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True Sanctity Lies in Strength of Soul and Not in Sentimental Softness


by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

The Church teaches that true and complete sanctity is the heroism of virtue. The honor of the altars is not granted to weak, hypersensitive souls that flee from profound thoughts, from acute suffering, from the fight, in short, from the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mindful of the words of Her Divine Founder, “the kingdom of heaven belongs to the violent,” the Church canonizes only those who, in life, authentically fought the good fight, those who plucked out their own eye or cut off their own foot when it caused scandal, and sacrificed everything to follow only Our Lord Jesus Christ.

In reality, sanctification entails the greatest heroism, for it presupposes not only the firm and serious resolution to sacrifice life itself if need be to remain faithful to Jesus Christ, but even to live a prolonged existence on earth if God so desires, constantly renouncing everything most dear in order to adhere only to the divine will.

St. ThereseA certain iconography, unfortunately much in use, presents the saints quite differently: they appear soft, sentimental, with neither personality nor strength of character, incapable of serious, solid and coherent ideas; they seem to be souls guided only by their emotions and, therefore, totally unsuited for the great fights that always accompany earthly life.

The figure of Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus was especially deformed by bad iconography. Roses, smiles, inconsistent sentimentality, a soft life free of cares, a person with bones of rock candy and blood of honey — this is the idea they would like us to have of that great, that incomparable saint.

Saint Therese
How all this differs from her true spirit — vast and profound like the firmament, shining and burning like the sun, yet so humble and so filial — which one finds upon reading her autobiography, The Story of a Soul.

Our two pictures represent, so to speak, two different and even opposite “Theresas.”

In the first, there is nothing heroic; this is insignificant, superficial and perfumed Theresa imagined by romantic and sentimental iconography. The second is authentic Theresa, photographed on June 7, 1897, shortly before her death on September 30 of the same year.

Her countenance is marked by the deep peace earned by great and irrevocable renunciations. Her features have a definition, a strength and a harmony possessed only by souls with an iron logic. Her gaze bespeaks tremendous sufferings in the deepest recesses of the soul yet, at the same time, reveals the fire and courage of a heroic soul, determined to advance cost it may.

Holy Shroud of Turin

Full length negative of the Holy Shroud of Turin

Contemplating this physiognomy, strong and profound as only the grace of God can make a human soul, one thinks of another Face: that of the Holy Shroud of Turin, which no man could have imagined and perhaps none dare describe. Between the Face of Our Dead Lord, which has a peace, a strength, a profundity and a sorrow that human words cannot express, and the face of Saint Theresa, there is an imponderable yet very real similarity. And why should it be thought surprising that the Holy Face impressed something of Itself on the face and the soul of one who in religious life called herself Theresa of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face?

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September 26 – Fr. Frederick William Faber

Fr Faber as a young manFr Faber as a young man

Oratorian and devotional writer, b. 28 June, 1814, at Calverley, Yorkshire, England; d. in London, 26 Sept., 1863. After five years at Harrow School he matriculated at Balliol in 1832, became a scholar at University College in 1834, and a fellow of that College in 1837.

Of Huguenot descent Faber was divided in his university days between a tendency to Calvinism, in the form of individual pietism, and the Church theory then being advocated by Newman. Eventually the latter triumphed, and Faber threw himself unreservedly into the Tractarian movement and cooperated in the translation of the works of the Fathers then in progress.

He received Anglican ordination in 1839, and took work as a tutor, till, in 1843, he was appointed Rector of Elton, Northamptonshire. During the years 1839-1843 Faber made two continental tours, and his letters give strikingly poetic descriptions of the scenes he visited; they glow with enthusiasm for Catholic rites and devotion. On his return to Elton in 1844, he established the practice of confessions, preached Catholic doctrine, and wrote the life of St. Wilfrid, openly advocating the claims and supremacy of Rome.

Fr. Frederick William FaberIn October 1845, Newman was received into the Church at Littlemore; in November, Faber was also received by Bishop Waring, at Northampton. In 1846, Faber established a religious community, the “Brothers of the Will of God” or “Wilfridians,” as they were called from St. Wilfrid, their patron, at Cotton Hall, near Cheadle, Staffordshire, the gift of the Earl of Shrewsbury. In 1847 Faber was ordained priest and with his zealous community, now forty in number, converted the whole parish, except “the parson, the pew-opener, and two drunken men.”

In 1848, Newman arrived from Rome with his new congregation of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri, and established himself at Old Oscott, Birmingham, then renamed Maryvale. With singular disinterestedness, Faber placed himself under Newman as a simple novice, taking with him all his community who were willing to follow his example. In 1849 he was sent by Newman to found the Oratory at King William Street, London, and was appointed its superior.

In the poor chapel there, once a tavern, Faber laid the foundation of his future works. Poor schools, nightly services, and sermons with hymns and processions of the Blessed Sacrament, till then unknown, formed its chief characteristics. Faber’s hymns, composed especially for these services, display a combination of accurate theological doctrine, fervent devotion, musical rhythm, and true poetic talent. As a preacher he was remarkable for his delivery, choice of expression, absence of gesticulation, and personal exhortations of surprising force.

Fr. Frederick William Faber

In 1847 Faber began the publication of “Lives of the Modern Saints,” not as biographies, but as showing the growth of sanctity under the operation of grace and the supernatural perfection attained. The series of forty-nine Lives supplied a great want of the time and, after some opposition, met with full approbation. His knowledge of the spiritual life and the extent of his theological and ascetic reading were seen in the eight works that now came from his pen: “All for Jesus”, 1853; “Growth in Holiness”, 1854; “The Blessed Sacrament”, 1855; “The Creator and the Creature”, 1858; “The Foot of the Cross”, 1858; “Spiritual Conferences”, 1859; “The Precious Blood”, 1860; “Bethlehem”, 1860.

The many foreign translations of these works, their circulation now maintained for more than fifty years, their constant quotation by spiritual writers, have raised their author to the rank of a master in mystical theology. He wrote also two volumes of “Notes on Doctrinal Subjects” (1866), giving the skeleton of various sermons and of two projected works, “Calvary” and “The Holy Ghost.” A volume of poems, various essays, and other minor works are also from his pen. The fascination and grace of his presence rendered him personally attractive, while as confessor his sympathy with souls in trouble, his spiritual insight, and his supernatural unworldliness, gave to his counsel a lifelong point and force.

Fr. Frederick William FaberThe Oratory removed to South Kensington in 1854, and there Faber spent the remaining nine years of his life, occupied primarily in establishing his community on the strict observance of St. Philip’s Institute, being convinced that fidelity to its Roman model was its one vital principle.

The sacraments, prayer, including the reverent performance of the ecclesiastical functions, and the daily Word of God were St. Philip’s weapons, and Faber would never engage in other external works, however good. Unswerving loyalty to the Holy See was his watchword, and devotion to the Mother of God was for him the safeguard of faith and the source and support of true piety.

BOWDEN, The Life and Letters of Frederick William Faber, 2nd ed. (London, 1888); FABER, A Brief Sketch of the Early Life of F. W. Faber (London, 1869); Civilta Cattolica (Rome, 3 and 13 Aug., 1872), tr. (London, 1872); Catholic World, X, 145; III, 287; GILLOW, Bibl. Dict. of Eng. Cath., II, 207-219.

Henry S. Bowden (Catholic Encyclopedia)

STOP P*** Christ --

(Please read with caution. This is very disturbing.)

Our Lord Crucified Is Publicly Mocked Before The Whole World…in an “artist’s” urine!

