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How To Amend Your Life

Our Lady of Fatima, October 13, 1917:

‘They must amend their lives and ask forgiveness for their sins’…Becoming sadder, she added, 'Let them offend Our Lord no more, for He is already much offended.'

The Spiritual Exercises:

“…a magnificent sequence of logical arguments that can lead a person to amend his life, save his soul, choose his state in life or make important resolutions.”

If you are a bit like me, you may feel that you really need to amend your life.

During the last of Our Lady’s appearances at Fatima thus far, Sister Lucia, then a young girl of ten years old, asked if Our Lady would convert some sinners.

She stressed that they must first amend their lives and stop offending God.

This past Sunday, in our local area, while venerating the miraculous image of Our Lady of Fatima which cried in New Orleans so many times, a priest-devotee of the miraculous statue gave a brief talk. Speaking of the many spiritual miracles associated with the statue, he recalled the words of a canonized saint who had said that it is a far greater miracle for a soul to go from that of a habitual sinner to that of a soul habitually in the state of grace than it is to raise a person from the dead.

This seems to be because most sinners will not do what it takes to stop sinning.

Most of us know from personal experience in our life that acting consistently to amend our life in order to avoid faults, spiritual defects, and sin…well, that is much easier said than done, no?

Nevertheless, it is what our loving Mother asked for; and a truly loving child should sweep away all excuses in order to accomplish it.

It occurred to me, because of the keen discernments of Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira in this brief article on The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, that I had never seriously gone through them.

And yet, as the article certifies, there is no more methodical way of amending our life.

So read the article and consider that in order for Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart to triumph, we must amend our lives.

Let’s get our participation in the triumph of The Immaculate Heart of Mary up to snuff.

May St. Ignatius, whose feast day is July 31st, help us all.

Pray a rosary in public. If you have not already signed up as a 2014 Public Square Rosary Rally captain to lead and pray for America at 12 noon, Saturday, October 11th, will you please pray on it?

A red rose will be placed at Fatima, Portugal, in your name.

It’s easy to do. All it takes is a few people praying the Rosary in a public place.

SEE last year’s Rally Captain red roses delivered to Fatima, Portugal.

If you have not yet signed up, it’s so easy:

1)  MORE INFORMATION About Becoming a Rosary Rally Captain

2)  Sign-Up to become a Rosary Rally Captain

Thank you, and may God bless you!

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News Release: Oklahoma City Civic Center OKs Satanic Black Mass: Protest Swells Past 37,000

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, July 30, 2014 -- The long-standing notion that America is "one nation under God" is under attack in Oklahoma City after city officials okayed a satanic black mass at the Civic Center on September 21.

Thousands are responding.  In fact, more than 37,000 concerned Americans have already called on the Civic Center to cancel the sacrilegious black mass, voicing their opposition through an online petition sponsored by the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP).

The group invites you to sign the petition here

"The black mass is an attempt to rip God out of the fabric of our nation.  That's why more and more people are joining the protest," said TFP Student Action Director, John Ritchie. "The sole purpose of the black mass is to attack God, the Catholic Mass and the Holy Eucharist in a most obscene, indecent and hateful manner.  Satanists typically steal a consecrated Host from a Church to desecrate in unspeakable ways."

"Why is the Civic Center facilitating and advertising this sacrilege, using its tax-funded facility as a platform to attack God and demean all God-loving Americans?" asked Ritchie. "This event harms the common good on many levels.  It forces Civic Center employees and government workers to assist, or work in close proximity to, an event that targets the Catholic Faith."

Although Civic Center manager Jim Brown claims the "Black Mass" is part of free speech, Ritchie disagrees: "Don't fall for it -- sacrilege is not free speech.  And I find it so strange how children in America can't pray to God in school, but satanists are apparently free to attack God in this government-run venue."

"It's also highly unlikely that the Civic Center would rent space for events that might feature, for example, the burning of a Koran," Ritchie continued.  "You think the Civic Center would welcome the likes of Hitler, or host a production that extols Nazi gas chambers?  I really don't think so."

Archbishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City expressed his concern: "I ask those who are allowing this event to reconsider whether this is an appropriate use of public space," he stated. "We trust that community leaders – and, in particular, the board members of the Oklahoma City Civic Center – do not actually wish to enable or encourage such a flagrantly inflammatory event and can surely remedy this situation."

A similar "Black Mass" scheduled at Harvard University in May was canceled due to widespread protest.  "We're praying this one gets canceled too," Ritchie concluded.

Access the TFP Student Action petition here.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This article explains the shocking immoral aspects of Common Core

It’s rotten to the core...

Many states and dioceses have adopted the Common Core standards that have been proposed by the federal government without real public involvement. It behooves parents to investigate Common Core and see why it must be rejected.

This article explains the shocking aspects of Common Core:

The Core is Rotten: Three Reasons Why Americans Should Not Accept Common Core

I sure hope you will read it.

Wisdom from Saint Anthony of Padua

It is useless for a man to flaunt his knowledge of the law
if he undermines its teachingby his actions.

St. Anthony of Padua

North Carolina AG drops defense of marriage: ‘no argument left to be made’

Kirsten Andersen

Kirsten Andersen

www.LifeSiteNews: North Carolina’s Democratic attorney general announced Monday that he is giving up the fight to defend the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex “marriage” in federal court.  The announcement came in response to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling striking down a similar law in neighboring Virginia – the latest in a string of nearly identical judicial decisions.  North Carolina is also part of the 4th Circuit.

“All federal courts have rejected these arguments each and every time, so it’s time for the state of North Carolina to stop making them,” Attorney General Roy Cooper said in a statement. “There’s really no argument left to be made.”

Republican State Sen. Phil Berger, the Senate’s president pro-tem, criticized Cooper’s decision Monday evening, accusing him of turning his back on the state’s voters, who approved the marriage protection amendment with 61 percent of the vote in 2012.  He said Cooper should stand up for the people of North Carolina and uphold its constitution.

In the wake of Cooper’s announcement, the ACLU on Tuesday said they would ask the judges in the pending cases of three same-sex couples to issue immediate rulings striking down the gay “marriage” ban.

“It is a matter, at this point, not if Amendment One is struck down, but when Amendment One is struck down," said Chris Brook, legal director for the ACLU, which is representing the couples in court.

If North Carolina’s marriage protection amendment is overturned, it will become the twentieth state to legalize same-sex “marriage.”

Cooper is not alone in his decision to abandon his defense of his state’s constitutional ban on same-sex unions.  Officials in California and Oregon also decided not to appeal judicial decisions striking down their voter-approved bans.  But some attorneys general are continuing to press the case for traditional marriage, including Cooper’s neighbor to the south, Attorney General Alan Wilson of South Carolina, who is a Republican.

A spokesman for Wilson said he would continue to defend South Carolina’s law until the Supreme Court rules on at least one of the many similar cases currently moving through the federal court system.

"Ultimately, this will be a decision for the U.S. Supreme Court,” spokesman Mark Powell said. “People should not rush to act or react until that time, when a decision is made by the highest court in the land.”

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Road-weary for God -- TFP volunteers hit the streets of Louisiana & Texas to end abortion

After spending many long, hot days holding signs on the busiest streets of Louisiana and Texas, the team is road-weary, tired, and really sunburned.

