Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rosary Rally Story

As we approached the place for the rally, a man came who is not in our group came and wanted to help. 

Then, as we were starting about 4 more people came, from where we did not know.

There were 10 of us altogether.

We took turns in reading the petitions, saying the rosary and reading the consecration.

While we were praying, 2 women approached the abortion clinic and was surprised to see it closed.  They were talking aloud, and one of the men volunteers who came to help approached and asked how far this lady is in her pregnancy. 

She responded about 4 weeks.  The man told her that that baby she is carrying already has a heartbeat.  He asked her not to abort and that if she would call the number on his card, she could get some help.  The teen then asked, "Can I get a car seat too?"  The man responded:  "anything you need."  So the two women left.

When we finished praying, we were talking about what just transpired and then realized that only 2 of the volunteers were still with us. 

One looked like Padre Pio (I would say a carbon copy).  He said that he dreamed of Padre Pio asking him to grow a beard and he did....he really looks like him.  A lady who was with him said that she has a lot of the unborn babies rosaries and she gave all four of us who came together a beautiful rosary with little babies inside it.

Our Rally Captain Chuck Morton took at least a couple of group pictures before everyone dispersed but none of them came out.  I also took a picture of the man who looks like Padro Pio and the lady who gave us the Rosary but that one did not come out either. Strange!

All together, we had a wonderful time sharing our own experiences from the different groups we belonged to.


Rally Captains send inspiring reports

The emails and reports just keep coming in.  Here are some brief but inspiring reports.  Some had very good attendance such as Elidia from Texas.  Some like Anthony received favorable publicity. Some like Joy from Texas and Rita from Minnesota vigorously confronted the cold, and held their rallies with their rosaries and their heads held high attracting the attention and admiration of passersby.

Joy from Texas wrote, “There was a sudden overnight drop in temperature with heavy dark clouds and a damp chill. Only 4 attended; however, we brought much attention with the banner and a statue of Our Lady. We prayed all of the rosaries, all of the prayers and sang all of the hymns.”

Josie from New Jersey wrote, “Forty people attended despite the rain… from the ages of 3 to 87. May Our Lady touch all the hearts of those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love Her beloved Son and Her Immaculate Heart.”

Anthony wrote that 20 attended his rally and a photo and story were published in the local newspaper about the rally.

Elidia from Texas wrote to us that 60 people attended her rally.

Rita from Austin, Minnesota wrote, “We held our first rosary crusade in Austin. There were twenty of us present. It was 32 degrees out.”

Friday, October 30, 2009

Beautiful prayer of reparation to the Blessed Virgin Mary


O blessed Virgin, Mother of God, look down in mercy from heaven, where thou art enthroned as Queen, upon me, a miserable sinner, thine unworthy servant.


Although I know full well my own unworthiness, yet in order to atone for the offenses that are done to thee by impious and blasphemous tongues, from the depths of my heart I praise and extol thee as the purest, the fairest, the holiest creature of all God's handiwork. I bless thy holy name, I praise thine exalted privilege of being truly Mother of God, ever virgin, conceived without stain of sin, co-redemptrix of the human race.

I bless the Eternal Father who chose thee in an especial way for His daughter; I bless the Word Incarnate who took upon Himself our nature in thy bosom and so made thee His Mother; I bless the Holy Spirit who took thee as His bride.

All honor, praise and thanksgiving to the ever-blessed Trinity, who predestined thee and loved thee so exceedingly from all eternity as to exalt thee above all creatures to the most sublime heights. 0 Virgin, holy and merciful, obtain for all who offend thee the grace of repentance, and graciously accept this poor act of homage from me thy servant, obtaining likewise for me from thy divine Son the pardon and remission of all my sins.  Amen.

Tempests and Confidence at the 2009 National Conference








Audience at meeting during 2009 National Conference

A TFP and America Needs Fatima National Conference is always an exciting event but this year’s gathering had a touch of the dramatic.

On the opening day, the pleasant autumn weather took a turn for the worse when a storm swept over the area. The outdoor tent where the talks were delivered was buffeted by wind and rain. It was still raining less than an hour from the scheduled Saturday evening candlelight rosary procession.

However as the time approached, the rain stopped and the procession went as planned. The next day, the sun came out providing a perfect atmosphere to conclude a long weekend of reflection.

The dramatic events seemed a fitting picture of the trials and efforts of all those engaged in the struggle to defend Christian civilization in the public square. So often, these actions are buffeted by adversity, and yet afterwards Our Lady smiles upon these sacrifices and rewards them with special graces.

Such conclusions were present in the minds of the over 200 supporters, friends and members of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) who gathered on October 24-25 in Spring Grove, Penn. to discuss the theme “Human Solutions Have Failed: The Fatima Moment Has Arrived.”

Among the distinguished guest-speakers at the conference was Prince Bertrand of Orleans-Braganza of the Brazilian TFP, who delivered the Sunday closing banquet about the certainty of victory. The American TFP was also pleased to have Duke Paul of Oldenberg of the German TFP who spoke about devotion to Our Lady. The presence of the two illustrious speakers was a great pleasure and inspiration for all.

The recently published book on the life of Col. John Ripley.

Rallies and an American Knight

The Conference was held in an atmosphere of celebration for the 4,337 Public Square Rosary Rallies nationwide on October 10, 2009. America Needs Fatima Director Robert Ritchie delivered a moving account of the rallies in all the phases of planning and execution.

He reminded the participants that the celebration of this milestone could only be properly observed in view of the incredible obstacles faced by those who organized the rallies and the enormous graces that Our Lady gave to overcome them.

Yet another highlight of this year’s conference was the launching of the book, An American Knight, The Life of Col. John W. Ripley USMC by TFP member Norman Fulkerson. Mr. Fulkerson recounted the story of how he came to write the biography of this true American hero.

Col. Ripley was a Marine who had defended the country nobly on the military as well as the cultural battlefield when he opposed women in combat and homosexuals in the military.

The captivating story of this American hero is told from cradle to grave. His recent death signaled the need not to let the feats of this outstanding Marine go untold. Mr. Fulkerson also said he wrote this book for all those capable of admiring the role models so conspicuously absent in these days.

Talks on the Fatima Moment

All the talks were based from the perspective of the book Revolution and Counter-revolution by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, founder of the Brazilian TFP. There was truly a wide variety of timely topics.

Mr. Mario Navarro da Costa presented a talk on how the world arrived to the Fatima moment with a fascinating historical overview of events leading up to Our Lady’s appearance at Fatima. American TFP Vice-Present John Horvat delivered the talk, “What is the Counter-revolutionary Alternative to the Global Financial Crisis?” Luiz Solimeo, senior

TFP members in ceremonial habit carrying the statue of Our Lady of Fatima in a candle light rosary procession.

researcher for the American TFP, presented a know-your-enemy talk on the subject of the objectives and intervention of the devil. Mr. Michael Whitcraft discussed the necessity of dealing with suffering in these times.

