban crucifixes in public schools in that country. In some cities, public officials have not only openly defied the EU ban on crucifies, but have led efforts to increase the number of crucifixes in public schools. And in one city, the mayor has leveled a fine of 500 euros against anyone who removes a crucifix from a public place.

This widespread Catholic protest against the EU crucifix ban received encouragement from Pope Benedict in a message to pilgrims in Saint Peter’s square:

"I greet with affection the Italian-speaking pilgrims, especially those who took part in the march organized by the Movement of Family Love to express my deep love for the Crucified, recognizing the value of religious, historical and cultural heritage."

The Pope’s words ought to inspire Catholics worldwide to more heroic efforts to energetically protest blasphemy in their respective communities in the most public manner possible.

In Poland, lawmakers have approved a resolution defending the right to hang crucifixes in public schools in to a decision by the European Court of Human Rights, which banned the display of crucifixes in Italian schools.

Promoters of Blasphemy Dread Protests

Another major result of anti-blasphemy protests is they create difficulties for the promoters of blasphemy. Each time someone attacks Our Lord, Our Lady or the Catholic Faith, they face the very real possibility of public protest with its ensuing publicity nightmare, which most people and institutions dread.

This fact is underscored by a recent decision of the BBC to cancel plans to screen a ballet called “In the Spirit of Diaghilev” that featured a deformed Pope who rapes nuns as a main feature of its Christmas schedule. The BBC canceled the ballet to avoid receiving another massive wave of protest, like the 65,000 protests it received in 2005 for screening the blasphemous theater play “Jerry Springer: The Opera”.

Never before or since has BBC received such protests. The intensity and volume of protests against “Jerry Springer: The Opera” has evidently shaken up BBC executives.

Blasphemy spreads when Catholics do nothing

When Catholics do nothing, the sin of blasphemy triumphs. Blasphemy and the promoters of blasphemy must be opposed. God commands those who are good, not just to avoid evil but actively oppose it.

As Saint Jerome said: "A dog may bark in his master's defense, and am I to stand by silent when God's holy name is blasphemed? I would sooner die than forbear to speak."

Faithful to the spirit expressed in the words of Saint Jerome, America Needs Fatima has moved national and worldwide anti-blasphemy campaigns. Here are a few of them.

Protest of Homosexual Calendar that Offended Our Lady

According to press reports, homosexual groups in Spain published a calendar that has horrific blasphemies against Our Lady of Fatima and other Marian apparitions. Besides a man that is practically naked alongside Our Lady, the calendar has "images that are based on famous works of sacred art, especially apparitions of the Virgin Mary, but interpreted by transsexuals.”

"In the 'Secular Calendar,' informs the BBC Brasil, “each month is represented by a free interpretation of famous scenes of Catholic imagery, such as Our Lady of Fatima and the three shepherd children but redecorated with homosexual esthetics.” The scenes show saints dressed as “drag queens,” and using “crowns, necklaces, bracelets, and colored condoms…”

Moreover, the homosexual group behind the calendar suggests December 25 be officially declared the Day of Democracy instead of Christmas.

Access with extreme caution: blasphemous image. Article is written in Portuguese.
America Needs Fatima launched a worldwide barrage of emails to the Minister of Justice in Spain asking him to apply Spanish anti-blasphemy law and stop this outrage that offends God and so many Catholics everywhere. 

HBO show blasphemes Our Lord Jesus Christ.

According to press reports, the episode takes place in a Catholic home, where Larry David visits the men’s room and dirties a picture of Jesus in the process.

Next, a Catholic woman uses the restroom.  She sees the wet picture and thinks it is a miracle: the picture has shed tears.  Impressed, she calls her mother and shows her the picture.  Both mother and daughter fall in prayer to their knees.

In another vulgar moment, when asked if he had ever seen a miracle, David answers, “every erection is a miracle.”

America Needs Fatima is promoting a national protest and rosaries of reparation for the blasphemous and crude episode in the HBO show “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Protest of Eucharistic Desecrations on YouTube

The online video sharing site YouTube is host to some very sick, blasphemous and disturbing videos, which contain brutal attacks on the Holy Eucharist.  Perhaps the most disturbing video of all is the one titled: Desecrating the Eucharist by smoking Jesus body.

It is followed by this caption: “Eucharist desecration.  You Catholics are truly going to love this one.  More is on its way.”

It was posted on YouTube by user name antieucharist.  And it shows people in a mock Catholic ritual of sorts burning and stepping on the Holy Eucharist.  (Access with caution:

Beneath the offensive video are a series of viewer comments about the video Desecrating the Eucharist by smoking Jesus body.  One tried to minimize the gravity of the video with this comment:

“I know you are just kids having fun, but you do not understand what you are doing.  I made fun of the same thing when I was a teen.  There is much more to it than you realize.”

Although we have no way of knowing for sure if this is a Consecrated Host, the answer of user antieucharist indicates his intent in desecrating the Eucharist:

“…you are incorrect.  We are not kids just having fun.  We are fully aware of what we are desecrating."

And in an answer to another viewer, he wrote:

“We are well aware of the Eucharist’s status, and that’s why we chose it.”

That’s why America Needs Fatima has launched another worldwide protest.

Contact information to send your protest message against these blasphemies by calling or writing to their promoters.