But despite all those hardships, their spirit is high. Joyful. Even enthusiastic. And ready for more in order to end abortion forever in America.

Read what happened at the stop in New Orleans:

Overwhelming Pro-Life Support in Louisiana

When we stopped in Lafayette, Louisiana the response was just amazing. I don't recall hearing so many honks against abortion in any other location. For hours and hours, virtually every single vehicle that passed our display honked with joy and support.

The liberal media won't tell you this, but Americans everywhere want abortion to end. We meet them every day. It's real. And most encouraging.

Speaking of Louisiana, there is another issue of great concern that I wanted to tell you about.

The Louisiana Supreme Court is attacking the Seal of Confession. If the Court get its way, Catholic priests will be forced by the government to either betray their vow of secrecy or rot in jail for their fidelity to their vocation.

Here's the TFP statement on the issue:

Break the Seal of Confession or Rot in Jail

Thank you so much for your continued support, prayers and friendship. Together we can do great things for God.

News editor fired for criticizing ‘homosexual’ Bible, files complaint

Featured ImageKirsten Andersen Kirsten Andersen

The former editor-in-chief of Iowa’s Newton Daily News has filed a religious discrimination complaint after he was fired over a post on his private blog criticizing the pro-homosexual Queen James Bible

www.LifeSiteNews: The Bible revision was produced by homosexual activists who claim to have edited the eight most commonly cited verses against homosexual behavior “in a way that makes homophobic interpretations impossible.”

On his private blog, which has since been deactivated, Bob Eschliman wrote in April that “the LGBTQXYZ crowd and the Gaystapo” are trying to reword the Bible “to make their sinful nature ‘right with God.’”

After public outcry from homosexual activists, Shaw Media, which owns the paper, fired him on May 6.

In a statement the day of his firing, Shaw Media President John Rung said Eschliman’s “airing of [his opinion] compromised the reputation of this newspaper and his ability to lead it.”

“There will be some who will criticize our action, and mistakenly cite Mr. Eschliman’s First Amendment rights as a reason he should continue on as editor of the Newton Daily News,” Rung said.  “As previously stated, he has a right to voice his opinion. And we have a right to select an editor who we believe best represents our company and best serves the interests of our readers.”

Rung said the company has a duty “to advocate for the communities we serve” and that “to be effective advocates, we must be able to represent the entire community fairly.”

Eschliman, who has been writing professionally since 1998 and became editor-in-chief of the Newton Daily News in 2012, says that the company was aware of his personal blog when he was hired and never indicated it would be a problem for him to continue sharing his personal political and religious views.

In his religious discrimination complaint against the company, filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), he says that he believes he was singled out for termination because of his Christian views concerning homosexuality and same-sex “marriage.”

“As a lifelong writer, I have maintained a personal blog on the Internet with some personal thoughts and writings,” Eschliman wrote. “Newton Daily News, my employer, never had a policy prohibiting personal blogging, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media. In fact, my employer encouraged us to engage in social media on a personal level and I am aware of several employees of Newton Daily News who continue to blog and are still employed with Shaw Media.”

“There is no question that I was fired for holding and talking about my sincerely held religious beliefs on my personal blog during my off-duty time from the comfort of my own home,” Eschliman wrote. “Shaw Media directly discriminated against me because of my religious beliefs and my identity as an evangelical Christian who believes in Holy Scripture and the Biblical view of marriage.

“Moreover, Shaw Media announced that not only were they firing me based upon my religious beliefs, but that they would not hire or allow anyone to work at Shaw Media who holds religious beliefs similar to mine, which would include an automatic denial of any accommodation of those who share my sincerely held religious beliefs,” he added.

Neither Shaw Media nor the Newton Daily News have been willing to provide further comment to the press on the matter, citing pending litigation.

Matthew Whitaker, an attorney with Liberty Institute who is assisting Eschliman with his complaint, said the law is on his client’s side.

“No one should be fired for simply expressing his religious beliefs,” Whitaker said in a statement. “In America, it is against the law to fire an employee for expressing a religious belief in public.  This kind of religious intolerance by an employer has no place in today’s welcoming workforce.”

According to Whitaker, if the EEOC rules in Eschliman’s favor, Shaw Media could be forced to give him back pay, front pay, and a monetary settlement.

Pray the Rosary – Free Souls from Purgatory

Saint Louis de Montfort tells the story of a young girl of noble station named Alexandra, who had been miraculously converted and enrolled by St. Dominic in the Confraternity of the Rosary.

Click here for your Free Picture of Our Lady of Fatima

After her death, she appeared to him and said she had been condemned to seven hundred years in purgatory because of her own sins and those she had caused others to commit by her worldly ways. So she implored him to ease her pains by his prayers and to ask the Confraternity members to pray for the same end. St. Dominic did as she had asked.

Two weeks later she appeared to him, more radiant than the sun, having been quickly delivered from purgatory by the prayers of the Confraternity members. She also told St. Dominic that she had come on behalf of the souls in purgatory to beg him to go on preaching the Rosary and to ask their relations to offer their Rosaries for them, and that they would reward them abundantly when they entered into glory.

Click here for your Free Picture of Our Lady of Fatima

By Saint Louis de Montfort

Monday, July 28, 2014

A True Story: Of Convicts And Rosaries

America Needs Fatima receives a vast amount of correspondence from our members.

I have asked our organizer of correspondence to keep an eye out for their Stories of Mary and Stories of the Rosary in their lives when they share such things with us.

Here’s one such example…really inspiring of faith in Our Lady and her desire for us to pray her rosary and spread it, thus spreading devotion to her Immaculate Heart…God’s key reason for sending Mary to Fatima and His devotion of choice for bringing an end to the rule of sin in our world.

“One day, we saw the inmates starting to gather around the beds. We thought that something was about to happen for that’s what they do when a fight is about to break out. We alerted other officers and the group [of inmates] kept growing.”

…full story (a 3 minute read)

Pray a rosary in public. If you have not already signed up as a 2013 Public Square Rosary Rally captain to lead and pray for America at 12 noon, Saturday, October 12th, will you please pray on it?

A red rose will be placed at Fatima, Portugal, in your name.

It’s easy to do. All it takes is a few people praying the Rosary in a public place.

If you have not yet signed up, it’s so easy:

1)  MORE INFORMATION About Becoming a Rosary Rally Captain

2)  Sign-Up to become a Rosary Rally Captain

Thank you, and may God bless you!

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Protest th​e blasphemou​s show "Black Jesus" that portrays Our Lord Jesus Christ as a pot smoker

They are blaspheming Our Lord again!

The American Family Association recently brought this to my attention. According to press reports the Cartoon Network will run the live action show "Black Jesus" that portrays Our Redeemer as someone who:

   • Uses profanities
   • Is accused of smoking pot, and
   • Uses vulgar gestures.

Please protest this blasphemous portrayal of Our Lord.

Click Here To Send Your Instant E-Protest

This show portrays a false Jesus. The true Jesus was stern against sin, but kind and merciful to the repentant sinner.
For example, Jesus expelled the vendors from the temple, but also held little children on His lap and cured lepers.