Despite the winds and rains, the speakers and participants studied together these important themes as a preparation for the stormy days ahead.  Helping this study was TFP member Michael Chad Shibler who presented an overview of the activities of the TFP members and supporters since last conference.

Sparking Interest in the Counter-revolution

Our Lady’s blessings upon the event were quite evident by the great conviviality that existed among participants. The conference was an occasion for friends to get together and compare notes. Even those who were attending for the first time felt part of a great family of souls. The fact that many new rally captains attended the conference was also a source of much encouragement to all.

A meeting about Our Lady given by Duke Paul of Oldenburg from the German TFP.

So much of the conference is made up of those little things that provide an atmosphere that reflects the principles being defended. Thus the decoration, flowers and conversation areas were also considered an important part of the conference. There were events like an organ concert and a singing of the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary. There was time for coffee breaks and discussions.

Students from the TFP-staffed St. Louis de Montfort Academy were politely helping out everywhere making sure things ran smoothly.

Of course, there was the magnificent Latin Mass sung by the TFP members, wearing the TFP ceremonial habit at the historic Immaculate Conception Church in nearby York. Father Gregory Karpyn celebrated the Mass and delivered the sermon.

The recessional procession ended with the now-traditional majestic rendition of the Papal Hymn with organ and trumpet.

Blasphemy in Spain, When Will the Hate Stop?

According to press reports, homosexual groups in Spain published a calendar that has horrific blasphemies against Our Lady of Fatima and other Marian apparitions. Besides a man that is practically naked alongside Our Lady, the calendar has "images that are based on famous works of sacred art, especially apparitions of the Virgin Mary, but interpreted by transsexuals.”

"In the 'Secular Calendar,' informs the BBC Brasil, “each month is represented by a free interpretation of famous scenes of Catholic imagery, such as Our Lady of Fatima and the three shepherd children but redecorated with homosexual esthetics.” The scenes show saints dressed as “drag queens,” and using “crowns, necklaces, bracelets, and colored condoms…”

Moreover, the homosexual group behind the calendar suggests December 25 be officially declared the Day of Democracy instead of Christmas. (Access with extreme caution -- blasphemous image, Article is written in Portuguese --- Access with caution).

As Catholics, America Needs Fatima is protesting these blasphemous insults to Our Lady and the Catholic faith. No matter where in the world blasphemy is, all must protest. One must only wonder when the hatred will stop.

Click here to send a protest message now via email to the Minister of Justice in Spain asking him to apply Spanish anti-blasphemy law and stop this outrage that offends God and so many Catholics everywhere.  Consider forwarding this email message to friends and relatives. 

Inspiring reports from rally captains.

Here are some more inspiring reports from rally captains.  If you haven't sent yours in yet,  please email them to this address:  That way we can share your graces,  for the inspiration of others.

Barbara from Jermyn, PA wrote, “My friend Kim called and asked if I could attend the rally with her. I got dressed in 15 minutes. Thirty-three people prayed under a very gloomy sky. As we finished the rosary and started the litany, the clouds parted and the sun was shining down on us. There was a real contrast in the sky. Directly across from us was a funeral home with an American flag flapping in the wind. Over that, the clouds remained dark and ominous. I really felt that the dark clouds represented the evil that is trying to overtake our country.”

Maria from Fullerton, CA wrote that over 20 attended her public square rosary at a park. Next to them were 50 raucous college students. Someone observed that was a typical picture of what is going on in our country. Maria and her participants resolved to hold rallies each month from now on.

Aurora from Sacramento, CA wrote about how she prayed to Our Lady asking Her to help her find a good location. She met some pro-lifers and decided to hold her rally in front of an abortion clinic that she did not even know existed in her community. The pro-lifers who were already praying at the clinic, were very happy to see the banner with Our Lady’s picture.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Look deep into Her eyes, and let Her look into yours!

13_Sacred Image_082609a
Look into these maternal eyes. They know you! They understand your sufferings even more than you do. They’re full of compassion, love, and hope. Open yourself to this gaze. It offers a remedy for every defect, help for every problem, hope for every affliction.
Who is this Mother? She’s Mary, the Mother of God and ours, so beautifully represented by this miraculous statue of Our Lady of Fatima.
Look into Her eyes. And let Her look into yours! She’ll touch your heart. Speak to your soul!
In New Orleans, this statue wept 14 times! Why tears, not smiles? Why sorrow, not joy?
Find the answer to these gripping questions in this inspiring article by Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira:
Tears, a Miraculous Warning

On July 21, 1972, the newspaper Folha de São Paulo published a photograph from New Orleans showing a statue of Our Lady of Fatima shedding tears. The report sparked keen interest in the Brazilian public and I think many readers will welcome more information on the topic.

The best source of information on the matter is found in an article with a typical American title: "The Tears of Our Lady Wet my Finger” by Fr. Elmo Romagosa. It was published on July 20 in the Clarion Herald, a New Orleans weekly, distributed in eleven Louisiana parishes or counties.