Send Your Instant E-PROTEST Message NOW

I’m deeply pained to tell you that Our Lord Jesus Christ is again blasphemed.

This time, an art museum in Corsica is hosting the notorious “P*** Christ!” by Andres Serrano.

“P*** Christ!” is a photo of a beautiful crucifix immersed in the artist’s urine - - - and it’s being hosted by a famous art gallery.


Defend Our Lord’s Honor

In previous showings of “P*** Christ!” in New York City, a gallery’s curator, Walter Robinson, according to The Huffington Post, seemed to admire Serrano’s audacity:

“When it comes to the global stage of the spectacle, many are called but few are chosen, but those who are [chosen], like Serrano…are to be admired.”

You and I cannot sit by idly and do nothing about this awful blasphemy!  We must do reparation and lift up our voices in peaceful and prayerful protest.

The silence and indifference of Catholics serves only to encourage the promoters of blasphemy to push their agenda.

Send the gallery your instant e-protest message.

And why so many blasphemies?

I don’t have all the answers, but we cannot allow this to shake the deep love and veneration you and I have for Our Sweet Savior, Jesus.

You and I must strive to increase our love for Our Lord by protesting blasphemy with ever-greater zeal and increasing our acts of reparation!

I’m sure you agree that we must rise to this occasion and protest, with all our hearts.

We must show Jesus that we care, and that we love Him, our Redeemer, and that we will defend His honor no matter how many times He is attacked and insulted.

And our prayerful protest and reparation is the only way of showing our gratitude and our only hope of redeeming ourselves.

That is why I am urging you to speak out, and to:

Send the gallery your instant e-protest message.

God does not need our help to defend His honor, but He does require our love for Him be made manifest.

This high-profile, blasphemous presentation of Our Lord’s holocaust on His cross, plunged in the artist’s own urine is being exhibited at the Le musée Fesch in Ajaccio, Corsica.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to…

Show your love for Jesus…please join in this peaceful and prayerful protest.

Teacher fired for protesting Planned Parenthood files $390K lawsuit

Kirsten Andersen Kirsten Andersen www.LifeSiteNews.com

A pro-life teacher who was fired from his job at a Portland high school after protesting Planned Parenthood is now suing the school district for wrongful termination.

Bill Diss, who worked for eleven years as a math teacher at Benson High School, was escorted off campus in 2013 by a police officer and told not to return.  The school board later voted to fire him.  Diss alleges he was targeted by pro-abortion administrators for his pro-life views, and that his firing was the culmination of six years of progressively increasing tension over the matter.

After five years of positive reviews by administrators, Diss’ relationship with school officials began to deteriorate in 2007, when he protested the proposed opening of a Planned Parenthood headquarters in Portland.  Although the protests happened on his own time, away from school grounds, administrators confronted him after seeing him on television speaking out against the pro-abortion group.

“As the attention mounted, [Diss] was summoned for questioning by Benson High School administrators,” the lawsuit reads. “He was interrogated about his activities by the principal and by an attorney for the District. The activities in question occurred on his own time, not at school, nonetheless he was specifically instructed not to mention the fact that he was a teacher or where he worked when making public statements.”

Five years later, things took a turn for the worse when school officials tried to force Diss to allow Planned Parenthood to make a presentation to his class.  In late 2012, presenters with the Teen Outreach Program (TOP) – a teen pregnancy prevention program run by Planned Parenthood and funded by a federal government grant – showed up at Diss’ classroom unannounced to give a recruitment pitch to students.  No one had told Diss they were coming, so he followed district policy and requested identification.

When the presenters identified themselves as employees of Planned Parenthood, Diss was surprised and upset. At first, he refused them access, but Principal Carol Campbell demanded they be let in, and told him that the organization would be visiting his classroom throughout the year. Diss, a Roman Catholic, felt that he could not in good conscience participate in these presentations, during which students would discuss their sexual activities and methods of contraception.  He asked to be excused, but Campbell denied his request and told him he had to stay and “facilitate [Planned Parenthood’s] interactions with students,” according to the suit.

“Because (Diss) expressed his opposition to the activities of Planned Parenthood at Benson High School, he became a target of” the administration, the suit reads. “They launched a full-scale assault on the plaintiff as a teacher. He was observed and evaluated on the most minute aspects of his teaching.”  He was ordered to stop drilling deficient students on their multiplication tables and factors, calling it “repetitive,” and one administrator demanded he stop using the words “God Bless” in all of his communications with staff, students and parents.

He was later accused of “unprofessional, intimidating and/or harassing behavior” by school officials over comments students said he made in opposition to Planned Parenthood, including his assertion that “they kill over a million babies every three years.” It was this allegation that district officials would ultimately use to justify his firing.

Diss is seeking $90,000 in backpay and benefits, and an additional $300,000 for emotional distress.  He is being represented by attorney Rebekah Millard of the Life Legal Defense Foundation.

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Catholics Once Again Rise Up to Defend Our Lord In The Public Square

Once again the devil has shown his ugly face in the public square.

This time it happened in Oklahoma City. A blasphemous Satanic Black Mass was held on September 21st at the Oklahoma City Civic Center. Even though more than 200,000 people signed online petitions demanding the cancellation of the blasphemy, the public affront to God and the Satanic Black Mass went on as scheduled.

A Black Mass is a parody of the Catholic Mass performed by Satanists as a way of rejecting Christ and His Church. Unspeakable acts are done to a host (in this case reportedly unconsecrated) including stomping upon it.

On the one side, less then twenty people appeared for the Black Mass event inside the center. However, outside the center, there was a massive outpouring of public disapproval. Hundreds of outraged Catholics gathered outside of the Civic Center to pray the rosary and offer reparation to Our Lord.

The Catholic response to the Black Mass began when thousands of Catholics gathered at 3 p.m. for a Holy Hour and Eucharistic procession at St. Francis of Assisi Church, a few blocks from the Civic Center. The church, gymnasium and recreation center were so full that hundreds were forced to stand outside.

At 5 p.m., the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) held its own public act of reparation outside the Civic Center with a procession of a statue of Our Lady of Fatima carried by TFP members in their ceremonial habit.

While Our Lady took her place at the front of the manifestation facing the Civic Center, the crowd and bagpipes intoned the Marian hymn, “Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above.”

As a public act of reparation progressed, people arrived until some 600-700 Catholics stood before the site of the blasphemy. Rosaries, litanies, slogans and fervent prayers were offered up. Bishop Carl A. Kemme of Witchita, Kansas arrived and led the sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary and gave the crowd his blessing, thus fortifying them to bear witness to their Catholic Faith.

Opposition was to be expected. However, the number of the Black Mass’ supporters was insignificant in comparison to the hundreds gathered in defense of the Faith. Some anarchists held signs in favor of no religion, atheism or “equality.” Some rock-ribbed Protestants appeared and quite loudly condemned both the Satanists and the Catholics.

These seemed more inflamed by the Catholics' devotion to Our Lady than the blasphemy that was being perpetrated in the basement of the Civic Center. Such opposition however, did not deter the Catholics, but rather it strengthened their combative, serious, and resolute attitude.

Catholic response to the Black Mass in front of Civic Center.

The public act of reparation finished at 7 p.m., with the song, “Holy God We Praise Thy Name,” as Our Lady was escorted away from the civic center. Shortly before, there appeared a bright and beautiful rainbow in the sky, as if it were a smile from Our Lady to her faithful children. One Oklahoman enthusiastically stated, “Every Catholic Oklahoman should be present at this event!”