Ministry of Justice in Spain

Ministro de la Justicia, el Exc. Sr. Francisco Caamaño

Plaza de Jacinto Benavente, núm. 3
28012 Madrid Spain

Phone: 011- 34-902 007 214

Fax: 011-34-91 3904556





HBO Chairman and CEO, Bill Nelson:

1100 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10036

Phone: 212-512-1000

Fax: 212-512-1182



YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066
Phone: 650-253-0000 then press 0 to talk to a live person
Fax: 650-253-0001
Email: or

Massachusetts School Suspends Eight Year Old for Drawing Jesus on the Cross

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

TAUNTON, Massachusetts, December 15, 2009 ( - An 8-year-old boy was sent home from Maxham Elementary School and required to undergo a psychological evaluation after he drew a stick-figure picture of Jesus Christ on the cross.

The boy's father, Chester Johnson, said he got a call earlier this month from the school informing him that his son, a second-grade student with special education needs, had created a violent drawing and was being sent home. The image depicted a crucified Jesus with Xs covering his eyes to signify that he had died on the cross.

"As far as I'm concerned, they're violating his religion," Johnson said. "They told me he would have to leave the school and get a psychological evaluation, which I didn't see necessary for the picture that was drawn. Especially after I told them he went to the La Salette on Thanksgiving with his mom. I didn't see anything wrong with the picture that was drawn."

The boy and his family had recently gone to see a Christmas display at the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette, a Catholic retreat center in Attleboro.

Toni Saunders, an educational consultant with the Associated Advocacy Center who is working with the boy and his parents, told the Taunton Gazette, "I think what happened is that because he put Xs in the eyes of Jesus, the teacher was alarmed and they told the parents they thought it was violent. They weren't looking at the fact that this is an 8-year-old child with special needs."

"They made him leave school, and they recommended that a psychiatrist do an evaluation," Saunders said. "When I got that call, I was so appalled that I had to do something," she added.

Maxham School principal Rebecca Couet refused to comment to the media about the event and referred all questions to the superintendent's office.

Superintendent Julie Hackett told the Taunton Gazette that district policy prevents her from discussing a "confidential matter regarding a student."

School committee member Christine Fagan told WBZ radio, "I find the decision very disappointing. But I think there's so much pressure now on people to look for all kinds of things. I think that's what generates these types of responses. I think we really need to be careful about how far we want to take this idea of political correctness."

The boy's father said the school overreacted and his son was traumatized by the incident. The school district subsequently approved the family's request to have the child transferred to another school.

"This is a highly intelligent kid. He gets 100's on his tests," Johnson told WBZ.

"I want him transferred to another school and I want something done about this. They owe my family an apology and they owe me an apology and what they can do is keep giving my son the education that he needs and work with him."

Kerri Augusto, a professor of psychology and family studies at Becker College told WBZ that the school did more harm than good for the boy.

"More disturbing than the knee-jerk interpretation of this child's drawing, is the response of the school," Augusto said.

"The extreme lengths to which the administration went to 'protect' the child, resulted in punishment for the child and his/her family and shows blatant disregard for the child's social and emotional needs."

To contact Maxham Elementary School with your opinion/comment:

Rebecca Couet - Principal
Lowell M. Maxham School
141 Oak Street
Taunton, Massachusetts
Phone: 508-821-1265
Fax: 508-821-1274

To contact Superintendent Julie Hackett with your opinion/comment:
Taunton Public Schools District Office
Dr. Julie Hackett - Superintendent of Schools
110 County Street
Taunton, MA 02780
Phone: 508-821-1203


Secure your home visit with Our Lady's statue in 2010

    We received correspondence from another hostess of the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima in her home.  She lives in Altamonte Spring, Florida.

    She described something beautiful that she observed.  She was extremely impressed with the delicacy and carefulness with which the custodian handled Our Lady.  He was extremely careful and took his time in order to treat Our Lady with all of the reverence that She is entitled to as Queen.

    Our custodians are trained on every aspect of handling the statue of Our Lady. It begins with how to cover Her to protect Her from damage.  How to secure Her in their vehicle.  How to make sure there is an adequate place for Our Lady at the home they are visiting.  They also announce to the host and guests that Our Lady will be carried into the home.  Our Lady then is reverently and majestically carried into the home, still covered, and reverently placed upon Her place of honor. 

    Next, the custodian uncovers Our Lady.  It is very common to hear gasps when Our Lady is uncovered, because of Her immense beauty and sacrality.  The custodian then asks the hostess to first crown Our Lady and then to place a rosary in Her hands.  When this happens, it is not uncommon for the hostess to cry, so great is the honor.

    After the visit has been completed, the custodian then reverently covers Our Lady and carefully walks to his vehicle where the statue is secured for the next home.

    The custodians will soon be resting for a couple of weeks at Christmas.  However, our scheduling office is already scheduling home visits for January. 

    If you would like a visit please call us toll free at (888) 460 - 7371.

College Professor Protests Columbia U. Blasphemy

Mr. Lee Bollinger:
It is very sad that what now passes as "freedom of expression" is nothing more than hurtful, hateful and despicable public speech.

That this is condoned by the highest centers of learning in this country is a testimony to how far this country has fallen when it comes to respect for the feelings and spiritual beliefs of a significant number of Americans. To what am I referring?

It was with deep grief and real shock that I read about the blasphemous play hosted at Columbia University called XMAS, where the "Blessed Virgin Mary" asks for sins of impurity. Would such a play depicting the Prophet Muhammad be allowed to be staged at your university? No, of course not.

I cannot accept this egregious blasphemy against the Most Holy Person of Our Lady, nor will I remain silent in face of this insult to my Catholic Faith, especially at Christmas time.

I respectfully urge you to issue a public and appropriate apology to Our Lady and to all Catholics. That is the least you could do in reparation to the Most Pure Being, chosen by God to be His Mother.

For the record, I send you this protest message, which I offer as an act of reparation to Our Blessed Mother in reparation for this and all blasphemy in the world.