The background to this event is universally known. In 1917, Lucy, Jacinta and Francisco had visions of Our Lady at Fatima. The authenticity of these visions was confirmed by the miracle of the sun, witnessed by a whole multitude even as the Virgin spoke to the three children.
In general terms, Our Lady charged the little shepherds to tell the world that she was deeply upset by the wickedness and corruption of men. She warned that if men did not amend, a terrible chastisement would come that would annihilate many nations. Russia would spread its errors throughout the world. The Holy Father would have much to suffer.
The punishment could only be avoided if men converted, Russia and the world were consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and men did the communion of reparation on the first Saturday of each month.
                                                       * * *
In view of the above, a question naturally comes to mind: Were Our Lady’s requests heeded?
In 1942, Pius XI consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Sister Lucy said the consecration lacked some characteristics Our Lady had requested. I do not intend to analyze this complex subject here. I simply mention, in passing, that whether Our Lady’s request for the consecration of Russia was heeded is open to debate.
As for Our Lady’s second request for an amendment of life, it has so obviously been neglected that no further comment is necessary.
Our Lady stated that obedience to her requests was a condition to avoid the apocalyptic punishments that she predicted. Therefore, it is logical that God’s vengeful and purifying wrath should fall upon mankind before it converts and the Reign of Mary is established.
                                                    * * *
Of the three Fatima children, only Lucy survived beyond her childhood. She was a Carmelite nun in Coimbra. Under her supervision, a sculptor carved two statues that reproduced as closely as possible the facial expression of the Most Holy Virgin as she appeared at Fatima. Both of them were called "pilgrim statues” and have been taken around the world by priests and laity. One was in New Orleans, where it shed tears.
Father Romagosa, author of the abovementioned report, was told of the statue’s tears by Fr. Joseph Breault, M. P., the statue’s custodian. However, he was reluctant to admit the miracle and thus asked Father Breault to call him if any further weeping occurred.
Father Breault noticed moisture in the eyes of the Pilgrim Virgin statue on July 17 and immediately called Father Romagosa, who reached the statue at 9:30 p.m., bringing along photographers and reporters. In fact, they all noticed the moisture in the eyes of the statue, which was soon photographed. Father Romagosa then touched his finger on the moist surface and collected a drop, which was also photographed. According to Father Breault, this was the thirteenth weeping he had witnessed.
At 6:l5 a.m. the next morning, Father Breault called Father Romagosa saying that the statue had been crying since 4 a.m. Father Romagosa arrived shortly afterwards. In his words: "I saw much liquid in the statue’s eyes, and a large drop hanging from the tip of her nose.”
This drop, so graciously hanging, was captured in the famous photograph that came out in the press. Father Romagosa adds that he saw "a tear move as it slowly formed on the lower eyelid."
However, he wanted to eliminate all doubt. He noticed that the statue had a crown fixed on its head by a small metal connecting rod and thought:
Can it be that water was poured into the hole where the crown is fixed on the statue, and this water drains into the eyes?
Once the weeping ceased, Father Romagosa removed the crown from the statue: the metallic connecting rod was entirely dry. He then inserted into the hole a wire wrapped in a special paper which would absorb any liquid that might be there. The paper remained absolutely dry.
Still not satisfied with his efforts, he poured some water into the hole. Yet the eyes remained absolutely dry. Father Romagosa then turned the statue upside down. The water he had poured into the hole drained normally. He was finally convinced that no water could come through the hole in the statue’s head into her eyes, and there simply was no other hole.
Father Romagosa knelt. At last, he believed.
                                                        * * *
These mysterious tears show Our Lady of Fatima crying over the modern world, as Our Lord once cried over Jerusalem. Tears of most tender affection, tears of deep pain for the punishment that will come.
It will come to the men of the twentieth century, if they do not reject immorality and corruption. It will come if they do not fight especially against the self-destruction of the Church, the cursed smoke of Satan that according to Paul VI has penetrated even into the sacred places.
Reader, there is still time, therefore, to stop the punishment!
                                                          * * *
But, some will say, these thoughts are not those for a pleasant Sunday afternoon. I answer: Is it not better to read this article now under the tender manifestation of our Mother’s prophetic sadness than to live through the days of tragic bitterness that will come if we do not amend?
If they come, I am convinced a special mercy will be shown to those who, in their personal lives, have taken the miraculous warning of Mary seriously.
I offer my readers this article so they may benefit from that mercy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tremendous graces of fervor, joy, conviviality at TFP-American National Conference

The two day 2009 TFP-ANF National Conference was simply incredibly blessed.   It took place on October 24-25, at TFP Headquarters in Spring Grove, PA.

055_TFP Conference_102409

I felt like there was an explosion of graces at the event.  All were deeply impressed.  New participants and old were all united and focused for Our Lady's Fatima message.

One lady told me: "I feel like I have a fire raging inside me.  And I want to spread it; I want to light thousands of candles everywhere I go."

096_TFP Conference_102409

(Praying the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary.)

Another man wrote this note after returning home from the conference:

"My wife and I wanted to express our gratitude for an exceptionally productive and inspirational weekend. It was a very special meeting.

111_TFP Conference_102409

"We are still not sure why it was so special, but it was.  Maybe we are just in such terrible times that supporters of the TFP are pulling together to fight the fight that we are surely going to have to fight.

117_TFP Conference_102409

"We met so many wonderful people and had such interesting conversations. There seemed to be a noticeable increase in the number of younger people attending the conference this year!

"You couldn’t help noticing their kindness and their mature demeanor.  My wife said that she got the feeling that the conference was a big wake-up call for a lot of people.

"She even said that what came to her mind was the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles.

"It was truly a conference to remember.  Mary wants us to continue marching – the message was loud and clear.  Thank you for a memorable weekend.  God Bless the TFP.

065_TFP Conference_102409

(Picture of the outdoor Rosary procession in candlelight.)

Another man said; "These were the 2 happiest days in my life."

167_TFP Conference_102509

Our Lady of Fatima at work

     We received some very interesting comments from hosts of the Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima this week.

     A hostess from Massachusetts wrote, "the custodian was in an auto accident while en route (no one was injured), as a result our visit did not take place as scheduled."  This hostess read a booklet to her guests about Fatima and then they all prayed the rosary together.  Included in their rosary were prayers for the well being of the custodian.

     Much later that evening the custodian brought the statue to their home for the night.  The hostess wrote that her 37 year old son died suddenly from a heart attack on September 9th.  After the hostess and her husband went to bed, their younger son stayed up to pray before Our Lady.

      She commented that while her friends were disappointed, that perhaps things worked out the way Our Lady wished.

     She also explained how her visit came about.  One of our schedulers, Kateri, called, and as the hostess wrote, "I have never met Kateri, but it is the name I took for my confirmation many, many years ago after frequent visits to the Shrine of the North American Martyrs and to Blessed Kateri's shrine in Fonda.  I could not refuse a request from Kateri!"

     Mr. Degman, from Oxford, MA who had 19 guests present, wrote, "I didn't really know what to expect.  I have read a lot about Fatima, but, most of the younger people did not know.  I think it made an impression on them, which I hope will last."

     Mrs. Buccelli, from Dudley, MA who had 26 guests present,  wrote concerning the custodians, "the gentlemen were very courteous and polite, it was a pleasure to have them here.  They were Gentlemen!"

     She wrote that she received many good comments from her guests.  She described the statue as beautiful.  She described the scheduling process as, "very accommodating, with good follow up to confirm the visit."

     These comments are a good example of the great devotion that members of America Needs Fatima have.  The first hostess mentioned obviously was tremendously consoled by Our Lady's presence in her home, even though there was great difficulty in getting Our Lady to her home.

     The other hosts made great efforts to spread the Fatima message by having a large number of guests present including young people.  Despite one's greatest efforts it is not always possible to have large numbers of guests, but the effort is so important to Our Lady.  In the two visits mentioned where guests were present, 45 people attended.  That is 45 souls who grew much closer to Our Lady as a result of venerating Her at the home of a friend or a relative.

     Mr. Degman understood the importance of inviting the young. Many of today's youth know nothing about Fatima.  It is not uncommon to run into young people who cannot even pray the Hail Mary, let alone know anything about Fatima.  By inviting young people to your visits, you open up tremendous graces to these young people.

     If you would like to schedule a visit in your own home with a Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima please call toll free at: (888) 460 - 7371.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Inspiring comments from rally captains about their October 10th public square rosary

Here are some more inspiring comments from our rally captains from their October 10th public square rosary:

Elena held her public square rosary in front of Madison Square Garden in New York City. Before the public square rosary began, she was able to teach 3 teenagers who joined her how to pray the rosary. She very wisely wrote, “What matters most is the quality and not quantity of prayers. Prayers that are a total surrender to God’s will, shall never be abandoned. Indeed the prayers of the humble pierce the clouds.” Americans from various backgrounds attended her rally: Koreans, Hispanics, Fillipinos as well as Caucasians.

Jenny from Hopkinsville, Kentucky wrote, “Total attendance was 38 people including three priests!”


In Hawaii Valerie informed us that there were 126 rallies!