Although the act of reparation ended, the battle continues. Catholics must never cease to show their indignation in a peaceful and legal manner. While there are those who persist in defaming and blaspheming Our Lord publicly in such vile ways, there must always be faithful Catholics who rise up and defend Him.

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September 24 is the feast of Our Lady of Mercy

Feast of Our Lady of Ransom (also Our Lady of Mercy).  24 September commemorates the foundation of the Mercedarians.

Our Lady of Mercy, General of the Ecuadorian Armed Forces. This statue is in Quito, Ecuador.

Our Lady of Mercy, General of the Ecuadorian Armed Forces. This statue is in Quito, Ecuador.

[The most current historical dates and facts can be found in the Mercedarian history book, available here: http://orderofmercy.org/charism/survey/ ]

On 10 August, 1223, the Mercedarian Order was legally constituted at Barcelona by King James of Aragon and was approved by Gregory IX on 17 January, 1235. The Mercedarians celebrated their institution on the Sunday nearest to 1 Aug. (on which date in the year 1233 the Blessed Virgin was believed to have shown St. Peter Nolasco the white habit of the order), and this custom was approved by the Congregation of Rites on 4 April, 1615 (Anal. Juris Pont., VII, 136).

On 22 Feb., 1696, it was extended to the entire Latin Church, and the date changed to 24 September. The Mercedarians keep this feast as a double of the first class, with a vigil, privileged octave, and proper Office under the title: “Solemnitas Descensionis B. Mariæ V. de Mercede”. Our Lady of Ransom is the principal patron of Barcelona; the proper Office was extended to Barcelona (1868) and to all Spain (second class, 1883). Sicily, which had suffered so much from the Saracens, took up the old date of the feast (Sunday nearest to 1 Aug.) by permission of the Congregation of Rites, 31 Aug., 1805 (double major), Apparition of Our Lady to St. Peter Nolasco in the choir of Barcelona, on the Sunday after 24 Sept. In England the devotion to Our Lady of Ransom was revived in modern times to obtain the rescue of England as Our Lady’s Dowry.

F.G. HOLWECK (Catholic Encyclopedia)

Mercedarians (Order of Our Lady of Mercy)

Foundation of the Order of Mercy, part of the center altarpiece of the Cathedral of Barcelona.

Foundation of the Order of Mercy, part of the center altarpiece of the Cathedral of Barcelona.

A congregation of men founded in 1218 by St. Peter Nolasco, born 1189, at Mas-des-Saintes-Puelles, Department of Aude, France. Joining Simon de Montfort’s army, then attacking the Albigenses, he was appointed tutor to the young king, James of Aragon, who had succeeded to the throne after the death of his father, Pedro II, killed at the battle of Muret. Peter Nolasco followed his pupil to his capital, Barcelona, in 1215. From the year 1192 certain noblemen of that city had formed a confraternity for the purpose of caring for the sick in hospitals, and also for rescuing Christian captives from the Moors.

Mercedarian Fathers ransoming Christan captives from the Muslims.

Mercedarian Fathers ransoming Christan captives from the Muslims.

Peter Nolasco was requested by the Blessed Virgin in a vision to found an order especially devoted to the ransom of captives. His confessor, St Raymond of Pennafort, the canon of Barcelona, encouraged and assisted him in this project; and King James also extended his protection. The noblemen already referred to were the first monks of the order, and their headquarters was the convent St. Eulalie of Barcelona, erected 1232. They had both religious in holy orders, and lay monks or knights; the choir monks were clothed in tunic, scapular, and cape of white. These religious followed the rule drawn up for them by St Raymond of Pennafort. The order was approved, first by Honorius III and then by Gregory IX (1230), the latter, at the request of St Raymond Nonnatus presented by St Peter Nolasco, granted a Bull of confirmation and prescribed the Rule of St. Augustine, the former rule now forming the constitutions (1235). St. Peter was the first superior, with the title of Commander-General; he also filled the office of Ransomer, a title given to the monk sent into the lands subject to the Moors to arrange for the ransom of prisoners. The holy founder died in 1256, seven years after having resigned his superiorship; he was succeeded by Guillaume Le Bas.

La Mercè Basilica, in Barcelona, where her incorrupt body reposes on the right side of the altar.

La Mercè Basilica, in Barcelona, where her incorrupt body reposes on the right side of the altar.

The development of the order was immediate and widespread throughout France, England, Germany, Portugal, and Spain. As the Moors were driven back, new convents of Mercy were established. Houses were founded at Montpelier, Perpignan, Toulouse, and Vich. The great number of houses, however, had a weakening effect on the uniformity of observance of the rule. To correct this, Bernard de Saint-Romain, the third commander general (1271), codified the decisions of the general chapters. In the fourteenth century, disputes arose from the rivalry between the convents of Barcelona and Puy, and from the discord between the priests and knights, which ended in the latter’s suppression, disturbed the peace of the order. Christopher Columbus took some members of the Order of Mercy with him to America, where they founded a great many convents in Latin America, throughout Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Ecuador. These formed no less than eight provinces, whereas they only had three in Spain and one in France. This order took a very active part in the conversion of the Indians.


At the beginning of the seventeenth century Father Gonzales, who had made his profession in the convent of Olmedo in 1573, conceived the idea of a reform, at that time necessary. The commander-general, Alfonso de Montoy, at first supported this scheme, but ended by opposing it. In this undertaking, Gonzales was assisted by the Countess of Castellan, who obtained for him the necessary authorization from Clement VIII, and presented him with three convents for the reformed monks (at Viso, Diocese of Seville; Almoragha, Diocese of Cadiz; Ribas). The reform was confirmed at the provincial chapter of Guadelajara in 1603. Father Gonzales took the name of John Baptist of the Blessed Sacrament, and died at Madrid in 1618. Paul V approved his reform in 1606; in 1621 Gregory XV declared it independent of the monks of the Great Observance. Their convents formed two provinces,with houses at Madrid, Salamanca, Seville, and Alcalá, with a few foundations in Sicily.

St. Peter Nolasco

St. Peter Nolasco

Father Antoine Velasco founded a convent of nuns of Our Lady of Mercy at Seville in 1568, of which the first superioress was Blessed Ann of the Cross. This foundation had been authorized by Pius V. The reformed branch also established houses of barefooted nuns, or Nuns of the Recollection, at Lura, Madrid, Santiago de Castile, Fuentes, Thoro, and elsewhere. The female tertiaries go back to the very beginning of the order (1265). Two widows of Barcelona, Isabel Berti and Eulalie Peins, whose confessor was Blessed Bernard of Corbario, prior of the convent there, were the foundresses.

They were joined by several companions, among them St. Mary of Succour (d. 31 Decemb., 1281), the first superior of the community. Blessed Mary Anne of Jesus (d. 1624) founded another community of tertiaries, under the jurisdiction of the reformed branch. The Order of Mercy of late years has much decreased in membership. The restoration of the reformed convent at Thoro, Diocese of Zamora, Spain, is worthy of note (1888). At present the order has one province and one vice-province in Europe, and four provinces and two vice-provinces in America, with thirty-seven convents and five to six hundred members. The Mercedarian convents are in Palermo; Spain; Venezuela (Caracas, Maracaibo); Peru (Lima); Chile (Santiago); Argentina (Cordova, Mendoza); Ecuador (Quito); and Uruguay. The Mercedarians of Cordova publish “Revista Mercedaria”.