He never used foul words or endorsed sinful lifestyles.
"Black Jesus" is a blasphemous portrayal of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

So, please send your instant e-protest immediately.

Click Here To Send Your Instant E-Protest

It only takes a few moments.  And please offer a prayer of reparation.  It is the least we can do to defend God's honor.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 27 – The dried blood of Saint Pantaleon usually becomes liquid on his feast day. Some 5,000 people gather to see this miraculous phenomena every year...

His blood becomes liquid each year, during the 24 hour period before his feast day. 

His name is Saint Pantaleon, and that 24 hour period is today. 

Because his feast day is today, July 27th.

So, did his blood turn to liquid this year?  I’ll try to find out and let you know.  Why is this important? 

Only twice in history has his blood NOT become liquid:

Right before World War I, and right before the Spanish Civil War in 1936. 

So, people evidently worry when the Saint’s blood fails to  liquefy.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Modesty of Dress -- An Effective Way to Defend the Family

by Luiz Sergio Solimeo


The face of modesty.

“I love vulgarity. Good taste is death, vulgarity is life." These words by English fashion designer Mary Quant, who took credit for inventing the miniskirt and hot pants, reveal one of the most important, though rarely pointed out, aspects of the “fashion revolution” that started in the sixties: vulgarity.

Indeed, fashions have increasingly tended toward vulgarity. It is a vulgarity that tramples upon not only good taste and decorum but which reflects a mentality opposed to all order and discipline and to every kind of restraint, be it esthetic, moral or social, and which ultimately suggests a completely “liberated” standard of behavior.

Are Comfort and Practicality Supreme Criteria?
The rationale for introducing ever shorter skirts was “to be practical and liberating, allowing women the ability to run for a bus.” The notion that comfort, practicality and freedom of movement must be the only criteria for dress has led to a breakdown in the general standard of sobriety and elegance, not to speak of the norms of modesty.

Thus, casual dress, being more comfortable and practical, increasingly becomes the norm regardless of people’s sex, age and circumstances. Jeans and the T-shirt (formerly a piece of underwear) became part of common attire.

Though one can wear less formal clothes at times of leisure, these clothes should not convey the impression that one is abandoning one’s dignity and seriousness. They should not give the idea that one is actually on vacation from one's principles.

In the past, even leisure dress, though more comfortable, maintained the dignity that one should never abandon.
It is curious to note that many companies require employees to wear business suits to convey an image of seriousness and responsibility. This is proof that clothes do transmit a message.

They can express seriousness and responsibility or on the other hand, immaturity and a carelessness.

Unisex Garb
The premise that comfort and practicality must preside over the choice of clothes had yet another consequence: clothes no longer reflect one's identity. In other words, they no longer indicate a person’s social position, profession, or even more fundamental characteristics such as sex and age.

Thus, unisex garb has become widespread: jeans and shorts have come to be worn by people of both sexes and all generations.

Young men and women, the youth and the aged, single and married, teachers and students, children and adults, all mix together and wear one and the same clothing which no longer expresses that which they are, think or desire.

The Habit Does Not Make the Monk but Identifies Him
One could object that “the habit does not make the monk.” The fact that a person dresses with distinction and elegance does not mean, of itself, that he has good principles and good behavior. Likewise, the fact that a person always wears casual dress does not necessarily indicate that he has bad principles or a reprehensible conduct. At first sight, the argument appears logical and even obvious.

However, analyzed in depth, it does not stand.

True, the habit does not make the monk. Nevertheless, it is a strong element that identifies him. Furthermore, it influences not only the way people look at the monk but the way he looks at himself. No one will deny that the loss of identity by many nuns and monks that took place over the last forty years was largely due to their shedding the traditional habits, which adequately expressed the spirit of poverty, chastity and obedience, as well as an ascetic lifestyle proper to consecrated persons.

The Need for Coherence Between Dress and Convictions
Given the unity that exists in our tendencies, principles, convictions and behavior, the way we dress cannot fail to influence our mentality.

Wearing a certain type of clothing constitutes a form of behavior; and when clothing no longer adequately reflect our tendencies, principles and convictions, one’s mentality begins to undergo an imperceptible change to remain ‘in sync’ with the way one presents oneself. This is because human reason, by the force of logic inherent in it, naturally seeks to establish consistency between thought and behavior.

This rule is magnificently summed up in the famous phrase of French writer Paul Bourget: "One must live as one thinks, under pain of sooner or later ending up thinking as one has lived."

The process of transformation or erosion of principles can be slowed down or impeded by a person’s religious fervor, deeply rooted tendencies or ideas, and other factors. However, if inconsistency between behavior - reflected in the way one dresses - and one’s principles and convictions is not eliminated, the process of erosion, no matter how slow, becomes inexorable.

The beautiful, simple, and modest dress of the Belle Epoque.

Living Faith, Inadequate Clothing
This subtle erosion is often manifested by a loss of sensitivity regarding the fundamental points of one’s mentality. One example would be the respect one must have for the sacred.

In some way, concessions to the principle that comfort must be the only rule of dress have ended up by giving a casual note to more serious and holy activities. How can one explain, for example, that persons who have true faith in the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, and who make admirable sacrifices to frequent perpetual adoration, nevertheless see no contradiction in presenting themselves before the Blessed Sacrament wearing shorts as if they were on a picnic?

The same person who shows up thus dressed for perpetual adoration would never don those clothes for an audience, say, with Queen Elizabeth II. This contradiction shows how, though the person has maintained his faith, to a certain degree the notion of the majesty of the Sacrament of the Altar -- the Real Presence -- has vanished from his soul.

There is a general tendency in our times to establish a most radical egalitarianism at all levels of culture and social relations between the sexes, and even, in the tendency of egalitarianianism, between men and animals.

In dress, this egalitarianism is manifested by the growing proletarianization, the establishment of unisex fashions and the abolition of differences between generations. The same garb can be worn by anybody no matter his position, age or circumstance (e.g. in a trip, a religious or civil ceremony).

Chaos reigns in the domains of fashion today. It is often difficult to distinguish, by their clothes, men from women, parents from children, a religious ceremony from a picnic. Haircuts and hairstyles follow the same tendency to confound age and sex and to break down standards of elegance and good taste.

...That Leads to Infantilization
One of the aspects that stand out the most in the modern dictates of fashion is the desire to create an illusion of eternal youth, even perpetual adolescence with no responsibility, a phenomenon that has been called the “Peter Pan Syndrome."1

Modern fashion shows a tendency to infantilize people. A Brazilian fashion critic thus expressed herself: “For a long time now, we have seen on catwalks, both international and domestic, fashions that should be displayed at the Children’s Expo, such is the level of infantilization they suggest. Stylists over 25 years old were designing (and wearing) clothes that could be worn by children in a day care center.”

Modesty is Essential to Chastity
In addition to the extravagant, egalitarian and infantilizing tendency of modern fashion, one needs to consider the attack on virtue and the complete lack of modesty.

The human body has its beauty, and this beauty attracts us. Due to the disorder which Original Sin left in man, the disorder of concupiscence, the delight in contemplating bodily beauty, and particularly of the feminine body can lead to temptation and sin.