George from Canada wrote, “with short notice we had close to 150 attend. There is already much excitement for 2010 and I have five eager participants to form a committee. Canada needs Fatima too!”

Rosary Rallies live on as captains do reparation and peaceful protests in more places

While it seems that the 2009 public square rosaries have ended, they really have not. 

    We receive calls and emails from rally captains who wish to continue with monthly rallies or other activities to confront the evil that is in our culture.

    While not everyone is able to do this, it is very commendable for those who are able to hold monthly public square rosaries, just like the one they held on October 10th. 

    If you are able to do this, it will only increase the reparation to Our Lady for the sins and offenses of men. 

    Besides the public square, consider holding public rallies of reparation in front of abortion clinics, blasphemous art exhibits or movies, or anywhere where reparation can and should be offered.

    Of course the rallies should always be peaceful and legal. 

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hummingbird: precious gem created by God, fleeting glimpse of heavenly happiness

The description of hummingbirds posted below was given by the Brazilian Catholic leader, Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira, on this day exactly 29 years ago, in an informal conversation.

They are a true delight for the soul.


"Once, while on a farm, I saw a humming bird that suddenly stopped in mid-air and started to suck the nectar from some flowers.  It "kissed" the flowers, one by one.

"With flight like the trajectory of an arrow, displaying its pointed little beak, the hummingbird descended and stopped.  So rigid and straight in flight, so shaky when sucking nectar.

"It started off with a series of small movements, flying around the flower, eating its nectar.  In the way it flapped its wings, none of the vibrations were repeated.

"One would almost say the hummingbird was like a musical instrument that always played new tunes, new compositions that characterized the hummingbird style.

"I perceived that the hummingbird had its rules -- rules that I did not know -- and I asked myself when it would stop fluttering about.

"Suddenly, in an unexpected manner, it left the flower.  In this complete breaking off, it seemed as if that flower had never existed for the hummingbird, and without any hesitation, it went to another.

"It is decision itself:  when it is time to chose, there is no hesitation; when it is time to eat, it searches out the nectar; when it is time to go, it abandons and rejects.

"So Brazilian in its movements, the hummingbird does not share our national sentiment of nostalgia.  It abandons the flower without nostalgia, but also without bitterness.   One gets the impression that when it extracts the last drop of nectar, it is free and flies to another place like a rocket.

"Yet all its movements are carried out with ease, lightness, refinement, class, they seem a dance.  In fact, they are more than dance; they are flight.

"Each person can recall to mind, in slow motion, their impressions of when they saw a hummingbird fly by.


"We become enchanted to observe that in the universe of the animals there are two beautiful examples of movement: one is the lion that walks...


"...the other is the hummingbird that flies.  How different they are!   How many beings there are that God created to entertain us!

"The blue-green hummingbird is a precious jewel that God created for man to see, never to hold, and to feel the beauty of the fleeting thing that passes by.  In this valley of tears, it well represents the virtue of hope and our desire for Heaven.

"Divine Providence created in this land of exile several fleeting, excellent beings.  But they would cease to be excellent if they were always around, and so they afford us a glimpse of Heaven. 

"Because this earth, being a place of exile, cannot offer this impression of Heaven on a stable and constant basis.  God had pity on us and sent us "fireflies" from Heaven to flicker with light, thereby giving us a foretaste of heavenly happiness."

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira.


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Asiatischer Löwe (Panthera leo persica) im Tiergarten Nürnberg.Aufgenommen im Jahr 2004, Fotograf: Jochen Ackermann. Mit freundlicher Genemigung durch den Tiergarten Nürnberg zur Verfügung gestellt.


1,536×1,024 (591 KB)
Andrew c (Edit to reduce noise for Image:Archilochus-alexandri-002.jpg and FPC. Black-chinned Hummingbird -- Moab, Utah, USA -- 2006 June)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good news regarding the public square rosary campaign.

    Today we received some very good pieces of news regarding the public square rosary campaign.

    We heard from two volunteers, one from Hawaii,  from a very dynamic rally captain by the name of Mrs. Valerie Elefante.  She volunteered at our office last year, and this year she called from her home.  In her spare time, she also recruited 126 rally captains for Hawaii!  Yes, that's correct, 126 rally captains for one very small state.

Mrs. Velasquez

    We also received correspondence from another volunteer and rally captain who helped out at our office this year, by the name of Mrs. Velasquez from Santa Fe, NM. (photo above) 

    She wrote the following, "Thank you very much for your hospitality and for allowing me to be a part of your team.  I enjoyed working for Our Lady.  The Rosary Rally in Santa Fe was well attended, in fact, it doubled in size from last year."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fans of Military History Books welcome first biography of Marine Corps Legend Colonel John W. Ripley USMC

Spring Grove, PA -- October 21, 2009

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- On October 28, 2008 America mourned his death; On October 28, 2009 America will be given the chance to celebrate and honor his life; “An American Knight: The Life of Colonel John W. Ripley USMC” is now available for purchase online.


With political and public attention once again focused on the sacrifices made by our military in Afghanistan, it’s more important than ever to remember American heroes who set an example for us all.

In this first cradle-to-grave biography of Colonel John W. Ripley, author Norman Fulkerson tells the extraordinary life story of a Marine Corps hero of legendary stature; the selfless leader of combat troops and embodiment of “Semper Fi.”

“If a young officer or Marine ever asks what is the meaning of Semper Fidelis,” Col. Ripley once told a friend, “tell them my story.”

This is his story!

This book has all the right ingredients to inspire and instill a sense of purpose in a generation seeking honor and meaning. Medal of Honor recipient, Colonel Wesley Fox calls it a, “must read for all desiring to be a leader, especially those desiring to lead Marines.” General Carl E. Mundy, 30th Commandant of the Marine Corps, says An American Knight is a “fine book which provides well-deserved tribute to a great man.”

Most people know only John Ripley warrior, now they will know John Ripley the husband, father, mentor and friend.

The book is in pre-launch phase and will be released on October 28, the first year anniversary of this great hero’s death. While America mourns the passing of this Marine Corps legend, An American Knight will allow us all to do as General George Patton counseled, “thank God that such a man lived.”

An American Knight, The Life of Col. John W. Ripley USMC by Norman Fulkerson, American TFP, October 28, 2009, hard cover, ISBN: 978-1-877905-41-4| paper | 218 pp. | 33 Illustrations | $14.95 (+$3.75 P.& H.)

Pre Order at: or call 888-317-5571.

For more information, please write to author Norman Fulkerson at

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Now that the 2009 Public Square Rosary has ended, what now?

    The public square rosary is not an end, but a beginning.  The graces from the public square rosary should inspire us to do more for Our Lady throughout the entire year. These graces can provide us with greater enthusiasm and strength for the next year's rally.  I am sure that those of you who have held rallies since the beginning, felt stronger and more resolute for your rally this year.  In other words, your internal convictions about the importance of the public square rosary became more solid and more focused.