Douglas J. Anderson
Professor of Anthropology
Lay Carmelite

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Forging ahead despite the wiles of the devil

    Whenever we do something that pleases Our Lady, we can be assured that the devil becomes furious. The more something pleases Our Lady, the more furious the devil becomes.

    If the devil could, he would annihilate us each time that we do something good, but Our Lady does not allow this. 

    Sometimes She does allow the devil to attack us in certain ways. Why?  As a  test of our genuine love for Her. Love is proven with sacrifice. If we still love Our Lady amidst the assaults of the devil, then we show Our Lady the depth of our love and fidelity, which in turn brings more graces to us.

    We should anticipate that every good venture that we attempt to do will be fraught with trials and difficulties.

    Recently I received an email from a friend who is involved in opening a crisis pregnancy center.  The project has had numerous difficulties to endure.  Those involved have suddenly suffered significant financial difficulties, several car accidents, significant illnesses including cancer.  One person involved owns a restaurant.  On a certain day he made an appointment to meet with a priest over the spiritual assaults he had been suffering.  On that very day one of his employees fell dead at work.  The restaurant owner said that since he has become involved in this most worthy venture, "the gates of hell have opened up against him."

    The devil wants abortion.  He wants all involved to continually sin mortally with each and every abortion.  No wonder he is so angry about a crisis pregnancy center that can potentially prevent further mortal sins.

    So, when we do something pleasing for Our Lady let us be forewarned that the devil will do all that he can to make things difficult for us.  Let us then turn to Our Lady with confidence.  She will only allow us to be tested within our endurance.  As grace grows within our souls, so does endurance, so comes heavier blows.  Of course when we suffer these trials, Our Lady is pleased when we plead with Her for help. As St. Bernard states in the Memorare, "that never was it known, that anyone who fled to Thy protection, implored Thy help or sought Thine intercession was left unaided."

    We don't have to suffer these trials alone, Our Lady wants to bestow Her graces and aid upon us.  Sometimes She will remove the trial, other times She will give us the strength to endure it.

    Let us proceed with the good that we must do as Catholics and as devotees of Our Lady, despite the trials that it brings.  With the angels and Our Lady behind us, let us have contempt for the wiles of the devil.

ANF members in action against blasphemy at Columbia U.

Dear Mr.Ritchie,

Thank You for keeping me up to date regarding the blasphemous XMAS play at Columbia University.

I contacted the university directly to get a response. I asked to speak with President Bollinger's administrative assistant, but she was unavailable. The lady I spoke with took my name and number. I think she will provide it to the students in question.

I asked why President Bollinger didn't stop the play. Her response,"President Bollinger is not their babysitter. We honor the Freedom of Speech here at Columbia." To which I replied, "Even to the extent of offending the Mother of God who is everyone's mother."

I asked that a formal public apology come from the students and a separate apology be made by the University. Nothing short of this would suffice. I further mentioned that this is another example of intellect running rampant ie spiritual ignorance.

She had other phone calls waiting. I was abruptly disconnected as I mentioned my utter dismay with President Bollinger, former University of Michigan President to whom I am an alumni of.

I will put my  request in writing as the Columbia university employee directed.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to the entire America Needs Fatima Apostolate.

God Bless,



Hi Robert..... It was my pleasure to have joined you this protest. This is not only an American crusade, but its a crusade of every Catholic that believes in the purity of the Holy Mother of Christ.

I stand behind you in this protest.




Dear Robert,
It is refreshing to see such devotion to the Holy Family and your emails encourages prayers and action.  We also need a Light that shares the wonderful happenings around the world that are inspiring and victorious.

Today's world seems to focus only on the dread and we need to be aware of the gracious works of our Lord Jesus and Mother Mary.  Please include a few in your future emails.

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 14, 2009

More people pray this fabulous novena

(Note: I cannot publish posts to my blog anymore because some people have sent me viruses with ugly immoral messages on them... Robert)

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "3 Day Novena to Our Lady of Mount Carmel; Never Known to Fail

Oh, most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven.

Blessed Mother of the Son of God; Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity.

Oh, Star of the Sea, help me and show me you are my Mother.

Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in my necessity. (Mention your request here).

There are none that can withstand your power.

Oh, Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. (3x).

Holy Mary, I place this prayer in your hands. (3x). Amen.

Say this prayer for 3 consecutive days and then you must publish it and it will be granted to you.

Brecksville Ohio Rosary Rally Tradition Continues

From Mrs. Henderson in Ohio:


I trust that Our Lady is sending you many graces in this Advent season.


Yesterday we were graced many times over in our rosary rally in Brecksville.  A beautiful, clear day, 12 pray-ers plus all of our guardian angels, and many times honking sounds of support from the busy traffic around the town square.


Here are some pictures.  Sorry they don't show everyone at once, but you get the general idea. 

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Large, very blessed rosary rally in Miami yesterday


There was a Rosary Rally commemorating the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe yesterday in Miami.


The lady with the backpack to the left of the picture got off the bus to Inquire about Our Lady of Fatima:

"Who is She?  Why is She looking at me?   I don't know how to pray."   The lady next to her sitting down explained why we were there and how to pray the Rosary.


This picture shows a man who came, knelt down to pray and left Our Lady of Fatima a bunch of flowers.  Then, he walked away just as suddenly as he had come.


There was heavy traffic and continuous honks, thumps up, and signs of the Cross from the people in the cars.

The weather forecast had been rain, and occasional thunder storms with humid, hot and strong winds from the south east.

Our Lady only allowed the winds to reach 25 miles per hour.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Plinio CorrĂȘa de Oliveira: (12-13-1908 -- 10-03-1995)


By Michael Whitcraft

Writing about Professor Corrêa de Oliveira is not easy. He led such a rich and multifaceted life that an author easily becomes overwhelmed, as would a marine biologist asked to write an article about the ocean. Where would he start? What would he cover? How detailed would he be?