That is not to say that some parts of the body are good and can be shown and others are bad and must be covered. Such a statement is absurd and was never part of Church doctrine. All parts of the body are good, for the body is good as a whole, having been created by God. However, not all body parts are equal, and some excite the sexual appetite more than others. Thus, exposing those parts through semi-nudity or risqué low cut dresses or wearing clothes so tight as to accentuate one’s anatomy poses a grave risk of causing excitation, particularly in men in relation to women.
Therefore, clothes must cover that which must be covered and make stand out that which can be emphasized. To cover a woman’s face, like Muslims do, shows well the lack of equilibrium of a religion that does not understand true human dignity. The face, the noblest part of the body because it more perfectly reflects the spiritual soul, is precisely the part that stands out the most in the traditional habits of nuns.
Just as masculine clothes should emphasize the manly aspect proper to man, feminine fashion should manifest grace and delicacy. And in this sense, having longer hair is a natural adornment to frame a woman’s face.

Immorality in Fashions and Destruction of the Family
Garb that does not show a person’s self-respect as an intelligent and free being (and, through baptism, as a son or daughter of God and a temple of the Holy Ghost), contributes to a large extent to the present destruction of the family. It does this by favoring temptations against purity. It also does this by its vulgarity and childishness that corrodes the notion of the seriousness of life and the need for ascesis (self-discipline), all of which are fundamental elements that maintain family cohesion and stability.
The struggle for the restoration of the family by opposing abortion, contraception, and homosexuality will be much more effective if done together with efforts to restore sobriety, modesty and elegance in dress.

Dress and the Love of God
The role of clothing is not only to protect the body from the elements but also to serve as adornment and symbolize someone’s functions, characteristics and mentality. Garb must be not only dignified and decent but also as beautiful and elegant as possible (which requires more good taste than money).
If the “way of beauty” leads us to God by seeing Him as the exemplary cause of Creation, the “way of ugliness” turns us away from the Creator and places us on the slippery slope of sin. That is why ugliness is the very symbol of sin and is so well expressed by the expression “ugly as sin.”


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  3. Fortunately, for some time now there has been a wholesome reaction against the abandonment of the traditional habit, a fact that has brought an increase in the number of vocations. According to a recently published book, “communities of sisters whose members wear an identifiable religious habit” are the most flourishing and attract young women the most. (Book says young women attracted to orders whose members wear habits, CNS,
  4. Cf. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, Revolution and Counter-Revolution,
  5. Cf. Dr. Dan Kiley, The Peter Pan Syndrome - Men Who Have Never Grown Up, Dodd, Mead & Company, New York, 1983.
  6. Gloria Kalil, Os kidults e a moda Alô Chics!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Overwhelming Grassroots Pro-Life Support in Louisiana

By Joseph Jordan

Fourteen volunteers with Tradition, Family and Property-Louisiana began their 10-day tour in defense of the unborn in New Orleans today.  After participating in the Call to Chivalry camp, several young men requested to join the caravan as a means to put into practice the ideals of Chivalry they learned during the camp. 

It will be their first experience on such a public tour, which will reach major cities in Louisiana and Texas.
With "Honk to Defend Life" signs, banners, bagpipes and a supply of fliers titled 10 Reasons Why Abortion is Evil, you couldn't ask for a better team of cultural warriors.

Nobody Wants to Build Planned Parenthood
The first campaign was near Clearview Mall, where pro-life support was overwhelming. Honks rang out at a rate of several dozen per minute, and many people voiced their agreement as they passed.

"Thank you so much!" was the most common expression.  Others also said how they had recalled seeing the TFP campaign in previous years.

One man explained how a local Planned Parenthood facility under construction is facing real difficulties: none of the local cement companies will agree to pour the foundations for the abortuary.  In other words, construction companies in New Orleans do not wish to be accomplices to the pro-abortion culture of death.  To the group of TFP volunteers baking in the hot Louisiana sun, this bit of news was a great encouragement. 

Lunch break:  authentic red beans and rice prepared by a kind and hospitable family in New Orleans. It was a welcome respite after the long hours in hot, humid weather.  The Louisiana style hospitality gave us the energy to continue.

Campaign Against Abortion in Kenner
The rush-hour campaign was held at a busy intersection in Kenner.

Again, the support for the campaign was overwhelming, steady and vocal.  One woman, among many, said, "Thank you so much for what you do!"  Others congratulated caravan members for their courage in standing up for what is right. One lady even stopped and joined us for the recitation of the rosary. 

City Ordinance Hampers Free Speech
Unfortunately, however, police officers soon arrived.  "You cannot be on the neutral zone," they said, referring to the large public sidewalk where we were standing.  "There's a city ordinance against this, and you will need to step away and ask the private businesses for permission to stand on their property.  You can't do it here."  How strange:  The public sidewalk in Kenner is off limits to free speech.  Two more police officers arrived to make sure that we stepped away from the public sidewalk.  Something wasn't right at all.

In the meantime, the only thing we could do was straddle the line between the public sidewalk and private property, hoping that would work.  And it did, until the police returned to complain about the honk signs.  Apparently, there's an ordinance about honking as well.  "Do you have any signs that don't ask drivers to honk?" the police sergeant asked.  We did.  And the campaign continued.

Even without displaying out honk sings, passing vehicles still continued to honk.  It would be rather difficult for the police force to flag down hundreds of vehicles, I imagine.

Tomorrow, we will campaign for unborn in downtown New Orleans.

Please pray for us as well travel the Bayou State.  Pray for the end of the sin of abortion not only in Louisiana, but in America and the whole world.

Our Lady of Prompt Succor, hasten to help us!

Special Request:  Please consider supporting TFP Student Action as a special Guardian of Truth member.  Click here for details.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Extremely Urgent Request – Please Oppose This Awful Blasphemy

“Extremely Urgent”

I need you to protest a terrible blasphemy against the Blessed Virgin Mary.

And immediately, if you possibly will!

Just listen to this:

A book now being published by
Simon & Schuster depicts the
Virgin Mary as a bitter unbeliever.

And I am urging you to click on the link below and:

Tell Simon & Schuster to stop distributing this anti-Mary book

This book is full of so much terrible blasphemy that I even hesitate to put the words in an email to you.

But we must react against this vile insult to the Mother of God. To do nothing is to give in to the offense.

So let me tell you about “The Testament of Mary.”

……The book tells about an alienated Mary, fleeing the scene of her Son’s death in fear for her own life.

……She is filled with bitterness and rage.
……She describes herself as “unhinged” and bubbling with contempt for her Son’s demented followers, to the extreme that she threatens the Gospel writers with a knife.
……She lives as a bandit, stealing to survive.

Click on the link below and:

Tell Simon & Schuster to stop distributing this anti-Mary book

But there is more – much more – sacrilege.

Mary’s point of view is that her Son’s followers must be stopped from making Jesus a god:

“…or else everything that happened will become a sweet story that will grow poisonous as bright berries that hang low on trees.”

Mary thinks that Christ’s disciples are “fools, twitchers, malcontents, and stammerers.”

Her Son’s preaching sounded to her, “false, and his tone all stilted, and I could not bear to hear him, it was like something grinding and it set my teeth on edge.”

Finally, Mary proclaims of the death of Jesus:

“When you say that he redeemed the world, I will say that it was not worth it. It was not worth it.”