Mercedarias Descalzas Convent in Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Mercedarias Descalzas Convent in Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Besides the founder, St. Peter Nolasco, the following illustrious members of the order may be mentioned: St. Raymond Nonnatus (d. 1240), the most famous of the monks who gave themselves up to the work of ransoming captives; Blessed Bernard of Corbario, already mentioned; St. Peter Paschal, Bishop of Jaen, who devoted all his energies to the ransom of captives and the conversion of the Musselmans, martyred in 1300; St. Raymond was a cardinal, as also were Juan de Luto and Father de Salazar. It is unnecessary to enumerate the archbishops and bishops. Writers were numerous, especially in Spain and Latin America in the seventeenth century.

To mention only a few: Alfonso Henriquez de Almendaris, Bishop of Cuba, who founded a college for his order at Seville, and from whom Philip III received an interesting report on the spiritual and temporal condition of his diocese in 1623; Alfonso de Monroy, who drew up the constitutions of the reform, and who was a bishop in America; Alfonso Ramón, theologian, preacher, and annalist of his order; Alfonso Velásquez de Miranda (1661), who took a considerable part in political affairs; Fernando de Orio, general of the order, who translated and learnedly commented on Tertullian’s treatise “De Poenitentia”; Fernando de Santiago (1639), one of the favourite preachers of his time; Francisco Henríquez; Francisco de Santa Maria; Francisco Zumel; Gabriel de Adarzo (1674), theologian, preacher, and statesman; Gabreil Tellez (1650), dramatic author; Gaspar de Torrez, Bishop of the Canary Islands; Pedro de Ona, whom Philip III sent on important missions both in America and in the Kingdom of Naples.

Fr. Francisco Zumel Painting by Francisco de Zurbarán

Fr. Francisco Zumel Painting by Francisco de Zurbarán

(from: Catholic Encyclopedia)

You'll want to see this video about the rally of reparation held in Oklahoma City against the satanic black mass

Here's the video for you:

Public Prayer Rally Against the Black Mass

And since you've been praying and protesting this outrageous sacrilege, I wanted you to be among the first to receive this short video and update from Oklahoma.

So much happened yesterday:

At 3:00, TFP volunteers joined thousands of fellow Catholics for a Holy Hour, procession and Benediction lead by Archbishop Coakley at St. Francis Church. The Church was jam packed and the overflow crowd spilled out into the street.

Later in the day, right in front of the Civic Center -- where the Black Mass was perpetrated -- the American TFP held a peaceful and prayerful rally of reparation against this grave offense against God.

Faithful from across the country arrived to console Our Lord and the Blessed Mother.  Multiple buses rolled in from Kansas.

A team of nineteen TFP Student Action volunteers drove down from Pennsylvania (1,291 miles one way). We were blessed to be able to stand up for Holy Mother Church, the true Mass, and the Holy Eucharist -- praying the rosary, holding signs and displaying banners outside the Civic Center.

Here's the video of the prayer rally

Evil has never been so brazen.

God has never been so reviled in a public venue, with the complicity of city officials who refused to cancel the black mass. Never has the spiritual battle between good and evil been so apparent.
That's why you and I must continue to watch and pray.

Moreover, we must not grow tired of fighting the good fight. With Saint Michael Archangel, who won the most decisive battle in Heaven against Lucifer, we proclaim: Quis ut Deus! Who is like unto God.

Evil is eternally vanquished.

Thank you for everything you did to oppose the black mass. Your efforts and prayers are never overlooked by God.

May He reward you a hundred fold and truly transform America into one nation under God.

Keep fighting the good fight.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Prayer Rally of Reparation against the Satanic black mass in front of the Civic Center in Oklahoma City

The act of reparation for the public satanic black mass was well attended yesterday in Oklahoma City in front of the Civic Center.


Photo: Prayer Rally of Reparation against the Satanic black mass
in front of the Civic Center in Oklahoma City 


The act of reparation for the public satanic black mass was well attended today in Oklahoma City. At 3:00 thousands of Catholics gathered at St. Francis Church for a holy hour, which included a procession and Benediction. About 500 to 600 people prayed at the Civic Center from 4:45 to 7:00 PM, as the black mass was perpetrated against God. At the end of the final rosary, a rainbow appeared over the skyline of Oklahoma City, it was a heavenly reminder of Our Lady's victory over Satan referenced in Genesis. "She shall crush his head."  

The final victory is God's alone.

At 3:00 thousands of Catholics gathered at St. Francis Church for a holy hour, which included a procession and Benediction.

A young boy shows faith at the rally in front of the Civic Center.


About 500 to 600 people prayed at the Civic Center from 4:45 to 7:00 PM, as the black mass was perpetrated against God.


At the end of the final rosary, a rainbow appeared over the skyline of Oklahoma City, it was a heavenly reminder of Our Lady's victory over satan referenced in Genesis. "She shall crush his head."

The final victory is God's alone.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Press Release: Over 215,000 signatures gathered on petition against Black Mass

Oklahoma City, OK -- Sept. 18, 2014:  A total of 215,000 people have signed various petitions urging the Civic Center Music Hall located in Oklahoma City to cancel the satanic black mass scheduled on Sept. 21.

The largest petition hosted by Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) has already garnered 96,043 signers, who state:

"With my whole heart and soul, I express full, complete and vehement rejection of the satanic Black Mass scheduled at the Oklahoma City Civic Center on September 21, 2014. I urge you to cancel this event which offends 1 billion Catholics worldwide, 200,000 Catholics in Oklahoma and countless more God-loving Americans. Sacrilege is simply NOT free speech."

Readers will find the petition here:


"The public outcry is only growing," said TFP Student Action Director, John Ritchie.  "From every corner of the country, people are standing up against this public attempt to dethrone God."

"The sole purpose of the Black Mass is to attack God, ridicule the Catholic Mass, and desecrate the Holy Eucharist in a most vile, indecent and hateful manner," Ritchie stated.

"I find it baffling why the Civic Center would want to facilitate and advertise this sacrilege, using its public facility as a platform to attack God and demean all God-loving Americans," he said.  "The Black Mass not only harms the moral fabric of one nation under God, but it also undermines the common good of society on many levels."

"What kind of event would the Civic Center say 'NO' to?" Ritchie asked.  "Would it be a seminar promoting pedophilia?  What about a conference advocating modern day methods of consensual cannibalism?"

"Shame on the Civic Center for misusing the First Amendment as a billy club to beat Christians over the head," he said. 

"This un-American Christian bashing behavior needs to stop.  And our message to the Civic Center is simple:  Stop the public sacrilege! 

“Stop attacking the true Mass!  Stop hurting God-loving Americans!  Do what's right.  Cancel the Black Mass today."

Other petitions against the Black Mass:  CitzenGo collected 90,159, America Needs Fatima collected 29,212, residents in Oklahoma City collected 2,500.


VIDEO -- Same-sex "marriage" advocate defends the idea of bestiality…


The slippery slope is real. In this video a same-sex "marriage" advocate defends the idea of bestiality. Just watch the discussion and see for yourself... May God protect America and the family.

Satanic Temple Distribute​s Coloring Activity Books In Florida School

CBS Tampa ^ | 9/16/2014

The Satanic Temple responded to a Florida school board and judge decision allowing the dissemination of religious materials in public schools by distributing its own Satanic literature to Orange County classrooms. “

Sign the petition against the Satanic Black Mass in Oklahoma

In response to a recent School Board decision in Orange County, Florida that allows for the dissemination of religious materials in public schools, The Satanic Temple will be distributing educational religious material to students,” reads a statement from the group. The Satanic Temple (TST) describes itself as a group that, “facilitates the communication and mobilization of politically aware Satanists, secularists, and advocates for individual liberty.” Earlier this month, read more…a...http://tampa.cbslocal.com/2014/09/16/satanic-temple-distributes-coloring-activity-books-in-florida-schools/

Thursday, September 18, 2014

If we fail to stop Satan in Oklahoma, the nation will be given over to discord, fragmentation and misfortune since Satan never gives what he promises

The planned holding of a Satanic Black Mass in the Civic Center, a public building in Oklahoma City, on September 21, represents more than just an exercise of “freedom.”