On the other hand, if the same biologist were able to take a more fundamental approach, and show the framework from which to understand the ocean properly, he would have accomplished more than he would have by developing a single aspect of the sea, because he would have furnished his readers with the elements to study the ocean on their own and hopefully motivated them to do so.

This is the task this article sets out to accomplish. If successful, it will demonstrate how one should approach the writings of this fearless Catholic leader and instill an ardent desire to learn more about this man, aptly dubbed: “the crusader of the twentieth century.”

To understand Professor Corrêa de Oliveira, one must first realize that the guiding force of his life was grace. The gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially wisdom, were well established in his soul. Years of submission to God’s grace gave him a wisdom that surpassed his physical intelligence.

Thus, he understood world events so profoundly that, at times, he was able to predict how these events would unfold in the future.

Applied to his actions, wisdom gave him a sense of where the most critical weaknesses in the Church’s enemies were and the knowledge to exploit these weaknesses to the fullest extent.
Exemplifying these abilities will show how wisdom influenced Professor Corrêa de Oliveira’s life, give the proper framework from which to study him and inspire more interest in him.

Part 1

Professor Corrêa de Oliveira demonstrated his ability to foresee what the future held on many occasions. This was recognized even by some of his staunchest enemies. For example, liberation theologian Father João Libânio said to a newspaper in the Brazilian city of Curitiba in 1996:

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira gave a lecture to the Jesuits in 1940 in which he espoused a messianic idea, saying that the great problem of Christianity would be Islam. That was 50 years ago. It was prophetic, or history followed that path for other reasons. Either way, events have confirmed his prediction.1

There was nothing directly mystical about his foresight. Rather, Professor Corrêa de Oliveira was gifted with that “daring and unique finesse of observation and analysis which enables some men to foresee tomorrow.”2
This sprang from his ability to see in seemingly disjointed and sometimes chaotic world events, coherent forces of good and evil locked in the unending struggle God predicted when He cursed the serpent in Paradise, saying: “I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed. She shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel” (Gen 3:15).
Thus, he saw how current events fit into an understandable reality3 like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, which, when put together revealed a bird’s eye perspective. From this viewpoint, he was able to conjecture about the future, and history has shown how accurate he could be.
Resurgence of Islam
After World War I, the Ottoman Empire was partitioned, and England and France assumed control of its Arab Muslim territories. The power of the crescent moon seemed broken forever.
The discovery of oil in the region, shortly before the war, gave the western world a vested interest in the area. Colonial expansion made the resurgence of Islam even less likely.
However, Professor Corrêa de Oliveira thought differently. Throughout the forties, he repeatedly warned that radical Muslims would once again rise to threaten the West. In August 1943, he commented on proposals to form a coalition of Arab unity (that ultimately culminated in the Pact of the Arab League States in 1945) in the following way:

The disunity of Islam was one of the great reasons for its decadence. The meeting of the Arab States will mean the constitution of another vast political and ideological block that is both eastern and anti-Catholic.4

Again in December of the same year, he warned:

The Muslim peril is immense. The West seems to have shut its eyes [to this threat]…. With money, men and weapons, anything can be done these days. The Muslim world possesses all the men and money they need. Weapons will not be difficult for them to obtain…and with this, they will become an immense power throughout the West.5

Recent developments in the Middle East, including the possible rise of a nuclear Iran, show the accuracy of this prediction.
Similarly, the current oil crisis makes painfully clear the accuracy of the following affirmation Professor Corrêa de Oliveira made in October 1944:
The Muslim world has natural resources that are indispensable to Europe. She will have in her hand the necessary means to disturb or paralyze, at any moment, the rhythm of the entire European economy.6
The war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan supports this 1946 statement:
Before long, international issues will arise. There will be difficulties with neo-Islamism that will brandish machine guns against a divided, anarchic and exhausted West.7
In 1947 he showed himself not to be an alarmist, but a realist, when he stated:
The Muslim problem…is still not entirely an issue of today; it is already indisputably a grave problem of tomorrow.8
World War II
Perhaps Professor Corrêa de Oliveira’s most accurate predictions were made in the years preceding the Second World War. He not only foresaw that war was unavoidable, but gave detailed analyses of how certain events would unfold.
These predictions began in 1935, two years before Neville Chamberlain became British prime minister and three years before he returned from Munich to announce to cheering crowds his ill-fated appeasement agreement with Hitler.
In October 1935, Professor Corrêa de Oliveira described the world as being “faced with a universal war.”9 He returned to the theme in November 1936, saying: “In a little while…an international deluge will come: world war is knocking at the door of Western civilization.”10
Professor Corrêa de Oliveira continued his warnings throughout the thirties. Shortly before the September 30 Munich agreement, the Catholic leader wrote:

Everything leads us to believe that if the specter of war will be imminently extinguished by the meeting of Hitler and Chamberlain, conflict will not be truly avoided, but merely put off…. War will come in a question of days or months, but inevitably it will break out…. As long as Hitler is in power it is unavoidable.11

Once the buildup to war had begun, Professor Corrêa de Oliveira perceived that Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany were moving ever closer to a dangerous union. He based this on his belief that Nazism and Communism were but two faces of the same evil. 12
Since the public considered them to be vicious enemies, it must have shocked many of his readers when in January 1939 he wrote:

While all the battlefields are being marked out, an increasingly clear process is taking place: that of the doctrinal fusion between Nazism and Communism. In our opinion, the year 1939 will see the achievement of this fusion.13