    The public square rosary should inspire us all to do more for Our Lady.  Perhaps we can begin some new actions for Our Lady.  Some may be inspired to hold monthly public square rosaries, some may begin praying the family rosary; some may resolve to pray all of the mysteries of the rosary each day, instead of just five. Some may receive Holy Communion every day, or go to confession more regularly; some may visit the Blessed Sacrament more often, or even make a weekly Holy Hour; some may become more involved in pro-life activities or other apostolates that defend and promote the moral teachings of the Church.  Some of you may even consider traveling as a volunteer to Kansas next summer to help enlist rally captains for 2010.

    Some rally captains may already be performing many of these good acts. If we reflect, all of us can do more for Our Lady.  In order for all of us to take full benefit of the graces of this campaign let us all resolve to do more for Our Lady throughout the year. 

    The public square rosary is not only for the general public, but for us as well.  By acting as rally captains or participants, we are called by Our Lady to grow nearer to Her by our own repentance and by our increased prayer life.  Our Lady gave each rally captain the grace to become a rally captain, and with that grace comes a responsibility.  Our lives as Catholics should correspond to the elite task with which Our Lady has entrusted us.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rally Captain harassed at Rosary Rally

I recently received a phone call from a rally captain in California.  The rally captain was a lady of vietnamese ancestry who came to the United States fleeing communism.

She had been ill leading up to the rally and didn't know if she would be able to hold her rally or not.  She recovered and decided to hold her rally anyway.  She was able to get two friends to accompany her.  She held her rally at a park.  She brought a statue of Our Lady as well as decorations.

Partly through her rally a vicious anti-Catholic man approached and proceeded to shout anti-Catholic slogans as well as blasphemies against Our Lady.

The rally captain, being elderly, just continued with her rally, although she described the scene as unnerving.  The man yelled unceasingly.

Eventually, she called the police.  Three officers showed up.  The man took off.  The rally captains said that the officers were extremely friendly and helpful.  They eventually left presuming that the man would not return.

After the police left, the blasphemer did return, bolder than ever.  The two participants were so afraid that they left.  So, here was an elderly lady all alone confronted by a vicious and bold enemy of the Faith.  She told me that she was erned for her safety,

When she finished she returned home. 

This incident is a good reminder of the gravity of the nature of the struggle between good and evil that exists today.  We have the Abels who are polite and who are good, confronted by the Cains who are rude, coarse and blasphemous.  As evil continues to boldly challenge God, we should confidently draw ever closer to Our Lady.  No power on hell or on earth is a match for Our Lady.  Her angels, when She releases them will confuse and then defeat Her enemies.

Despite everything,the rally captain was extremely appreciative towards America Needs Fatima for holding the rallies and for the opportunity for her to be a rally captain.  By the way this was her third year as a rally captain.

May Our Lady grant all of us the courage to be faithful when confronted by evil, even when it is face to face.

Friday, October 16, 2009

2009 Public Square Rosary Crusade Accomplishes its Goal

On October 10, 2009, 4,337 Rosary Rallies Storm Heaven for the Conversion of America

by Joseph Gallagher

Nobody can argue that the world today is on an ever-increasing decline into utter evil. Vices plague our nation and our nation’s children: abortion, drugs, homosexuality, pornography, euthanasia, an ever increasing shift towards socialism. These sins threaten the moral health of America.

At Fatima in 1917, Our Lady gave the three shepherd children Blessed Jacinta, Francisco, and Lucia a solution, an answer, a master plan, to free us from this seeming bottomless sinkhole: much prayer and penance, especially the Holy Rosary.

And so, it is fitting that on the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, we should honor Our Lady and pray and do public reparation for America’s sins.

On October 10, 2009, the Saturday closest to October 13, the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, 4,337 Rosary Rally captains organized groups to pray the rosary in front of town halls, in busy intersections, in front of malls, and other public locations.

These 4,337 rally captains were joined by tens of thousands of individuals, young and old, who put aside their work to go out and pray in public. Their voices and devotion spread the, simple yet urgent message, “We’re praying for America and we want God and America to know and see it.”


The Public Square Rosary Rallies started in 2007, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions. In 2007, there were 2,107 rallies. In 2008, there were 3,500 rallies. This year, on October 10, the noon sun shone down on 4,337 rosary rallies.

The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property and the America Needs Fatima Campaign is honored to host these rallies.

Rallies are a Public Manifestation of Faith

The rosaries are said, not in the confines of peoples’ homes, but rather in public, for everyone to see and hear, and join if they want to. Why the public square? Due to negative pressure and the declining moral atmosphere in society, religion is increasingly pushed inside. Many Catholics dare not proclaim it publicly, because the secular pressure in society will work to crush every external and public expression of Catholic action.

The Rosary rallies are meant to break the secularist grip on society. To share with the world the fact that we will not tolerate this persecution against the faith, and to declare “Yes, I am a Catholic, and I’m proud to show it.” 

A Nationwide Answer

On October 10, 2009, an estimated 150,000 Catholics went to the Public Square Rosary Rallies in America.

How did all these people come together? America Needs Fatima director Robert Ritchie explained that “each year, the network of rosary rally captains grows.” He sent out an appeal to previous rosary rally captains and other Catholics, and the answer was enthusiastic. After six months of hard work, 4,337 Rosary Rallies were organized and carried out across America.

Countless hours put in by volunteers at the TFP headquarters in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania and at the ANF rally coordination central in Rossville, Kansas, provided the organizational backbone of the work to recruit, guide and organize the 4,337 rally captains, as well as to print, assemble, and ship all of the supplies and banners the Rosary rally captains would need.

The general public was invited to attend the rally nearest them, on the special directory of rally locations posted on the America Needs Fatima website. People were able to access a list of captains, with their phone number and name. Many times there were several rallies, in the same cities. In Las Vegas, for example, there were 19 rosary rallies.

In Honolulu, there were 10 rallies. All of the 50 states of the United States had rallies. I spoke to several of the rally captains on the phone, and they all realized the gravity of the moral situation into which our society has fallen, and they wanted to save America with the rosary rallies.

One of the rally captains, Ethel Finley from Honolulu, put it this way: “The rosaries would be prayed for the United States of America; that America would keep its head held high.”

Others stated their reasons. Mrs. Glorina Carr said: “I will be praying for the President, because he needs them more than anything else.” Others explained that they would be praying in order to save their states from same-sex “marriage” and other public sins.

Amid the Agitation of New York City

American TFP members carried out a rosary rally in front of the Rockefeller Center right across from St. Patrick’s Cathedral, in Manhattan on 5th Avenue. The event was graced with a statue of Our Lady of Fatima carried by an escort of TFP members in ceremonial garb. The schedule of events included the rosary, hymns, and other prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

America Needs Fatima Director Robert Ritchie reminded the participants that the prayers of 4,337 rallies were being presented before Our Lord and Our Lady to console them for the great sins that have been perpetrated against them in today’s secularized, modern, and ungodly society.

Mr. Ritchie especially declared the need for reparation for the blasphemous “relational Rosary,” an immoral parody of the real rosary, but all the mysteries, represented a vice or other action that had a special significance for homosexuals. For example: Lazarus being called out of the tomb, for them symbolizes “coming out of the closet.” This is a grave offence and an enormous insult to Our Lady’s prayer, the Holy Rosary.