Sign the petition against the Black Mass -- Join 215,000 people who have already signed on!!!

It is a highly symbolic act that signals the end and breakdown of a consensus. Recently a similar event was planned at Harvard, and failed after much resistance and public prayer.

If there is one thing that has characterized our American way of life, it is the existence of a great universal consensus. It is a kind of spiritual glue that holds everything together where we all agree to get along peacefully while each one engages in a constant and ever-elusive search for perfect happiness.

That is one reason why the American governmental model (unlike the European) welcomed religions with open arms—it was a means for everyone to get along and prosper.

Even the most inveterate atheists throughout our history have agreed to live by the rules of the consensus.

That is why the American government has an unwritten agreement that establishes what many have called a “civil religion,” one with a set of working rules in which certain things against God are prohibited. Although legally separate, the state maintains a reverence for a vague Judeo-Christian God in whom it trusts and asks for blessings.

Sign the petition against the Black Mass -- Join 215,000 people who have already signed on!!!

This consensus is flawed because it makes religion center upon man and prosperity and not upon God. However, it does presuppose minimum standards of morality that are popularly expressed by the concepts or imagery of God, freedom, the American flag, family, and apple pie. It was this consensus more than law that has kept ordered liberty from descending into unbridled freedom and chaos. It has prevented freedom of expression from decaying into blasphemy and indecency.

As long as one agreed to play by these rules, they were invited on board. All this has changed with the Satanic Black Mass in Oklahoma. Satan enters as the divisive figure that embodies all that is contrary to this avowedly Judeo-Christian consensus, and deliberately breaks all the rules.

By the letter of the law, the Satanists claim a questionable right to “freedom” of religion, but by the spirit of the unwritten consensus, they are trampling this same consensus underfoot with all the fury with which they desecrate and trample upon the hosts used in their Black Masses.

In this unwritten gentlemen’s agreement, Satan is not a gentleman but a tyrant who will tolerate no other before him.

The Satanic event symbolically proclaims to the nation that our loosely Christian moral code will no longer be universally accepted and will be attacked with fury. It says that America should no longer get along or go along with any morality.

Rather, all restraints must be overthrown, be they religious, economic, sexual or social. In the name of tolerance, all must be permitted…save to those who cling to the old consensus. These must be the target of intolerant rage. These must be shackled with laws that violate their consciences.

Sign the petition against the Black Mass -- Join 215,000 people who have already signed on!!!

That is why so many Americans are protesting against the Satanic Black Mass in Oklahoma.

This is not a silly little case of freedom of religion; it is a repudiation of the American consensus. It is a declaration of war.

In the face of this, we cannot return to a flawed gentlemen’s agreement or play by rules that are no longer honored. Rather we must forge new rules based not on man and prosperity, but God alone.

The first rule must be that God exists and we will not tolerate that the Lord Our God be publicly reviled. We do this not because such acts disturb the peace but because He is God and deserves our worship. He is God and we must first defend His honor and His law. If we do this, all else will be given unto us. If we fail, the nation will be given over to discord, fragmentation and misfortune since Satan never gives that which he promises.

Sign the petition against the Black Mass -- Join 215,000 people who have already signed on!!!

By John Horvat II

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pope exacta tribute from the Mohammedan ruler of Tunis

Pope Blessed Victor III

Victor III

Born in 1026 or 1027 of a non-regnant branch of the Lombard dukes of Benevento; died in Rome, 16 Sept., 1087. Being an only son his desire to embrace the monastic state was strenuously opposed by both his parents. After his father’s death in battle with the Normans, 1047, he fled from the marriage which had been arranged for him and though brought back by force, eventually after a second flight to Cava obtained permission to enter the monastery of S. Sophia at Benevento where he received the name of Desiderius.

The life at S. Sophia was not strict enough for the young monk who betook himself first to the island monastery of Tremite in the Adriatic and in 1053 to some hermits at Majella in the Abruzzi.

St. Benedict Bestows the Rule on Abbot Desiderius of Montecassino, later Pope Victor III, 11th c. MS illum.

St. Benedict Bestows the Rule on Abbot Desiderius of Montecassino, later Pope Victor III, 11th c. MS illum.

About this time he was brought to the notice of St. Leo IX and it is probable that the pope employed him at Benevento to negotiate peace with the Normans after the fatal battle of Civitate. Somewhat later Desiderius attached himself to the Court of Victor II at Florence and there met two monks of Monte Cassino, with whom he returned to their monastery in 1055. He joined the community, and was shortly afterwards appointed superior of the dependent house at Capua. In 1057 Stephen IX (X) who had retained the abbacy of Monte Cassino came thither and at Christmas, believing himself to be dying, ordered the monks to elect a new abbot. Their choice fell on Desiderius.

The pope recovered, and, desiring to retain the abbacy during his lifetime, appointed the abbot-designate his legate for Constantinople. It was at Bari, when about to sail for the East, that the news of the pope’s death reached Desiderius. Having obtained a safe-conduct from Robert Guiscard, the Norman Count (later Duke) of Apulia, he returned to his monastery and was duly installed by Cardinal Humbert on Easter Day, 1058. A year later he was ordained cardinal-priest of the title of S. Cecilia and received the abbatial blessing.

Monte Cassino

Desiderius was the greatest of all the abbots of Monte Cassino with the exception of the founder, and as such won for himself “imperishable fame” (Gregorovius). He rebuilt the church and conventual buildings, established schools of art and re-established monastic discipline so that there were 200 monks in the monastery in his day. On 1 Oct., 1071, the new and magnificent Basilica of Monte Cassino was consecrated by Alexander II. Desiderius’s great reputation brought to the abbey many gifts and exemptions.

The money was spent on church ornaments of which the most notable were a great golden altar front from Constantinople, adorned with gems and enamels and “nearly all the church ornaments of Victor II which had been pawned here and there throughout the city” [Chron. Cass., III, 18 (20)]. The bronze and silver doors of the Cassinese Basilica which Desiderius erected remain, and in the Church of S. Angelo in Formis near Capua some of the frescoes executed by his orders may still be seen. Peter the Deacon gives (op. cit., III, 63) a list of some seventy books which Desiderius caused to be copied at Monte Cassino; they include works of Sts. Augustine, Ambrose, Bede, Basil, Jerome, Gregory of Nazianzus, and Cassian, the registers of Popes Feliz and Leo, the histories of Josephus, Paul Warnfrid, Jordanus, and Gregory of Tours, the “Institutes” and “Novels” of Justinian, the works of Terence, Virgil, and Seneca, Cicero’s “De natura deorum”, and Ovid’s “Fasti”.

Sant'Angelo in Formis

Sant’Angelo in Formis

Desiderius had been appointed papal vicar for Campania, Apulia, Calabria, and the Principality of Beneventum with special powers for the reform of monasteries; so great was his reputation with the Holy See that he “was allowed by the Roman Pontiff to appoint Bishops and Abbots from among his brethren in whatever churches or monasteries he desired of those which had been widowed of their patron” (Chron. Cas., III, 34).