When six months later, the Soviets and Nazis signed the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact, the world was astounded by what historian and biographer Roberto de Mattei calls “the most unexpected ‘reversal of alliances’ of our time.”14
Although presented as a simple nonaggression pact, the agreement secretly divided Central Europe between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. Although this was not made public for years, Professor Corrêa de Oliveira perceived that there was more to the alliance than met the eye. A little more than a month later, when the Soviets and Nazis invaded Poland, he wrote:

Everything leads us to believe that war was decided on, not by a simple nonaggression pact, but by a secret accord between Russia and the Reich, from which will probably result the partition of Poland.15

This was confirmed when Poland was brutally split between the two regimes.
However, Professor Corrêa de Oliveira was not convinced that the Soviet-Nazi alliance would endure throughout the war. The day after the pact was signed, he wrote: “The Russian-German alliance was a clumsy act. It is possible that within a short time Hitler and Stalin will return to being enemies.”16
For the next two years, the alliance seemed to strengthen. Nevertheless, Professor Corrêa de Oliveira refused to abandon his prediction:

As everyone can see, the Russian-German collaboration is reaching its peak…. But just now, when this collaboration seems to have reached its height, we dare to add for our readers something that will surely surprise them: at the point at which these relations now stand, it is possible that they will last for a long time, just as it is possible that Germany could suddenly attack Russia…. Whoever lives will see.17

A month later, on June 22, 1941, the Germans broke the agreement by invading Russia in Operation Barbarossa.
European Union
Today, the European Union’s anti-Catholic bent is well known. This was made patent by its refusal to mention Europe’s Christian heritage in its draft constitution and its promotion of contraception, abortion, embryonic stem-cell research, same-sex “marriage,” and other aberrations.
It is similarly easy to see the damage the EU is doing to European culture. In France, this came into focus when it tried to force the country to pasteurize the milk used to make cheese, which would have fatally damaged its flavor and texture. Similarly, it has attempted to heavily tax alcohol, fundamental to the cuisine of almost every European nation.
It is also evident that currency standardization and lax borders are contributing to a failing sense of national sovereignty and identity.
But would these problems have been easy to see twenty or thirty years ago?
Professor Corrêa de Oliveira foresaw them more than fifty years ago, when a supranational European entity was first being discussed. His opinions were controversial at the time. That did not prevent him from expressing his concern. He did so especially in two articles he wrote in the early fifties.
The first was published in the new publication begun under the TFP founder’s leadership, Catolicismo. In it, he stated:

One of the most important dates in this century is, without a doubt, that of the meeting in Paris, in which representatives of France, Italy, West Germany and the little powers that make up Benelux—Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg—decided, in principle, to construct a European Federation, through the formation of one international governmental entity, and consequently a common authority, to grow as a superstructure, over the various national governments.

Inflamed with a love of history, Professor Corrêa de Oliveira was horrified:

As you can see, we are dealing with an immense happening. Nations that have filled History with the irradiation of their glory will disappear…and a new federal state will arise, whose future is difficult to foresee.18

That is not to say that Professor Corrêa de Oliveira opposed any type of international governing body. Indeed the Holy Roman Empire, founded by Charlemagne, was perhaps the institution he loved most throughout history, after the Church Herself.
However, as he explained in the same article, legitimate international bodies must be constituted for a licit and well-established end. Once they begin to exercise too centralizing a role, they become an aberration.
He further developed this thought in a 1952 article:

Each nation can and should remain alive and defined, within the supranational structure. It must maintain its borders, territory, government, language, customs and law. It must retain its own national character.... [Opposing this reality] is certainly not acting according to the designs of God, Who created a natural order, in which the nation is an indestructible reality.… [Any international body] should be the protector of national independence, not a nation-devouring hydra.

He particularly feared the secular nature he felt such a federation would adopt and the consequences this would have for the Church:

If the European federation places itself under the shadow of the Church, it will be inspired, animated and vivified by Her. What of it then could not be hoped for? However, if it ignores the Mystical Body of Christ, what can be hoped for from it?19

It is easy to see which path the European Union has taken.
In 1989, public assessment of hard-line communism as a future threat fell with the Iron Curtain. Public opinion, filled with dreams of a peaceful, nuclear-free future, suppressed the Cold War from its memory like a tragic experience from childhood.
Professor Corrêa de Oliveira made a much more sober assessment of the facts. This is not surprising, since he had clearly predicted the dissolution of Communism for more than a decade. He had also opined that this would not represent the death of the anti-Catholic ideology, but merely its metamorphosis into another variation of evil, based on the same moral errors of pride and liberalism.
He expressed this belief in a 1976 addition to his seminal work, Revolution and Counter-Revolution:

The panorama presented here would be incomplete were we to fail to mention an internal transformation in the Third Revolution [communism]. It is the Fourth Revolution [the cultural and sexual revolutions] that is being born of it.
It is being born, yes, in the manner of a matricidal refinement…. Everything indicates that the Third Revolution has now arrived at the moment, at once culminating and fatal, when it generates the Fourth Revolution and thus exposes itself to being killed by it.20

Immediately after the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and the demise of Soviet imperialism seemed certain, Professor Corrêa de Oliveira wrote the manifesto Has Communism Died? And What About Anti-Communism? In it he warned against the “optimists,” who felt the world would enter

an era of perfect concord and eternal peace for a world finally liberated from the great structures. To this end, many…aspire to the fusion of all nations, all philosophical and religious schools of thought, and all ideologies, no matter how mutually conflicting they might be…. Thus, total disarmament would no longer appear reckless and instead become alluring.