Noteworthy Rallies

The Rosary Rallies attracted about 30 people per rally on average. However, some rallies far exceeded 30, and some others are notably smaller. The age of the attendees ranged anywhere from 0 to 95!

At Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, 300 people prayed the Rosary and sung hymns in honor of the Blessed Mother.

On the street, in front of the St. Francis de Sales Oratory in St. Louis, over 100 people attended the Rosary Rally including three canons. The rally captain writes, “The day began with Holy Mass, offered at a special time (11:00AM) thanks to Canon Wiener. Afterward the Rally started off with a blessing from Canon Apple, who was in attendance with Canon Wiener, and all of the residents of the Rectory.”

A rally captain in Rochester, New York reports, “The public square rosary went very well...there were about  25-30 people. The day was  splendid...the rosary was prayed in  English,  Spanish and Italian.”

Forty-five people attended the rosary rally in Canton, Ohio.

In El Cajon, California: 45 people attended as well as a priest that was recovering from an operation but still wished to attend.

A rally captain in Rochester, New York reports, “Three of us endured rain and cold, by God's grace. The rain stopped as we finished, and OUR Lady dried the banner for us. We looked at the rain drops as Mary's tears for all the offenses against her Son.”

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on the steps of the Capitol, parishioners of the local Tridentine Latin Mass participated in a rally. They were aided by the Knights of Columbus Honor Guard, and the TFP-staffed St. Louis de Montfort Academy located in Herndon, PA.

In addition, in Canada, there was a rosary rally held. Calling themselves Canada Needs Fatima (owing to their location), the captain announced how they had heard about the America Needs Fatima Rosary Rallies, and decided that the rosary was important enough to do there in Canada.

People in other countries around the world, wrote to America Needs Fatima to say they prayed the Rosary at the same time the 4,337 rallies were being held in the USA.

Facing Obstacles

Because Our Lady favors those who pray Her Rosary, the devil loves to plague those persons and make things difficult for them.

Emile Gelinas from Manchester, New Hampshire told of the difficulties he faced during his rally. “It was the coldest day yet this year and it was extremely windy,” he said. “We had to tie our banner down so it wouldn’t blow away.” But he also informed America Needs Fatima Volunteers that the rally participants had all received ill-willed emails attacking TFP and telling people not to attend the rallies.

The devil does not want the Public Square Rosaries to succeed.  Throughout the campaign our volunteer office had been plagued with computer problems, shipping problems with the banners, and phone problems.  The few weeks before the Rally were particularly trying.  One of our key people with the campaign went home ill several days before the rally. The phone system was been acting up all week and our very skilled technician had not been able to repair it.  Our internet system had been down as well.  According to the provider it had been out in our whole area.

The devil understands fully well the importance of this campaign, so he will stop at nothing to cause irritations and difficulties.  In Colorado Springs, Colorado, as well as in many other regions, temperatures hit a record low for the year and in some cases in decades. The perseverance of the rally goers, however, is a testimony of their strong devotion to Our Lady. Many people also endured snow, sleet and freezing drizzle.

Being Public

The most salient characteristic of the Rosary Rally is the fact that it is public. And contrary to what it might seem, rally goers were not daunted by the peer pressure. They marched proudly to their respective rallying points and proceeded to publicly profess their faith, each one deriving a special satisfaction in doing so.

“There were only the usual one or two motorists who didn’t like it and spoke in ‘sign language’ or shouted some sort of abuse,” said Timm Reese. “Others who passed the rally blessed themselves.”

Mr. Michael Jordan, recounts his methods of attracting attendees saying, “In reality, a rally captain needs to contact people at churches, barbershop, supermarket or any place that is frequented by many people, and that is what gets the word out.”

Thinking back to his last Rosary Rally in 2008, he recalls that, “Many of the people that had joined my rally last year, started their own rally this year. And that’s really what we are looking for: other people to take the torch that is being handed to them, so they can pass it on, spreading its light.”

Going Back to God

The main theme of the Rosary Rallies was, “save America through prayer,” which was very important.

Because of our sins, and fallen nature, we are unable to do small things, much less anything great, by ourselves. So, when we pray and acknowledge our nothingness, Divine Providence comes to our aid.

With the aid of Providence, the Rosary, a simple and beautiful prayer becomes an occasion for Catholics to unite publicly, to pray for America and to seek Our Lord’s and Our Lady’s intervention to save America.

Some conversions and the renewal of hope and faith in many souls is the immediate, tangible result of the rallies. As for the medium and long term effects of the rallies, we trust they will change the course of our nation, from sin and rebellion to fidelity to God’s Holy Laws. These prayers have consequences on many levels, the most important being their weight before the Throne of Almighty God for the future of the nation.

The urgent message of conversion given by Our Lady at Fatima is evidently a message intended for the conversion of the entire world, not just Catholics.  In this sense, the Public Square Rosary Crusade accomplished its goal of making the Fatima message known to the countless people who saw the 4,337 rallies all across the nation and the world.

The tens of thousands who participated in the rosary rallies on Saturday, October 10, “stormed Heaven” with their prayers in the form of hundreds of thousands of Rosaries, which they asked Our Blessed Mother to present to God to beg the return of His blessings for America.

God will not refuse the prayers of so many ardent souls whose only desire is to rush the coming of the glorious day when Our Lady will fulfill the promise She gave the three children at the Cova da Iria in 1917:

“Finally, My Immaculate Heart will triumph!”

Your roses for Our Lady were delivered to Fatima, Portugal

Over 4,300 red roses honoring rally captains, and over 1,500 white roses honoring rally sponsors were delivered to Fatima on October 13th.  Those who delivered the roses prayed for the intentions of each person who made the rallies possible.

All those who participated in the Public Rosary Rallies were remembered in a special way at Fatima.

On October 13, just two days after Our Lady received 4,337 spiritual roses in the form of Public Square Rosary Rallies across the country, the same number of red roses we represented at her shrine in Fatima.

The rallies were a special project of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property and its America Needs Fatima campaign.

A special delegation of campaign members went to Fatima on October 13, the 92nd anniversary of the miracle of the sun to deliver the roses.

The shrine was filled with pilgrims on this special day and several of these pilgrims helped the five-member delegation deliver the roses.

Felipe Barandiaran, the Spanish correspondent for Crusade Magazine prepared the roses the day before and arranged the logistics to deliver so many fresh roses on at one time.

Together with the red roses, the delegation unfurled a large banner with the names of the 4,337 Rosary Rally Captains. In additions, they delivered some 1,500 white roses to Our Lady of Fatima on behalf of those whose helped support financially to this year's Public Square Rosary Rallies.

This offering closed with prayers for each of the Rosary Captains and all those who help in the preparations for the 2010 Public Square Rosary Rallies.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Birthday celebration for long time TFP and America Needs Fatima supporter, Mrs. Olivia Hall.