Click below and:
Tell Simon & Schuster to stop distributing this anti-Mary book

Truly, this book is blasphemy!

And it shows that Catholics cannot become complacent when the Faith of the very Mother of God is attacked.

Otherwise, the promoters of blasphemy will keep on pushing the envelope with new and more outrageous insults to the Catholic Church.

Yet – do they attack Muhammad’s mother in this same way?

You know they don’t!

My friend, we must recognize their strategy: unceasing repetition of blasphemy of every kind to demoralize Catholics and people of good will.

So -- let us peacefully and prayerfully protest and speak out against these assaults on the faith of our “Virgin most faithful”.

Tell Simon & Schuster to stop distributing this anti-Mary book

Finally -- please do an act of reparation for this most terrible blasphemy against Our Lord, Our Lady and the Catholic Faith.

Suggested Act of Reparation: using your rosary, go through the beads of each decade saying on each bead “Virgin most faithful, pray for us.” Or “Jesus I believe. Help my unbelief.”

God bless you!

And may Our Lady reward you!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pro-life advocates pray outside the former Alabama Women's Center for Reproductive Alternatives on Madison Street.

Featured Image

Dustin Siggins by Dustin Siggins Pro-life advocates in Alabama are fighting an attempt to reopen an abortion clinic they say violates the city's zoning policies.

Last year, the Alabama Women's Center for Reproductive Alternatives (AWC) voluntarily closed its doors because it was unable to meet the state's quality standards for facilities. Specifically, facility administrator Dalton Johnson said the location could not be upgraded to match the health and safety standards of other ambulatory surgical centers.

Now, Alabama Women's Center is trying to reopen on Sparkman Drive, which pro-life groups say creates two issues with city laws. The first issue, they say, is that AWC did work on the building while it was applying for permission from the state's Department of Public Health to reopen. Jim McGuffey, Huntsville's manager of planning service told that the city put a stop on construction, then issued the proper permit to a contractor working on the Sparkman Drive address last week.

Christian Coalition of Alabama Executive Director James Henderson says the city erred in doing so, because the clinic had violated the city's permit laws. Represented by the Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF), Henderson's group says the city is giving AWC special treatment.

The bigger issue, however, relates to Henderson's claim that AWC's attempt to reopen on Sparkman Drive is based on a 1998 city variance that he believes should have expired. The variance allowed Huntsville Hospital to have an outpatient clinic in that area, reports Doyle, which was necessary because it is a residential area. Henderson argues that the city should have considered the variance to be expired when that facility closed.

Huntsville City Attorney Peter Joffrion told LifeSiteNews that he was "not aware of any violations, notwithstanding any claims by any groups."

According Joffrion, "the location that people are talking about is a location that was the subject of a zoning variance back in 1998. The variance was for a medical clinic. It was not specific as to any owner or user; it was just specific as to that use. The facility that is proposed for that location currently is also a medical facility or clinic." He said this was the case "regardless of people's interpretations or feelings on one side of the fence or other."

Henderson's interpretation of the variance is a "misunderstanding of zoning law in the state of Alabama," said Joffrion. "A variance doesn't expire because of the cessation of any particular user or use. A variance runs with the land; it's a title issue. It does not expire if one particular user decides to close up shop."

When LifeSiteNews asked how the city defines a medical clinic, Joffrion said he was "not sure that the zoning ordinance has a specific definition for medical clinics. If there is a definition, it would be in the zoning ordinance, but there may not be one in the zoning ordinance."

McGuffey told LifeSiteNews that "medical clinic has a fairly flexible definition." He said it covered a wide range of facilities that could be housed on the property.

Life Legal Defense Foundation attorney Allison Aranda, however, disagreed with the assessments by Joffrion and McGuffey about the broad nature of the variance. She told LifeSiteNews that the minutes of the 1998 meeting when the variance was instituted show town officials were very specific as to what could be allowed under the variance.

The minutes, a copy of which Aranda sent LifeSiteNews, shows board members unanimously approved the variance, with the stipulation that "the variance is granted for this use only." That use was, according to the appellant speaking to the board, for "a medical clinic for Huntsville Hospital to service that area."

Henderson and the LLDF also say Henderson's group was not allowed at the city's July 15 Board of Zoning Adjustment meeting, which shows bias for the abortion clinic on the part of city officials. McGuffey says that Henderson failed to provide the paperwork for his appeal to be heard.

"He didn't provide any of the documents. He simply had someone send in a letter, and he felt as if that was his application," said McGuffey. Henderson was informed that he had not applied, but Henderson "didn't feel that was fair," he said, adding McGuffey that he was welcome to apply for the August meeting.

Aranda told LifeSiteNews that the application process described by McGuffey was not relevant to Henderson's group. According to Aranda, the full application process was for the owners of properties. Since Henderson was not the owner of the property that the appeal related to, Aranda maintains filling out the entire application was unnecessary. She says that she sent a letter requesting permission to address the Board dated June 30.

AWC's clinic, which was one of four in the state, faced controversies for years at its former location. Last year state officials found multiple violations of the state health code. These included not cleaning exam tables between abortions, providing expired medication, and not complying with state informed consent laws.

Christian Colleges Doomed By Obama's No-Excepti​ons LGBT Hiring Order

The College Fix: by GREG PIPER

Christian colleges that require workers to adhere to a traditional definition of marriage and sexuality won’t be eligible as federal contractors under an executive order signed today by President Obama, as expected.

The order bars companies that do federal work from discriminating against employees based on sexual orientation or gender identity, The Chicago Tribune reported. It does not include a widely requested exemption for religious groups, such as Christian colleges and Catholic hospitals. More:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Louisiana Supreme Court is attempting to force the Church to break the seal of Confession

Tell them absolutely NOT under any circumstances!

We are in very troublesome times for the Catholic Church, as you can tell by this case in Louisiana.

Louisiana Supreme Court is trying to compell a Baton Rouge priest to testify in court about what he may have heard in the confessions of a minor girl who was sexually abused by another church parishioner.

This would break of the seal of confession.

Send Your Instant E-Protest Now!

What happened is this:  A 12 year old girl in Fr. Jeff Bayhi's parish in Baton Rouge was sexually abused by another parishioner. So, she told Rev. Bayhi about it in confession, so she claims. Thus, the Louisiana Supreme Court is ordering Rev. Bayhi to testify whether he did hear her confession, and, if so what she said.

No priest, even under the pain of death, may violate the seal of confession, no matter who is compelling him to.

The Louisiana Supreme Court knows very well that what they are asking of Rev. Bayhi is a breaking of the seal of confession which is an inherent part of the Catholic Church. This is an attack on the Catholic Faith.

Send Your Instant E-Protest Now!

Thankfully, the Diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana has denounced the ruling.

Responding to the court’s error, the Baton Rouge diocese said that “the seal of confession is absolute and inviolable,” and Father Bayhi is prohibited by canon law from divulging anything that he heard in the course of a confession. The court’s decision “assaults the heart of a fundamental doctrine of the Catholic faith,” the diocesan statement said.

“This matter cuts to the core of the Catholic faith, and for a civil court to inquire as to whether or not a factual situation establishes the Sacrament of Confession is a clear and unfettered violation of the Establishment Clause of the Constitution of the United States,” the diocese charged.