He did not believe that the Soviet threat was over.21 Putin’s invasion of Georgia, his threats to Ukraine and former Soviet border states and his attempts to bring back the country’s “past glory” by reintroducing the melody of the Soviet anthem and the Communist star show how right Professor Corrêa de Oliveira was.
Responding to those who believed the newly freed Soviet population, filled with initiative, would build a new world by themselves, he wrote:

Such could actually be the attitude of a people subjected to prolonged misery. However, it is also plausible that a people treated thus could instead feel crushed, discouraged and accustomed to the dismal life of slavery.22

Considering that one in eight deaths in Russia is caused by alcohol-related illnesses and the population is disappearing at a rate of 700,000 people annually,23 it is clear that Russia did not resurrect from its Communist depression and remains “crushed and discouraged.”

Part 2
Discernment in the Fight

Professor Corrêa de Oliveira was, above all, a Catholic fighter. Among others, two scholars recognized this. Both Lizanias de Souza Lima and Professor Roberto de Mattei titled their biographies of Professor Corrêa de Oliveira: The Crusader of the Twentieth Century.
Since the struggle against evil held a central role in his life, Providence furnished him with special abilities to fulfill this task. Among these was the ability to sense the Achilles’ heel in the Church’s adversaries, and then exploit that weakness to the fullest extent.
Oftentimes, this led him to take actions that some thought misplaced. To some, he must have seemed like the fabled Don Quixote, chasing after windmills. However, history has shown that the “windmills” he fought were often watershed issues in which his actions were vital.
A perfect example is the position Professor Corrêa de Oliveira took in face of nascent progressivism.
In 1935, the bishops of Brazil founded Brazilian Catholic Action in response to a call by Pope Pius XI to enlist the help of the laity in the hierarchy’s apostolate. Shortly thereafter, Professor Corrêa de Oliveira became president of Catholic Action in São Paulo.
In this position, he saw that strange new doctrines were being disseminated throughout the movement. In his article “Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: His Early Years,” John Blain explained: “Plinio’s growing apprehension resulted from his certainty that the crisis within Catholic Action was not only local but worldwide and could become the heresy of the century.”24
In 1943, Professor Corrêa de Oliveira reacted by publishing In Defense of Catholic Action,25 which denounced these errors and made him an outcast for almost a decade. Many saw the book as a “deplorable assertion by a narrow and backward mind, attached to erroneous doctrines and prone to imagining nonexistent problems.”26
However, that Professor de Oliveira was right is proved by the persistence of the errors he denounced. Progressivism truly became the “heresy of the twentieth century,” and the young Catholic leader was in the center of the struggle against it from the beginning.
Some of the errors he denounced in his 1943 book were the weakening of the distinction between clergy and laity; attitudes of open dissent with Catholic doctrine among the faithful; denying that original sin inclines man to evil; denial of the dangers of occasions of sin, leading to the acceptance of improper fashions; an exaggerated notion of solidarity that deemphasized everything that differentiates men, such as nationality and religion; and improper lay involvement in liturgical ceremonies.
The persistence of these errors after sixty years demonstrates first, that progressivism did become a major movement and second, the effectiveness of the efforts in which Professor Corrêa de Oliveira took part, since these errors are still controversial after sixty years of leftist promotion.
Mitterrand’s Self-Managing Socialism
In 1981, the socialist François Mitterrand became president of France. He brought with him an agenda of decentralization that was promoted as a balance between Soviet-style Communism and capitalism. It was a program that he called “self-management.”
Professor Corrêa de Oliveira immediately perceived that, more than just a new flavor of leftism, this plan was a basket into which worldwide socialism was sticking all of its eggs. His criticism of the new system took the form of a manifesto titled: What Does Self-Managing Socialism Mean for Communism: A Barrier? Or a Bridgehead?27
The manifesto was published as a six-page advertisement in forty-seven newspapers in nineteen countries. The scope of the manifesto was later extended when a one-page summary of its message was published in scores of other publications worldwide in forty-nine countries in thirteen languages. Repercussions came from 114 countries. Little-known details of self-management came to light and widespread public debate ensued.
Professor Corrêa de Oliveira showed how the new program was a refinement of Communism, whereby the all-powerful state would be replaced by smaller socialistic systems whose local groups would exercise a much tighter control of citizens.
As American TFP Vice-president John Horvat wrote in the article “Recalling French Self-Managing Socialism 25 Years Later,”

The new French Socialism hoped to apply gradually their self-managing reforms not only to the economy but the very structure and functioning of the family, schools, the arts and all aspects of social life. The program even extended into the personal lives of citizens by seeking to organize leisure and interior decoration of houses.28

In the end, the program was a colossal failure. Since self-management was socialism’s hope for the future, the consequences of its demise were devastating to the left.
This was admitted by John Vinocur in a New York Times article: “[The fall of self-management meant] the failure of a method, the abandonment of an economic theory and a crisis of the myth and ideology that dominated French intellectual life for nearly 100 years.”29
Understandably, journalist Daniel Singer wondered if Mitterrand’s place would be remembered “as the unifier of the French left or as the destroyer of its dreams.”30
The Soviet Breakup
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, while the world wondered what would become of the Soviet empire, Professor Corrêa de Oliveira was setting his sights on Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, desperately trying to hold that empire together.
When Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia declared their independence, the Soviet leader attempted to delay their freedom for two years.
Professor Corrêa de Oliveira saw in this act the weak point he had been waiting for and acted. Since Gorbachev prided himself in having the support of world public opinion, Professor Corrêa de Oliveira launched a worldwide petition drive in support of the freedom of Lithuania.
The petition, addressed to Lithuanian president Vytautas Landsbergis, expressed support for his courageous proclamation of national independence. It read in part:

As the uncertainty of the international scene threatens your reborn hopes, we wholeheartedly participate in your anguish. We raise a cry of indignation and protest—of protest against any political arrangement that would delay putting into effect the glorious declaration proclaiming Lithuania a free and independent country proudly assuming its place in the family of nations.