Today is the feast of St. Teresa of Avila.   It is also the 65th birthday of third order Carmelite and long time TFP and America Needs Fatima supporter, Mrs. Olivia Hall.

Mrs. Hall's 65 Birthday 004

    Mrs. Hall has been a supporter of the TFP and America Needs Fatima since 1982, that is, 27 years.  She has been employed with our America Needs Fatima office in Kansas, since the beginning of its existence.

Mrs. Hall's 65 Birthday 005

    Despite all of the trials that one can experience being involved with a non-profit organization, Mrs. Hall has been a dedicated and faithful employee.  She has devoted years of her life to this magnificent cause.

    As a third order Carmelite, she is also intensely devoted to Our Lady.

    She has no intentions of retiring.

    Mrs. Hall is the only Spanish speaking person in our office.  She has communicated with thousands of Spanish speakers over the years.  We don't know what we would do without her.

Mrs. Hall's 65 Birthday 009

    Mrs. Hall moved to Kansas in the early 80's from California and has been involved with our organization soon after she arrived in Kansas.  Her son David, is a full-time member and volunteer of the American TFP.

Mrs. Hall's 65 Birthday 007

    Mrs. Hall was surprised today by fellow staff members and friends with a bouquet of roses, a beautiful crystal basket and a delightful luncheon.  The area where lunch was served was nicely decorated so that an appropriate ambience could be created for such a momentous occasion.

    Please remember Mrs. Hall in your communions and prayers today.  May Our Lady grant her many more years of service in Her cause.

Rally Captains Overcome Trials to Prove Love for Our Lady

This year's public square rosary rally was a trial for some rally captains. 


Why?  Because of the sudden cold weather which lessened attendance at some rallies.


    Do not be discouraged!   Those who braved the cold, the freezing rain, the snow and the diminished turnout, have proven to Our Lady that their love for Her is greater than their own comfort.

    Our Lady looks for souls who lover Her more than anything, not those who lover Her only when things go well.  She looks for those who join Her in suffering the passion of these wicked times. 

    Of course there were participants who had legitimate health concerns that made it too dangerous for them to be out, but in those cases we learn that they prayed their rosaries in union with us in their homes at 12:00 noon.

    Our Lady puts us through trials to see if our love for Her is authentic and deep, or only mediocre or even superficial.  To brave the bad weather was one way of showing the depths of fidelity to Our Lady.

    If you haven't read the account of Gedeon in the Old Testament, I highly recommend reading it.  Our Lord wanted to show Israel that it was His power that brought the Israelites victory and not theirs.  To prove this he reduced the number of soldiers to just 300, a handful compared to the enemy.  Of course you can guess the ending since God's word is always true.  The 300 Israelites defeated the enemy even though there were thousands of them.

    Our Lady as the Mediatrix of All Graces wishes to do the same with us.  She wants us to see what Her grace can do with the petitions of smaller numbers.  Just as Israel was saved by the 300, so also can Christian Civilization be restored by the thousands compared to millions in our country.

    If you would like to read about Gedeon it is in Judges, Chapter 7.

Our Lady answers rally captains prayer after he does 4th monthly rosary rally

Dear Mr. Ritchie:

Back in August, you had suggested that since we were having tremendous financial difficulties and no luck landing a job, I should do a monthly rosary rally and, as one of the intentions, ask to obtain employment and a solution to our financial woes.

So we started doing the monthly rosary rally.   The national rally on October 10 was our fourth rally.  

We were undergoing enormous stress due to dwindling savings and lack of side jobs to keep us going.

Plus, my wife has been struggling to build a home based business selling a unique nutritional product so that we could eventually be freed up to dedicate more energies to Our Lady.

I would help her as time permitted, but we are far from relief.  I for example had been doing and re-doing my resumé and sending it out to a variety of job websites with no response.

Jobs were just not available and California has broken its own record for unemployment with a whopping 12.6% as of last month.

It could even be more by now.  On Thursday the 8th of October (that’s 2 times four-LOL!), I found a website listing teaching positions for a college needing a person to teach motor controls and PLC automation.

The listing said the position was available in San Bernardino but I didn’t know of any such school until I took a closer look that day and discovered the name of it.

So I got the name and phone number off the Google search engine and gave them a call asking about the position.  They connected me to the department and I left a message for the dept. director to call me.  He called me the very next morning at 7am sharp to come for an interview that very morning.

I went in and took a liking to the guy (and probably he to me) right away as he was a down to earth old school type that wasn’t tied down to conventions of bureaucratic style nonsense interviews.

Rather he was the type that sized you up and could tell right away if you were legit.  He himself had been in construction for forty years starting as a plumber and working into electrical later on. He told me to get an application packet and fill it out as soon as possible, which I did without wasting any time and had it back on his desk next day Friday the 9th of Oct.

On  Monday the 12th after the rally he called back to get my email address and said ok your in the system which meant my employment process was under way and as soon as they had completed the background check I would go in for an interview with the President of the college and then start my position.

I could not have asked for a better situation.  It was exactly the kind of position I wanted where I could apply all the knowledge and skills acquired over many years and the place is just 5 or 10 minutes from home.

Also it is a position with a certain challenge which I like.  The challenge is that a good number of the students are parolees and ex-convicts who don’t even want to be there but have to be there in order to keep their parole status regular.

Don’t ask me how they get the funding as it costs $18,000 per student for the electrical course. For some of these fellows there may certainly be reform, for others no, but I will enjoy the apostolate nonetheless of both educating them and trying to uplift their spirits so that they develop an interest in life and possibly even come to the Catholic faith.

So therefore, I am grateful to Our Lady for a handsomely generous answer to prayer.

T.R. Rally Captain in San Bernadino, CA

Hialeah rosary rally, special graces received

This is Hialeah busiest intersection: 103 St. and W. 16 Ave.


Notice the empty chair.  My wife did not sit during the entire rally although she suffers from bad arthritis, and, normally needs to sit down during these type of events.


But Our Lady gave Olivia courage and strength to pray the Holy Rosary standing up for close to one hour.


There were 12 attendees, including a family that was on their way to the rally in West Chester Miami, about 12 miles to the south, but decided to come to this rally instead to save time and beat the traffic.

Sergio, Rally Captain in Miami

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Florida Captains score big in this year's Rosary rallies

Dear Robert,

Here's the pictures one of our dedicated members of our prayer group, J. Coplan took at our first Rosary Rally. 


We just got our feet wet but next year we will do more to attract more people to join us. 

We all felt blessed to be a part of such a great rally.  Thanks for the opportunity to pray for  our country.


Love and God's richest blessing on you and your organization, Nancy M.

PS -- Message from J. Copland:

I wanted to share the couple of pictures I took of our group "Praying for America"

What wonderful experience it was and so great to be there.  I think of all the prayers that might have been said by people just seeing us there!

How great it was to have Ron and Dave there to pray with us.

Let's start planning for next year to do it again next year!

God bless you Nancy for getting this off the ground! 

Bless bless all our you!



In Hialeah, Fl. (Miami) we were 7 persons, with me and my wife.

We do not have any photos yet, since the photos were taken by another person, and he did not send to me yet.