Send Your Instant E-Protest Now

If you wish to to make direct contact, please feel free to do so and be firm and polite.

Court Public Information Officer: -
Judicial Council Contact: -

The difference between the Pharisees and the repentant Mary Magdalene who poured costly ointments on Jesus’ feet -- “Many sins are forgiven her because she has loved much” (John 7:47).

St. Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene, called “the penitent”, was a woman of great beauty who was known as a sinner, but was touched in her soul by the merciful power of Our Lord Jesus and made a great conversion.  Scriptures speak of the Lord driving out “seven demons” from her, symbolic of the seven capital sins (Mark 16:9).

Thinking to trick Our Lord, she had been presented to Him by the Scribes and Pharisees whilst He was teaching in the temple. Mary Magdalene had been caught in adultery and the Law of Moses was quite clear as to its punishment: death by stoning.

In silence, Our Lord began to write with His finger on the ground. At their persistent questioning, He lifted Himself up and replied: “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone,” and stooping down, He returned to His writing in the dust. One by one they left until none remained but the Judge and the Accused.

“Then Jesus lifting up himself, said to her: Woman, where are they that accused thee? Hath no man condemned thee? Who said: No man, Lord. And Jesus said: Neither will I condemn thee. Go, and now sin no more” (John 8:10-11). From that moment onwards, her heart was won over completely.

At the house of Simon the Pharisee, the repentant Magdalene poured costly ointments on Jesus’ feet and then dried them with her hair (John 7:38). On her action being censured by the host, Our Lord said in her defense: “Many sins are forgiven her because she has loved much” (John 7:47).

Mary Magdalene was the sister of Martha and Lazarus of Bethany whom the Lord raised from the dead after four days.

She along with the Lord’s mother and other holy women stood at the foot of the cross unafraid for herself. She it was also that, along with others first discovered the empty tomb after the Lord’s Resurrection.  And it was to her that the Lord first appeared after He was risen.

After the martyrdom of the Apostle James in Jerusalem, as persecution intensified, tradition says that Lazarus, Martha and Mary Magdalen, along with others, were placed in a boat and set out to sea. This boat landed on the southern shore of France.

While Lazarus and Martha went on to evangelize Provence, a fact claimed in French history, Mary retired to a cave in a mountain, known as La Sainte-Baume, or The Holy Cave. In this cave she lived the life of a penitent for thirty years until her death.

Today, at this site, there is a shrine where her relics are venerated.

Monday, July 21, 2014

“Forced” To Confess

She Could Find No Peace, And Was Forced, As It Were, To Go To Confession.

Statue of “Sedes Sapientiae” [Seat of Wisdom]

(a 4.5 minute read! Enjoy!)

It is narrated by Father Bevius, of a very sinful person named Helen, that having gone to church; she accidentally heard a sermon on the rosary.

Read the full story here…(a 4.5 minute read).

May the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumph soon over individual souls and the whole world!

Muslims Enter Catholic Church, See A Statue Of The Virgin Mary, Call It An Idol And Destroy It

Muslims in Iraq entered a Catholic church in Iraq, and when they saw a statue of the Virgin Mary they destroyed it because they deemed it an idol. As we read from one report:

The militants also removed the cross from St. Ephrem’s …read more:

Obama to Sign Executive Order for LGBT Workers, No New Exemptions for Religious Groups


July 20, 2014 - 8:24 AM

Associated Press


President Barack Obama. (AP)

President Barack Obama plans to sign executive orders Monday prohibiting discrimination against gay and transgender workers in the federal government and its contracting agencies, without a new exemption that was requested by some religious organizations.  Read more:

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Vietnam Sees a Wave of Adult Conversions

by Luis Dufaur

In Vietnam, the emptiness brought by atheistic communism is producing effects similar to those in China by attracting many souls to the Catholic Church.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the former Saigon and the country’s largest city, 680,000 of its 9 million inhabitants are Catholic and their numbers are growing to the point of causing concern to the socialist regime. The recent conversion of Tô Hai, a “founding father” of Vietnamese communism and famous national composer caused a sensation. See: Vietnamese Leader Rejects Socialism and Joins Catholic Church.

In the diocese of Saigon there are 670 priests, more than 5,000 men and women religious, more than 7,000 catechists, and every year over 6,000 people ask to be baptized, according to the Spanish website “Religión en Libertad.”

In 2012, for example, 6,736 adults were baptized. There were mostly former atheists, Buddhists or ancestor worshippers. The current number of infant baptisms has tripled. For the sake of comparison, the Catholic Church in large dioceses such as Los Angeles and New York baptizes between 1,300 and 1,600 adults per year.

Catholic dioceses in Vietnam (seven million faithful out of a population of 90 million) do not grant dispensations for marriages between Catholics and non-Catholics. 

Insincere conversions are few. However, the sincere faith of one of the spouses tends to touch the other one’s heart.

For example, in 2005 Teresa Nguyen Thuy Kieu gave up Buddhism because she admired the Catholic steadfastness of her spouse.

Today she is an active member of the Legion of Mary, teaches catechism two afternoons per week and follows up adults in the process of conversion. She also tries to attend Mass every day even though she has to tend to her store and take care of her two small children.

Teresa has already had her “baptism of blood” with the government’s socialist doctors that routinely try to make pregnant women abort. In her case, the doctor said her baby would be born defective and tried to have her abort.

Already a Catholic, and aware that having an abortion is murdering a child, she refused the temptation and prayerfully put the case in God’s hands. The child, a girl, was born prematurely but now almost one year old, is healthy and strong.

Teresa’s example so impressed her family that her mother, sister-in-law and 11 nieces and nephews asked to be baptized.

Socialists look down on Catholics with scorn and suspicion, but their godless opposition is unable to contain the wave of conversions raised up by Divine grace.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Will the Seal of Confession be Broken?

Canon law forbids priests from revealing anything told during a confession under the pain of excommunication.

However now the Louisiana Supreme Court has ordered a priest to reveal the contents of the confessions of a girl in his parish. This is not Russia, China or Cuba. This is still America. Read the American TFP's statement and call to action at the link below.

 Break the Seal of Confession or Rot in Jail!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Black Mass Planned -- 5000% increase in earthquakes in Oklahoma... Any suggestions?

5000% increase in earthquakes in Oklahoma...

A Satanic Black Mass is being promoted and scheduled in the Civic Center in Oklahoma City.

Only a coincidence?

Death Is A Good Counselor, My Child – Jesus Speaks to Us

Photo of Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue

Let death be most familiar to thee, My Child. If thou be faithful in asking its advice, and in following it, it will be thy solace in adversity, it will keep thee in due bounds in prosperity...

The Voice of Jesus.

My Child, remember, thou must die: because it is appointed for all men once to die.

A good life is the best preparation for death. It is generally true, that he that lives well, dies well.

For a reason worthy of God’s Wisdom, the time of His coming remains hidden, that men may keep themselves in the state of grace ever ready.

The Voice of the Disciple

O my soul, soon time shall be no more. Let others do as they list: let us, whilst yet there is time, devote ourselves to the work of our salvation.

full article.

(a 7 minute read…enjoy!)