In four months, members of the TFP associations around the world personally collected 5,218,520 signatures, in what the 1993 Guinness Book of World Records termed the largest verifiable petition drive in history.
The signatures were delivered by a TFP delegation to President Landsbergis in Vilnius and Gorbachev was given a copy of them in Moscow.
Lithuania gained its independence, and the last Red Army troops left the country in August of 1993. Gorbachev lost the international prestige he had worked so hard to secure. A front-page article of the New York Times later reported:

Vigorous, opinionated and deeply frustrated, the last Communist leader of the Soviet Union floats across the political landscape like a restless ghost, unable to make his presence felt.
Mikhail S. Gorbachev’s name is not even mentioned in most surveys of voter’s favorite politicians…. Sometimes he is vilified, but mostly he is ignored.31

In 1998, the former Soviet ruler explained the ultimate reason for his loss of prestige and the failure of his plans, in a conversation with Giulio Andreotti, former Italian prime minister and writer for 30 Days magazine. Gorbachev told Andreotti:

The Baltic countries were to regain their sovereignty only at the last and the insistence on that as a priority that could not be postponed put the whole plan for the construction of acceptable “renewal” [of the Soviet Union] into crisis.32


The above examples from the life of Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira lead to three conclusions.
First, thirteen years after the Catholic leader’s death, his works are as timely as ever. This is so not only because of the principles of wisdom that can be drawn from them, but also because of his singular ability to speak authoritatively about events that are still unfolding today.
Second, those discouraged by the weight of a world that has turned its back on God should take courage. Realizing that Divine Providence raised up such a man as Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira and blessed him with the wisdom necessary to effect real change in favor of the Church and Christian civilization shows that God has not abandoned society. An old saying states that graces hold within themselves the promise of future graces. The life of Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira is a pledge that God will continue to give graces so that the Church will triumph over the errors of contemporary society.
Last, it should inspire further study of Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. Individually, each of these examples is impressive, but, taken as a whole they strongly suggest a wisdom and knowledge that go beyond nature. They reveal a man whose life was inspired by God’s grace. Thus, a study of Professor Corrêa de Oliveira and his works is a study of the realization of a plan of God in the life of a man.
That is why those who knew Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira wish to honor him on this hundredth anniversary of his birth. They will never cease to feel a profound loss at his death, but also thank God that such a man ever lived.

For research, the author relied heavily on Juan Gonzalo Larrain Campbell’s Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: Previsões e Denúncias em Defesa da Igreja e da Civilização Cristã.

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Prayer to the Immaculate Conception

Allow me to praise you, O most holy Virgin Mary, with my personal commitment and sacrifice. Allow me to live, work, suffer, be consumed and die for you, just for you.

Allow me to bring the whole world to you. Allow me to contribute to your ever-greater exaltation, to your greatest possible exaltation. Allow me to give you such glory that no one else has ever given up to now.

Allow others to surpass me in zeal for your exaltation and me to surpass them, so that by means of such noble rivalry, your glory may increase ever more profoundly, ever more rapidly, ever more intensely as He Who has exalted you so indescribably, above all other beings Himself desires. Amen.

- Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe

Good spiritual reading to help prepare you for Christmas...

    If you are looking for some good spiritual reading to help prepare you for Christmas, I highly recommend a small volume titled, The Life Of Mary As Seen By The Mystics. This small book (with an imprimatur) compiled by Raphael Brown, is an excellent meditation. 

    This book in small chapters tells the story of the life of Our Lady from Her Immaculate Conception until the Coronation.  All of the chapters of the book are based on the revelations of various Venerables, Blesseds and Saints.

    The Holy Gospels, of course, focus upon the life of Our Lord, the center of history. This book helps to fill in the pieces that are not mentioned in the gospels regarding Our Lady. It is common sense that a Mother so good and so holy would be inextricably tied to all of the events of the life of Our Lord.

    This book helps one to have a much greater devotion to Our Lady. It helps one to see how much the Holy Trinity loved Our Lady, and especially how the Second Person of the Trinity, Our Lord and Mary's Son, loved Our Lady.  One gets a great insight into the great intimacy that existed between Our Lord and His Blessed Mother, an intimacy that cannot really be fully fathomed.  If Our Lord loves Our Lady so much, shouldn't we as well?

    From Advent through the Christmas season I like to read from the story of St. Joachim and St. Ann through the Presentation in the Temple.  During Lent and Easter I like to read and reflect upon Our Lord's public life, His Passion, Death, Resurrection, Ascension and Our Lady's life after the Ascension.

    One of the amazing insights that I have gained was that Our Lady's life was nothing but a torrent of sufferings, from Her childhood on, just like Her Divine Son.  The other insight by which I am always touched  is how Our Lady really was the first apostle.  Even before Our Lord was born, Our Lady did apostolate and converted many.  During Our Lord's life upon this earth and after His Ascension, Our Lady continually did apostolate with the apostles and many others.

    Some friends of mine read from this book on Christmas day, since it is so interesting even for children.  So, if you are looking for a good book on which to meditate in preparation for Christmas, I cannot more highly recommend this volume.  It is published by Tan Books.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Public square rosary rallies planned for tomorrow, feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

    There will be a number of public square rosary rallies tomorrow on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. 

    Much of the country has received large amounts of snowfall as well as cold temperatures.  The rally captains that we have heard from are not going to let that stop them from holding their rallies.