But it was fabulous, and great!  The signs were in English and Spanish.    


F.G and wife


A report on our Rosary Rally here in Lake City,Fl. We had 30 people.  Everything went very nicely.

It was the first time for every one here and I am hopeful that each one is committed on returning next year.

Thank you and God bless you.
J. W., Rally Captain


Approximately 50 in attendance in a light rain on Saturday which was also the day of the #1 and #4 football teams competition in Baton Rouge.




Hi, my name is Karen K. and I was the captain in central Florida.

We decided to have the Rosary said at  Phillippe Park in Safety Harbor ..We said it next to the boat dock where boats and people came and went loading and unloading their boats.  There were also a few jet skiers. 

We are all from the St. Petersburg/ Pinellas Park area.  There were 18 people present plus 2 children. 20 in all. Some people preferred not to be in the picture.  I am the one on the left side squatting holding up the banner. 

We put up blue balloons on 3 trees since Mary usually wears blue.  We started about 12:05 and it was raining before we had started.  We all had our umbrellas up.  When we started the Rosary the rain stopped (after we were soaked ). 

Then we all had lunch and after we finished lunch it decided to rain again.  We just said to each other "well it decided to rain just like it did in 1917. " The cute little lady in the blue chair in the center behind the word "PRAYING" is 95 years young.

We had a fantastic time and have decided to do this every few months since we enjoyed ourselves so much.  I am looking forward to next year in "Keeping Fatima Alive". 

Attached are 2 pictures.  The third one came out blurry so I deleted it.


From East to West, Rally Captains send in reports and photos

This is L. C., from Edenton North Carolina, and I have been unable to upload my photos.


The banner went up on 10/3/09 for the Peanut Parade.


Rally Day - All smiles, even though a thunder storm was predicted.  We were blessed with rain drops from heaven. 



Robert Ritchie,

We did our Rosary Rally exactly what has been instructed.  We had ours at the corner of Norfolk and 3rd Avenue, at San Mateo, CA.   There were 13 of us, some  Filipinos, Tongans, Spanish and Anglo.

We took pictures, but I will send them later, I have to get it from our photographer.   We felt so good after that.  Even one young lady waited till we finish and she approached us with her Bible reading the Ten Commandments.  We just ignored her.

Thank you so much.

O. P.


Hi Robert,

Thanks so much for al you did to organize this Rosary rally event! I know that Our Lady is blessing you and all involved in America Needs Fatima with an abundance of graces.

I want to let you know how our Rosary Rally went.

It was raining on Saturday morning and I only expected me and the person who said they would lead the Rosary to come my surprise...the rain stopped at noon and it cleared  up the rest of the day and about 20 people joined me in praying the  Rosary from noon to 1 o'clock.

We followed the pamphlet that you provided on your website and we ended with the song Hail Holy Queen while processing with the Our Lady of Fatima statue. 

I used my same homemade signs from the last 2 years which focus on praying the Rosary, converting your heart and bringing peace to the world. 

But other people brought their signs related to abortion and Obama.  I really did not want this message to be a part of the Rosary Rally but I also did not know want to hurt the feelings of the person who brought these signs and the people who were holding them. 

I wonder  how I can avoid these signs from being used in future Fatima Rosary Rally's.  DO you have any suggestions?

I also am very thankful for the 2 posters that you sent me in the mail.  You are very generous and they came just in time! :)

I love the fact that the American flag was on the background of these posters.    I think it is important to pray for everyone in the WORLD and not just people in America, so I mentioned the request to convert everyone in the world when I recited the Rosary intentions.

God bless & thanks again for all you do!
Yours truly in the hearts of Jesus and Our Blessed Mother,
S. :)


Dear Mr. Ritchie,

I wish to thank Our Lord, Our Blessed Mother and you for the opportunity to serve Our Lady in such a lovely way. 


With the help of T. R., the Rosary turned out to be a great blessing for all who attended. 


May God continue to increase the love of His Mother in many hearts through the rosary. 


The pictures I am sending were taken at our Saturday Rosary Rally.  


May Our Lord and his beautiful Mother bless you always.

A.H., Rally Captain

Rosary Rally in Kalamazoo, Michigan


To the Rosary Rally Organizers,

     Enclosed are photos of the Public Square Rosary Rally held today in Kalamazoo, MI, at the corner of South Westnedge Avenue and Kilgore Road.  


      It was a cool but pleasant day.   We had 3 priests in attendance and 15-18 rally supporters.   There was another rally across town in front of the local Planned Parenthood facility.  


      My guess is theirs had a larger attendance based on the feedback I received when I invited prospective attendees.    If you have any further questions feel free to contact me.


P. M,  Kalamazoo, MI    49008

Rally captain from El Cajon, Ca, sends report, pictures

Dear Robert Ritchie,

This is a little note I sent to those who attending our Public Square Rosary. 


My friend who took the photos e-mailed them to me and I sent them on to the others.  There are many photos in the attachments.  I also sent you a little story (read below) about our experience as you requested on your request site. These photos go with that story.


Thank you for organizing this nationally.  You are very special to  Our Lady!

God bless you.

P. H. ( Rosary Captain  for St. Ephrems in El Cajon, Ca.)

Subject: Fw: Rosary Rally Pics


Hello to all you courageous, faithful prayer warriors who attended a Public Square Rosary Rally today.  Your love for God and your country was manifested and I'm sure Our Lord and Our Lady are well pleased.


I just wanted to say a special thanks to those who attended the rosary rally at St. Ephrem, Mother of Life Shrine today.  We had about 45  prayerful participants.  Thank you to all who pitched in to make this event so blessed.  


Fr. Nabil gave us encouraging words, led us in the Litany to the Blessed Mother and in the Rosary at the Shrine and at the busy intersection of Navajo and the I-125. Please keep Father in your prayers, as he is recovering from an operation. Although still weak, he wanted to be there with us today, leading his flock.  A big thank you to father and God bless him and heal him.


Thank you also to Deacon George Ghosen and Deacon Treadwell who also took part in leading the Rosaries.

Thank you to Mary Hills who did a wonderful job photographing the event and to Zeina (happy birthday) and David Tovey who led us in the lovely Marian hymns.

Thank you to all of you who participated in carrying the beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima and the banner carriers who let the public know why we were there.  Thank you to Elizabeth Crucitt and granddaughter Carol Ann who served refreshments and Kathy Kane who helped with the programs.  Thanks to all of you  who took the effort to invite others to come.

Although events in the secular world can look quite discouraging, all the prayed rosaries of this day has surely advanced the Kingdom of God in the spiritual battle before us.

There was interest expressed, that with the upcoming election in 2010,  and with the continuing moral crisis, that the public praying of the rosary for America once a month (on a smaller scale than what we did today), would be one of the most valuable things we could do for our country and our families during these troubled times.

We would schedule the Rosary for the Saturday afternoon closest to the 13th of the Month, to honor Our Lady of Fatima.  Please let me know your thoughts on this.


P. H. ( St. Ephrem Sanctity of Life Group)