Within two years of the consecration of the Cassinese Basilica, Pope Alexander died and was succeeded by Hildebrand. Undoubtedly the chief importance of Desiderius in papal history lies in his influence with the Normans, an influence which he was able repeatedly to exert in favor of the Holy See. Already in 1059 he had persuaded Robert Guiscard and Richard of Capua to become vassals of St. Peter for their newly conquered territories: now Gregory VII immediately after his election sent for him to give an account of the state of Norman Italy and entrusted him with the negotiation of an interview with Robert Guiscard.

This took place on 2 Aug., 1073, at Benevento. In 1074 and 1075 he acted as intermediary, probably as Gregory’s agent, between the Norman princes themselves, and even when the latter were at open war with the pope, they still maintained the best relations with Monte Cassino (end of 1076). At the end of 1080 it was Desiderius who obtained Norman troops for Gregory. In 1082 he visited the emperor at Albano, while the troops of the Imperialist antipope were harassing the pope from Tivoli. In 1083 the peace-loving abbot joined Hugh of Cluny in an attempt to reconcile pope and emperor, and his proceedings seem to have aroused some suspicion in Gregory’s entourage. In 1084 when Rome was in Henry’s hands and the pope besieged in Sant’ Angelo, Desiderius announced the approach of Guiscard’s army to both emperor and pope.

Robert Guiscard de Hauteville and his brother, Count Roger.

Robert Guiscard de Hauteville and his brother, Count Roger

Though certainly a strong partisan of the Hildebrandine reform the gentler Desiderius belonged to the moderate party and could not always see eye to eye with Gregory in his most intransigent proceedings. Yet when the latter lay dying at Salerno (25 May, 1085) the Abbot of Monte Cassino was one of those whom he named as fittest to succeed him. Desiderius was by no means willing to assume the mantle of Gregory VII, experience had taught him that his power and utility lay in being a middleman, yet at a time when the Church was surrounded by powerful enemies his influence with the Normans made him the most obvious candidate. The Romans had expelled the antipope from the city, and hither Desiderius hastened to consult with the cardinals on the approaching election; finding, however, that they were bent on forcing the papal dignity upon him, he fled to Monte Cassino, where he busied himself in exhorting the Normans and Lombards to rally to the support of the Holy See. Subscription

When autumn came Desiderius accompanied the Norman army in its march towards Rome, but becoming aware of the plot which was on foot between the cardinals and the Norman princes to force the tiara upon him, he would not enter Rome unless they swore to abandon their design; this they refused to do, and the election was postponed.

At about Easter (Chron. Cass., III, 66) the bishops and cardinals assembled at Rome summoned Desiderius and the cardinals who were with him at Monte Cassino to come to Rome to treat concerning the election. On 23 May a great meeting was held in the deaconry of St. Lucy, and Desiderius was again importuned to accept the papacy but persisted in his refusal, threatening to return to his monastery in case of violence. Next day, the feast of Pentecost, very early in the morning the same scene was repeated.

The consul Cencius now suggested the election of Odo, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (afterwards Urban II), but this was rejected by some of the cardinals on the grounds that the translation of a bishop was contrary to the canons. The assembly now lost all patience; Desiderius was seized and dragged to the Church of St. Lucy where he was forcibly vested in the red cope and given the name of Victor (24 May, 1086). The church had been without a head for twelve months all but a day. Four days later pope and cardinals had to flee from Rome before the imperial prefect of the city, and at Terracina, in spite of all protests, Victor laid aside the papal insignia and once more retired to Monte Cassino where he remained nearly a whole year. In the middle of Lent, 1087, a council of cardinals and bishops was held at Capua at which the pope-elect assisted as “Papal vicar of those parts” (letter of Hugh of Lyons) together with the Norman princes, Cencius the Consul, and the Roman nobles; here Victor finally yielded and “by the assumption of the cross and purple confirmed the past election” (Chron. Cass., III, 68). How much his obstinacy had irritated some of the prelates is evidenced in the letter of Hugh of Lyons preserved by Hugh of Flaviony (Mon. Germ. Hist.: Script. VIII, 466-8).

Portrait of Matilde of Tuscany, Margravine of Tuscany.

Portrait of Matilde of Tuscany, Margravine of Tuscany.

After celebrating Easter in his monastery Victor proceeded to Rome, and when the Normans had driven the soldiers of the Antipope Clement III (Guibert of Ravenna) out of St. Peter’s, was there consecrated and enthroned (9 May, 1087). He only remained eight days in Rome and then returned to Monte Cassino. Before May was out he was once more in Rome in answer to a summons for the Countess Matilda, whose troops held the Leonine City and Trastevere, but when at the end of June the antipope once more gained possession of St. Peter’s, Victor again retired to his abbey. In August a council was held at Benevento, at which he renewed the excommunication of the antipope and the condemnation of lay-investiture, and anathematised Hugh of Lyons and Richard, Abbot of Marseilles.

When the council had lasted three days Victor became seriously ill and retired to Monte Cassino to die. He had himself carried into the chapter-house, issued various decrees for the benefit of the abbey, appointed with the consent of the monks the prior, Cardinal Oderisius, to succeed him in the Abbacy, just as he himself had been appointed by Stephen IX (X), and proposed Odo of Ostia to the assembled cardinals and bishops as the next pope. He died 16 Sept., 1087, and was buried in the tomb he had prepared for himself in the chapter-house. In the sixteenth century his body was removed to the church, and again translated in 1890. The cultus of Blessed Victor seems to have begun not later than the pontificate of Anastasius IV, about 60 years after his death (Acta SS. Loc. cit.). In 1727 the Abbot of Monte Cassino obtained from Benedict III permission to keep his feast (Tosti, I, 393).

Pope Victor III is a far less impressive figure in history than Desiderius the great Abbot of Monte Cassino, but there is abundant evidence that it was largely his failing health that made him so reluctant to accept the great position which was thrust upon him, indeed Ordericus tells us that he was taken ill when saying the first Mass after his consecration, so that during his papacy “he hardly got through a single Mass”, vix una tantum missa perfunctus (P.L., CLXXXVIII, p. 578)

Pope Victor IIIOn 5 Aug., 1087, when Victor was holding the Council at Benevento, an army consisting of Roman, Genoese, Pisan, and Amalfitan troops sent by him to Africa under the Banner of St. Peter captured the town of El Mahadia, and forced the Mohammedan ruler of Tunis to promise tribute to the Holy See and to free all Christian slaves. This event may perhaps be considered as the beginning of the Crusades.

The only literary work of Victor which we possess is his “Dialogues” on the miracles wrought by St. Benedict and other saints at Monte Cassino. There is also a letter to the bishops of Sardinia to which country he had sent monks while still Abbot of Monte Cassino. In his “De Viris illustribus Casinensibus”, Peter the Deacon ascribes to him the composition of a “Cantus ad B. Maurum” and letters to Philip of France and Hugh of Cluny which no longer exist.


The chief source is the Chronicon Cassinense, in Mon. Germ. Hist.: Script., VII, reprinted in P.L., 173; some autobiographical details are to be met with in his own Dialogues, P.L., 149. See also MABILLON, Acta SS., Sept., V, 373 sqq.; WATTERICH, Pontificum Romanorum Vitae, I (Leipzig, 1862), in which (562) is to be found the letter of Hugh of Lyons mentioned above; Liber Pontificalis, ed. DUCHESNE, II (Paris, 1892), 292; JAFFE, Regesta Pont. Rom., I (Leipzig, 1885), 655-6. The best English account is MANN, Lives of the Popes, VII (London, 1910), 218-244. For Desiderius’s relations with the Normans see CHALANDON, Hist. de la Domination Normande en Italie et en Sicile (Paris, 1907); BOHMER, Victor III in Realencyklopadie fur protestantische Theologie, XX (Leipzig, 1908); GREGOROVIUS, Hist. of Rome in the Middle Ages, tr. HAMILTON, IV (London, 1894-1900); MILMAN, Latin Christianity, IV (London, 1872); TOSTI, Storia della Badia di Monte Cassino (Naples, 1842); CROWE and CAVALCASELLE, Hist. of Painting in Italy (New York, 1909).