    The Holy Family braved the cold and exposure on their way to Bethlehem. There was no room for them at the inn.  They had to find shelter in a cold stable.

    With that in mind, what a grace it would be for us to suffer a little cold for a couple of hours, bundled up in our warm winter clothing.  We can unite ourselves to the Holy Family keeping in mind the sufferings endured by the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, Mary Immaculate and St. Joseph.

    Braving the cold and snow will also send a message to the throngs of shoppers.  They will see that the rosary rally participants are very serious about their intentions. 

    It is much easier to participate in a public square rosary when the sun is out and the temperatures are moderate.  It is entirely a different matter to be present at the rally when it is physically uncomfortable.

    If there is a local public square rosary in your area, please join in.  What better gift could you give to Our Lady of Guadalupe?

    There will be a number of public square rosary rallies tomorrow on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. 

    Much of the country has received large amounts of snowfall as well as cold temperatures.  The rally captains that we have heard from are not going to let that stop them from holding their rallies.

    The Holy Family braved the cold and exposure on their way to Bethlehem. There was no room for them at the inn.  They had to find shelter in a cold stable.

    With that in mind, what a grace it would be for us to suffer a little cold for a couple of hours, bundled up in our warm winter clothing.  We can unite ourselves to the Holy Family keeping in mind the sufferings endured by the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, Mary Immaculate and St. Joseph.

    Braving the cold and snow will also send a message to the throngs of shoppers.  They will see that the rosary rally participants are very serious about their intentions. 

    It is much easier to participate in a public square rosary when the sun is out and the temperatures are moderate.  It is entirely a different matter to be present at the rally when it is physically uncomfortable.

    If there is a local public square rosary in your area, please join in.  What better gift could you give to Our Lady of Guadalupe?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

3 Day Novena to Our Lady of Mount Carmel; Never Known to Fail

Mary wrote:

I have prayed this Novena to Our Lady of Mount Carmel for 3 consecutive days along with 9 Hail Marys.

I will post again when my prayer has been answered.


Anonymous said:

Oh, most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven.

Blessed Mother of the Son of God; Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity.

Oh, Star of the Sea, help me and show me you are my Mother.

Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succour me in my necessity. (Mention your request here).

There are none that can withstand your power.

Oh, Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. (3x).

Holy Mary, I place this prayer in your hands. (3x). Amen.

Say this prayer for 3 consecutive days and then you must publish it and it will be granted to you.

I know this is a difficult request, one that I wish I did not have to make.  Please grant my petition.  I will publish again when my prayer has been answered.

Please pray for Ireland and that it rejects the sin of abortion

Dear Mr Ritchie,
Salve Maria!

Thank you so much for your blog site.

It not only provides instruction and encouragement for our
spiritual lives, but also informs us on current events that
are happening around the world, thereby giving us a global
scale prospective.

Living in Ireland we do tend to be somewhat insular in outlook, however, we are members of the one Catholic Church and this is reinforced by your articles asking for prayers and sacrifices for happenings elsewhere in the world.

Today can I take the opportunity of asking for prayers for the following situation unfolding now in Ireland, please use the following link :

We ask for prayers and sacrifices that abortion will remain
illegal in Ireland.

God bless you and all there,
Mary Kathleen Murphy

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

American bravery and goodness in war at Christmas time

  Recently, I have been reflecting upon the great importance that Americans place upon Christmas.  Yes, our nation is involved in a great war over Christmas.  The atheists, secularists, and materialists want to remove the most important aspect of Christmas, the Nativity.  They would make Christmas a purely secular day, without meaning.

    Yet, Americans love Christmas. Americans love Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, Christmas carols and giving and receiving Christmas gifts. They also love Midnight Mass.  Midnight Mass at Christmas is probably the single day of greatest attendance across the USA.

    Sadly, because of the shortage of priests and the crisis that exists, Midnight Mass is not always what it used to be.  A friend of mine who years ago worked in a nursing home commented to me how a number of the non-Catholics at the facility where he worked told him how happy they were to attend Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, year after year.

    Despite the many horrors that take place in America today, Christmas still is important. 

    I believe that Christmas is so important to Americans because of a goodness that exists in Americans.  Every year at Christmas this is brought out, by the enthusiasm that exists.  Children today, who are so exposed to secular culture, still marvel at a Creche, at a Christmas tree, at Christmas Carols.  Perhaps these aspects of Christmas don't have the importance that they should, but nonetheless it is palpable.

    I have been reading a military history book that has given me some insight into this goodness.

    Near the end of World War II, near the German village of Gesseln the local parish priest was preparing to offer Mass in a local barn, prepared for Mass.  The Germans troops had fled the area and the Americans had not yet arrived.  The Nazis filled the German citizenry with horror stories of what the Americans would do to them. 

    As Father was offering Mass, he heard the approaching noise of engines and the clatter of tank treads.  Nevertheless, he continued with Mass.  The people in fear, drew closer to the altar.  Some even approached Father to warn him that the Americans had arrived.  Father continued with Mass. 

    Out of the side of his eye he saw an American tank approach the barn.  He heard the tank pull right up to the doors of the barn.  He feared that at any second, the tank would fire its guns resulting in a massacre.

    He heard some disturbance in the back, at the doors, but he continued without interruption. 

    At the end of Mass when he turned to face the congregation he saw the American tank crew out of their tanks and kneeling in reverence with their heads uncovered.  The priest then knew that they were going to be okay.

    This goodness, rare among nations during war time, is one example of this goodness that exists in Americans.

    As Children of Mary, we need to cultivate this goodness.  By following as much as possible the ten ways to honor Christ publicly this Christmas, as listed at we can help to direct this goodness toward the Holy Family and out of love for Them towards their neighbor.