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be our hearts’ desire!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Priest mentions hell and purgatory to students: Diocese then forbids him from teaching

And Austrian priest, usually dressed in a cassock and collaborator in the parish of Stans, in Tyrol, a small town of 1500 souls, where he also teaches religion in the primary school.
Before the end of the school year, he was informed of the withdrawal of his permit to teach by the diocese of Innsbruck. The priest’s fault, according to the diocesan school office, would be that he had spoken to his young students about The Four Last Things, among which he mentioned hell and purgatory; “lessons not suitable for children at their stage in life,” that he had dealt with themes on the family in “terms no longer up-to-date,” and of having used “rhetorical language,” or rather – too traditional.  Read more:

Catholic Pro-life Generation is Growing -- Video


How often do you see a cheerful group of forty young men praying the rosary outside Planned Parenthood?

Panic at Planned Parenthood

The participants of the 2014 Call to Chivalry Camp put the spirit of Catholic knighthood into practice with a simple yet powerful demonstration on June 11 outside Planned Parenthood in Camden, New Jersey.  Several boys held a banner, stating: “With God’s grace, our generation will stop abortion.” The honks were

The youthful rally made Planned Parenthood pro-abortion workers panic.  According to a police officer who showed up, they were so upset that they called 911.


"You're not in trouble," said the officer, "They [Planned Parenthood] called us and said that you were blocking the sidewalk, stopping traffic and throwing red paint at people…,” then pausing and looking at the boys peacefully praying the rosary and singing hymns, he continued,  “but that's obviously not the case. You’re perfectly within your rights to stay as long as you want. If you happen to need us for any reason, give us a call."

This was the first rally against abortion for many of the boys.  The sound of the bagpipes boosted their morale and encouraged those passing by to support the right to life.

To conclude, three Hail Mary’s were prayed and the TFP battle cry was given: Tradition, Family, Property (three times)… America, America, America. The young men liked it so much that they wanted to prolong the event and asked if more rallies were on the agenda during the camp.  By doing this honorable deed for the unborn, they were living out the Tenth Commandment of Chivalry: 

“Thou shalt be everywhere and always the champion of the right and the good against injustice and evil.”


Cardinal Zen Exhorts the Chinese to Heroically Confront Communism

by Luis Dufaur

After the Communist government in Beijing threatened to take away the freedom of Hong Kong, Joseph Cardinal Zen Ze-kiun, the city’s archbishop emeritus, reacted the way Catholics would like to see their bishops react in the face of blatant anti-Christianity.
Indeed, addressing the communist government on the radio, the Cardinal said: “You can tie me up, abduct me or behead me, but you will never make a slave out of me.”

And exhorting the people of Hong Kong not to give up in face of threats against their freedom, he warned: “If you bow [before Beijing’s communism] by placing one knee on the ground, all will be lost,”reported the Paris-based “Agence d’informations des Missions étrangères.”

For many weeks, anticommunists in Hong Kong have been struggling to obtain a full and complete establishment of universal suffrage by 2017.  This suffrage would be a great threat since, if universal suffrage were adopted, freely elected Hong Kong authorities would be anti-communist and Beijing would face serious difficulties to impose communism there. 

The Catholic Church does not delve into merely political questions but intervenes when morals or good customs are threatened, placing the salvation of souls at risk.

Such salvation would run serious risks if socialism consolidated its domination in Hong Kong. Accordingly, Cardinal Zen intervened to ward off any ‘middle-of-the-road’ position to compromise with communism. 

“Negotiation,” he said  “is not a valid option.”And he exhorted the population to vote in a symbolic referendum called in favor of universal suffrage. 

So that no shadow of doubt would linger, the courageous 82-year old cardinal walked through Hong Kong, street by street to convince citizens to vote. For seven days he visited every one of its 48 districts, walking twelve hours a day in the blazing heat and humidity of summer. 

Due to restrictions imposed by the election law, he was accompanied by no more than thirty Catholics.
If only there were more anti-communist bishops with the mettle of Cardinal Zen!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Video – Great Hope for the future of Catholic youth in America

This year's theme focused on the Catholic heroes of Germany.

Accordingly, the meetings were filled with examples of great men, from the warrior monks of the Teutonic Order to the lives of great saints such as Saint Peter Canitius. Every meeting strove to equip camp participants with the spiritual tools they need to remain faithful in our difficult days.

See the video here:

Great Quote From Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

The refusal to take sides on great moral issues
is itself a decision. It is a silent acquiescence to evil.
The Tragedy of our time is that those who still believe in honesty
lack fire and conviction, while those who believe in dishonesty
are full of passionate conviction.

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Monday, July 14, 2014

Catholic Bishop from China sends message against Black Mass in Oklahoma City

Sign the petition against the black mass in Oklahoma City

The Catholic Bishop of Suzhou, China, sent this encouraging message to an American family against the black mass being organized by Satanists in Oklahoma City on Sept. 21.

“I will stand firmly with you and your friends.  We must stop the Black Mass anywhere because of it is an evil event.  I will pray for you and your friends.  May God's love and strength be with you and your friends.  I think that God will have His plan to avoid this thing from happening. “

Your brother in Christ,

Joseph Peter Xu (Bishop of Suzhou, China)

Sign the petition against the black mass in Oklahoma City

What’s Wrong With Burger King?

Burger King Makes Rainbow Wrapped “Proud Whoppers”

Burger King used to be a place where you could take your children.  Not any more.

For the homosexual parade in San Francisco a Burger King on Market Street was selling proud whoppers--normal whoppers wrapped in a rainbow colored wrapper with the inscription "we are all the same inside."

Send Your Instant E-Protest Now

The homosexual agenda wishes to force the acceptance of this sin on all of society and to change the definition of marriage.  This is a threat to the institution of God’s family.

Send Your Instant E-Protest Now

Please join me in the peaceful and legal protest against this public scandal.

Leading Polish pro-life ob-gyn sacked, fined for refusing abortion: says it was worth it

Bogdan ChazanDr. Chazan says he regards the fine and damage to his career as nothing more than “a ransom for the life of the child,” which he was happy to pay.

Hilary White Hilary White A renowned pro-life doctor and head of the gynecology and obstetrics department at a major Catholic hospital, has been sacked and fined for refusing to participate in abortion. Dr. Bogdan Chazan was removed from his position as professor and head of gynecology and obstetrics at Holy Family hospital in Warsaw when he refused to help a woman obtain an abortion for her unborn child who suffered from brain malformations.

He was fined 70,000 zlotys (about €17,000) by the Mayor of Warsaw, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, who told a press conference that the action was taken against Dr. Chazan because he not only refused to do the abortion, but refused to tell the mother how she could obtain the abortion. He is also accused of having deliberately prolonged a diagnostic procedure in order to prevent the abortion that, to be legal, had to be carried out before the child was at 25 weeks gestation.

Dr. Chazan, who has been head of ob-gyn services at Holy Family since 2004 and has served in health programs of the World Health Organization and the Council of Europe, the UN and the Polish Ministry of Health, immediately tweeted his simple response when the news broke on Wednesday: “I was dismissed. [But I] do not stop believing in what I do.”

Later he told a television interviewer that he regarded the fine and damage to his career as nothing more than “a ransom for the life of the child,” which he was happy to pay.