RAYMUND WEBSTER (1913 Catholic Encyclopedia)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

SAVE the St. Patrick’s Day Parade – Sign the Petition

As things stand now, the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City will have homosexual activists marching…

…under their own banner promoting the acceptance of homosexual sin!!!

And this is because the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee, breaking with 252 years of precedent, has authorized an activist homosexual group to march in the 2015 parade.

This homosexual group call themselves, OUT@NBCUniversal.

But there’s even more!

A group called Irish Queers has applied for a place in the parade!

That’s why I am asking you to:

Sign this petition:

Give Us Back Our St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

Perhaps you know that the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City was founded in 1762, to honor St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

And it’s the oldest Catholic parade in America and the largest in the world. 
So I ask you:  Are we going to just stand aside and let this group blatantly promote homosexual sin?

As you know from the Bible, this very sin led God to destroy the cities of Sodom of Gomorrah with fire and brimstone.  This matters.

That’s why I’m asking you to:

Sign this petition:

Give Us Back Our St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

We must try to save the holy memory of Saint Patrick from being dishonored!

And we must try to save the St. Patrick’s Day Parade from becoming a national platform for the promotion of unnatural vice.

And that is why I ask you to:

Sign this petition:

Give Us Back Our St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

Catholics are deeply disturbed about the Parade Committee’s caving to pressure from homosexual activists to allow OUT to march in the 2015 parade.

Believe me, the liberal news media will make sure that the whole world knows about the decision.

Plus -- many Catholics were again disturbed to learn that having allowed the homosexual group in, the Parade Committee asked Cardinal Dolan to be the Grand Marshall of next year’s parade.  And that he accepted.

His acceptance breaks precedent and principle.  A previous Archbishop of New York, Cardinal John O’Connor, standing on principle, refused to allow homosexual groups to march in the parade.

Under intense pressure from homosexual activists and then NYC Mayor David Dinkins, Cardinal O’Connor said political correctness was not worth “one comma in the Apostles’ Creed.”

He added, "Irish Catholics have been persecuted for the sole reason that they have refused to compromise Church teaching. What others may call bigotry, Irish Catholics call principle."

He also said that he “could never even be perceived as compromising Catholic teaching by entertaining their admission as an identifiable group in the city's 232nd parade up Manhattan's showcase Avenue in honor of Saint Patrick.”

But now, everything has changed.

And that is why a copy of this petition will be sent to His Eminence Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York.

I think you will agree that, if this ruling stands, it will make it impossible for you and I to participate in the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade. 

Simply put, it is wrong for Catholics to march side by side with homosexual activists who openly promote their sinful lifestyle and agenda as normal.

St. Patrick, who did not compromise with the pagan practices of the times, would certainly not approve of doing so. He never backed down or minced words when it came to defending Church teaching!

We also must not back down. We cannot be accomplices to the mainstreaming of homosexual sin.

To this, our conscience says "NO".

Sign The Petition

It’s just not right.  We don’t want to draw down God’s chastisement upon our nation.

But we do want our parade back.  The way it used to be in the days of Cardinal O’Connor.

Please think about it.  Seriously.

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is supposed to honor Saint Patrick, the patron of Ireland, and the Archdiocese of New York…..

We cannot honor Saint Patrick by promoting the mainstreaming of the sin of homosexuality. 

So let’s ask Saint Patrick, from his place in Heaven, to help us win back HIS Saint Patrick’s Day Parade…after it was hijacked by homosexual activists.

Sign this petition.  Urge the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee to:

Give Us Back Our St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

Here, please ask St. Patrick…

        Saint Patrick, from your place in Heaven, help us win back YOUR Saint Patrick’s Day Parade…it was hijacked by homosexual activists. Amen.

Give Us Back Our St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

Read our statement on homosexual “marriage.”

Taking A Principled, Not A Personal Stand


September 17 – Stigmata of St. Francis of Assisi

The Stigmatization of Saint Francis, by Rubens

The Stigmatization of Saint Francis, by Rubens

Early in August, 1224, Francis retired with three companions to “that rugged rock ‘twixt Tiber and Arno”, as Dante called La Verna, there to keep a forty days fast in preparation for Michaelmas. During this retreat the sufferings of Christ became more than ever the burden of his meditations; into few souls, perhaps, had the full meaning of the Passion so deeply entered.

It was on or about the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross (14 September) while praying on the mountainside, that he beheld the marvelous vision of the seraph, as a sequel of which there appeared on his body the visible marks of the five wounds of the Crucified which, says an early writer, had long since been impressed upon his heart. Brother Leo, who was with St. Francis when he received the stigmata, has left us in his note to the saint’s autograph blessing, preserved at Assisi, a clear and simple account of the miracle, which for the rest is better attested than many another historical fact.


The saint’s right side is described as bearing on open wound which looked as if made by a lance, while through his hands and feet were black nails of flesh, the points of which were bent backward. After the reception of the stigmata, Francis suffered increasing pains throughout his frail body, already broken by continual mortification.

For, condescending as the saint always was to the weaknesses of others, he was ever so unsparing towards himself that at the last he felt constrained to ask pardon of “Brother Ass”, as he called his body, for having treated it so harshly. Worn out, moreover, as Francis now was by eighteen years of unremitting toil, his strength gave way completely, and at times his eyesight so far failed him that he was almost wholly blind.

During an access of anguish, Francis paid a last visit to St. Clare at St. Damian’s, and it was in a little hut of reeds, made for him in the garden there, that the saint composed that “Canticle of the Sun”, in which his poetic genius expands itself so gloriously. This was in September, 1225.

(from Life of St. Francis, Catholic Encyclopedia)

LAST push to stop Satanic Black Mass -- Share This

But we're still missing 18,753 petitions to reach 100,000 -- the final goal.

With your prayers and help we can still make it -- but only if you ask your friends to stand up and join this last-ditch effort to STOP the Black Mass.

So please send this alert -- today -- to all your family and friends. Urge them to sign the TFP petition to stop this heinous and sacrilegious attack against God here:


Petition deadline: Sept. 21.

This is our very last chance to tell the Civic Center in Oklahoma City to cancel the Black Mass scheduled on Sept. 21.

Because America must remain One Nation Under God.

Public property must NOT be misused to attack God nor the Holy Mass.

Share this alert.

God bless you for helping this final push to reach 100,000 petitions before Sept. 21.

God and the Blessed Mother, me and my TFP Student Action colleagues are putting in long hours to build a national movement against the Black Mass.

We're even burning the candle at both ends, but there's only so much we can do by ourselves. We need YOU. That's why I'm counting on your prayers and swift action to share this alert with lots of people. To reach 100,000 petitions before it's too late.

Thank you for everything.

Judges order Arizona and Indiana to recognize gay ‘marriages’ on death certificates

Kirsten Andersen Kirsten Andersen, www.LifeSiteNews.com 

Two federal judges have ordered Arizona and Indiana to recognize same-sex “marriages” on death certificates, although both states have laws defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

In Arizona, Judge John Sedwick ordered the state to issue a death certificate for George Martinez listing his marital status as “married” and his spouse as Fred McQuire.  The two were “married” in California in July, and Martinez died in September.  They had previously sued Arizona to recognize their out-of-state “marriage” as legal – a case that is still ongoing.