The Sunday Visitor quoted Dr. Chazan saying, “This decision today is the beginning of the attack on the conscience of doctors and persons holding managerial positions in health care, breaking the consciences of those who follow the rules of natural law, and above all do not agree with killing a man.”

It will “probably cause the elimination of doctors from management positions - those just following the principles of natural law,” he said.

Dr. Chazan is also a prominent signatory of the Declaration of Faith, a statement signed by 3,000 physicians who refuse to participate in abortion or prescribe artificial contraceptives. The signatories represent about 1% of Poland’s 377,000 doctors.

Polish media reports that the woman gave birth to her child, who was conceived through in vitro fertilization and who later died of severe brain malformations. The woman’s lawyer, Martin Dubieniecki, said in a statement that she is seeking compensation for damages. She is now suffering from depression brought on by “the trauma of childbirth, which, with so numerous and severe damages of the [child’s] body, should not have been born,” Dubieniecki said.

The news has triggered an international frenzy of coverage, with politicians and abortion advocates praising the decision of Mayor Gronkiewicz-Waltz. First among these was a statement from Prime Minister Donald Tusk who said, “Regardless of what his conscience is telling him, [a doctor] must carry out the law.”

“Every patient must be sure that […] the doctor will perform all procedures in accordance with the law and in accordance with his duties,” the prime minister continued.

Leszek Miller, the socialist leader of the Democratic Left Alliance, agreed, calling Dr. Chazan’s refusal to participate in abortion “psychopathic”.

Professor Chazan’s lawyer, Jerzy Kwaśniewski, however, has said that the action taken against his client has assumed his guilt before the evidence has been presented. He said the hospital did in fact inform the mother about the possibility of abortion. “At the Hospital of St. Families patient’s rights were protected adequately and fully implemented the statutory obligation to provide information.”

According to the documentation, he said, the patient’s regular doctor, Dr. Maciej Gawlak, had informed her early in the diagnostic procedures that she could be eligible for abortion under the country’s laws that allow it for fetal abnormalities. Kwaśniewski said that the woman expressed no interest in abortion at that time. The woman went on to be examined at other medical facilities where she was denied the abortion, he said.

Warsaw’s inspectors are investigating, and have said they found weaknesses and errors in the internal documentation of the hospital and patient medical records. Polskieradio said their report will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office that is investigating the charge of exposing a patient to “direct danger of death or serious bodily injury.”

The Polish legal institute, Ordo Iuris, has issued a legal analysis of the mayor’s action, calling it unconstitutional, nothing that “the rules of ethics require the exercise of medical care for both the mother and the child, the child located at the prenatal stage of development.”

“In this case, the doctor has two patients - mother and child. Diagnosis of the child must be carried out until the child is alive. The purpose of diagnosis is not finding evidence for abortion; its purpose is first aid, including support for the child, even if it may die soon after birth.”

The institute also called for a thorough investigation into other aspects of the case, such as the circumstances of the baby’s conception at the hospital’s IVF clinic, to establish whether the mother was informed of the heightened risk of fetal deformities in IVF conceived babies.

Archbishop Henryk Hoser of the Warsaw-Praga Diocese, a medical doctor, issued a statement in support of Dr. Chazan, calling the penalties “ethically unacceptable, unjustified, out of proportion, unjust, absurd and legally doubtful.”

“A child in the prenatal phase, does not cease to be a human being or a patient, regardless of his health condition or anybody's discretionary decision. Nobody is a master of another person's life and all other personal goods come second to the fact of the existence of a human being,” the archbishop wrote.

He encouraged other doctors and people of good will to manifest their support and solidarity with the professor, and noted that while the authorities and law enforcement are usually slow in prosecuting serious crimes, they are being “overzealous in investigating the allegation of isolating a patient from information [on where to obtain an abortion] which is easily accessible to all, especially in a city like Warsaw.”

Archbishop Hoser’s statement was followed by one from Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz, archbishop metropolitan of Warsaw, who called the right of the exercise of conscience, “one of the basic human rights” and said the decision to fire Dr. Chazan is “a dangerous precedent, violating the rights of all people, not just Catholics.”

To contact the office of the Mayor of Warsaw with concerns by email:

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Incest is ‘no longer taboo’ thanks to contraception/homosexuality, says Australian judge

Hilary White Hilary White

LifeSiteNews: Judge Garry Neilson reportedly said that incest was only ever illegal “to prevent chromosomal abnormalities,” something we don't have to worry about thanks to contraception and abortion.

An Australian judge has been suspended from hearing criminal cases and is under investigation after complaints about his reported comments earlier this year that “incest is no longer taboo,” because of increased availability of abortion and contraception.

The Sydney District Court judge aroused the backlash when he compared incest to homosexuality, saying that sexual contact between siblings and between adults and children are no longer seen as “unnatural” or “taboo.”

Judge Garry Neilson said during a trial in April that just as homosexuality has been accepted since the 1950s, “a jury might find nothing untoward in the advance of a brother towards his sister once she had sexually matured, had sexual relationships with other men and was now ‘available’, not having [a] sexual partner.”

The trial was of a man accused of having raped his sister in the 1970s and again in 1981. At the trial, Neilson said that the 1981 offence was different from the earlier assault because by that time the man was 26 and his sister/victim, 18.

Australian papers owned by Fairfax Media group are reporting Neilson having said, “By that stage they are both mature adults. The complainant has been sexually awoken, shall we say, by having two relationships with men and she had become ‘free’ when the second relationship broke down.

“The only thing that might change that is the fact that they were a brother and sister but we’ve come a long way from the 1950s … when the position of the English

Common Law was that sex outside marriage was not lawful.”

Incest, he said, was only illegal “to prevent chromosomal abnormalities” adding, “even that falls away to an extent [because] there is such ease of contraception and readily access to abortion.”

“If this was the 50s and you had a jury of 12 men there, which is what you’d invariably have, they would say it’s unnatural for a man to be interested in another man or a man being interested in a boy. Those things have gone.”

The Australian Daily Telegraph also revealed that Neilson in November 2011 had given a different man a light sentence for repeatedly raping his niece, because there had been no “rough treatment”. The Daily Telegraph reports that the man had been in “de facto relationship” with the girl’s mother, his sister, at the time. They quoted court documents showing that Judge Neilson had said that because there was no ejaculation, the victim, who had been 15 and 16 at the time of the rapes, “had not been exposed to the risk of pregnancy or having some sexually transmitted disease”.

New South Wales Attorney-General Brad Hazzard has referred Neilson to the Judicial Commission for a review of the comments, saying, “In my view, the community would be rightly appalled at his reported comments.”

“Incest is completely reprehensible, unacceptable, disgusting and criminal.”

Hazzard has also written to District Court chief judge Reg Blanche asking that Neilson be removed from criminal trials until the Commission has completed its investigation.

A child sex abuse advocacy group has issued a statement saying, “To equate homosexuality, incest and the crime of child sexual assault is as ill-informed as it is outrageous.

Hetty Johnston the founder of Bravehearts, an Australian anti-pedopilia advocacy group, said, “These comments are offensive to every child, every victim, every homosexual person in this country.” Johnston called for Neilson to be removed permanently from his position.