In his decision, Sedwick said that the majority of federal appeals courts have found that “marriage laws which discriminate between heterosexual couples and homosexual couples infringe a fundamental right.”  He said he thought it was likely that Arizona’s marriage protection law will soon be overturned.

Sedwick’s decision applies exclusively to Martinez and McQuire.   The judge explained that given the likelihood of same-sex “marriage” becoming legal in Arizona, he didn’t want McQuire’s “marriage” to be excluded from recognition just because his “husband” died before the law could be overturned.  He said he hoped the decision would prevent “the loss of dignity and status coming in the midst of an elderly man’s personal grief.”

Meanwhile, in Indiana, Judge Joseph Van Bokkelen presided over an agreement between the state and a lesbian couple, Veronica Romero and Mayra Yvette Rivera, who “married” in Illinois in March. The state agreed to recognize the couple’s “marriage” because Rivera is dying of ovarian cancer, and said they will issue a death certificate bearing Romero’s name as “spouse” when Rivera passes away.

Indiana opted to concede the case mostly due to its striking similarities to an earlier case the state lost, in which Judge Richard L. Young ordered Indiana to recognize the “marriage” of Niki Quasney and Amy Sandler, who “wed” in Massachusetts in 2013.  Quasney also has terminal ovarian cancer, and the couple had argued that Sandler and her two children would suffer irreparable financial harm if the state does not recognize their “marriage” so that Sandler can collect death benefits when Quasney passes away.

Both Indiana decisions apply only to the couples named specifically by the court; however, last week, a federal appeals court upheld an earlier ruling by Judge Young declaring the state’s marriage protection law unconstitutional.

The state of Indiana has appealed that ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Now they want legalized suicide!

Stop the Suicide Conference -- Sign Protest

The World Federation of Right to Die Societies is holding a conference in Chicago in support of Euthanasia.
They want legalized suicide!!!

The World Federation of Right to Die Societies consists of 49 right to die organizations from 26 countries working to make euthanasia legal across the board all over the world.
Many of the speakers at the conference have euthanized their own mothers.

Their web site states: "We hold that mentally competent adults who suffer from a fatal or irreversible physical illness... have a basic human right to choose to end their lives when they judge the quality of their life to be unacceptable."

They want all Americans adults to have the "choice" to kill themselves?

So, first its kill your babies then it's kill the elderly and now its kill yourself all in the name of human "dignity." When will this insanity stop!

This is an atrocity!

Send Your E-Protest

God is seriously offended by this sin because He gave us our lives to live to their fullest, knowing loving and serving Him. We should desire to live on earth doing good because that is what pleases God even if it involves suffering.

No one has the right to choose to take their own life.

That is why I ask you to please join me in a peaceful and legal protest against this conference.

Please Click Here To Send Your E-Protest

Our protests always take a principled not a personal stand.

I have terrible news to report to you

   Here’s the terrible news:

   On September 21, at 7 PM, in Oklahoma City, at the Oklahoma City Civic Center, a Satanic ‘Black Mass’ will be performed.

   And since you are a special devotee of Our Lady I’m sure you will understand why we must oppose this Satanic event!

My friend, public sin demands public reparation.

   For that reason, we are going to bring people from all over America to rally at the Oklahoma City Civic Center.

   This is going to be a powerful and public act of reparation to God Almighty before and during the ritual of the Satanic Black Mass.

Perhaps you can join us!

   But even if you can’t join us… then perhaps you can send a special gift, because we are facing serious financial costs in order to send dozens of full-time volunteers and others to Oklahoma City. Can I count on your financial help?

Click HERE to support the Rally

   For example, just to fly one volunteer from our headquarters in Pennsylvania to Oklahoma City costs $487. Not to mention the cost of food and lodging after they arrive in Oklahoma.

   Maybe you can sponsor half the cost of one ticket for a volunteer to fly to Oklahoma, which would be a gift of $243.

   If God has blessed you recently, maybe you can send $487, which would cover the full amount for one ticket. How wonderful that would be!

   But whatever is the size of your gift, I know that the Blessed Mother will smile upon you and bless you in many ways.

Click HERE to support the Rally

   As you know, America Needs Fatima is moving people from all across America to join our prayer rally that will be done right in front of the Civic Center, where the black mass will take place.

   For example, we’re working on chartering three buses to take our rosary rally volunteers from Kansas to Oklahoma City and back.

   These time-tested children of Mary are key to the rally’s success…they know how to hold a beautiful rally in a holy, peaceful and legal manner.

   But just to charter one bus costs $2,500.

   Maybe you can help sponsor the full cost of one 56 passenger bus with a gift of $2,500.

   Or maybe you can send a donation to cover the trip of three volunteers on the bus to Oklahoma City with a gift of $134 ($45 each).

   You see, if everyone who gets this email will sponsor the trip of just one volunteer, or part of one round trip ticket to Oklahoma City, we will be in great shape to finance this growing pilgrimage of prayer and penance.

   I sure hope you can!

Click HERE to support the Rally

   Listen: a black mass is pure hatred against Almighty God and His Holy Catholic Church.

   It is meant to desecrate, mock, and insult the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

   Can we just turn our backs when the person of Our Lord Jesus Christ is going to be attacked in a most vile and unspeakable manner?

   Absolutely not!

   That’s why I am asking you if you can support our pilgrimage of prayer and penance.

Click HERE to support the Rally

   I warn you: to invite Satan into one of our American cities is a terrible sin that brings devils to the earth and provokes God to withdraw His graces and blessings.

   And when public buildings open their doors to a Satanic Black Mass that offends God so deeply, we must ask:

   “Are we still one nation under God?”

   So here’s what is going to happen on that day of terrible blasphemy, September 21.

First of all:

   Archbishop Coakley has invited Catholics, Christians, and all people of good will to join him in prayer for a Eucharistic Holy Hour at 3 pm, at the St. Francis of Assisi Church, 1901 NW 18th, Oklahoma City, followed by an outdoor Procession and Benediction.

   Then, at 5PM our America Needs Fatima Act of Reparation will take place at the Civic Center.

   Our standards will be flying in the wind!
   Our band will be playing.
   And we will be praying, singing and offering reparation.

   Remember, it is our constitutional right. And I promise you, our rally will be peaceful and legal.

   I hope and pray that you will support us as generously as you possibly can.

We must go to Oklahoma City and make reparation for this enormous sin. We can do nothing less.

   And since you are a special devotee of Our Lady I’m sure you will help us oppose this Satanic event!

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    When public buildings open their doors and allow a Satanic Black Mass that offends God so deeply…

We cannot…

We must not…

We will not… remain silent.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Catholic health system takes grant to get people on abortifacient-covering health plans

Lisa Bourne


The nation’s largest Catholic and non-profit health system is acting as an ObamaCare navigator, helping clients sign up for plans that include contraceptives and abortifacients, in exchange for a grant of $241,749.

Ascension Health, for the second year, will be signing people up for coverage through the Affordable Care Act. In 2013 Ascension Health received a $202,706 ObamaCare navigator grant in Alabama and a $165,683 grant in Kansas.

The current $241,749 grant in Kansas is for 2014-15.

“This year, the Ascension Health Navigator project will continue to assist consumers (individuals and small employers) in understanding the new health insurance programs, taking advantage of consumer protections, and navigating the health insurance system to find the most affordable coverage that meets their needs,” it states.

Ascension Health joins Planned Parenthood for the second year in a row acting as an ObamaCare navigator.

The navigator program, which uses taxpayer dollars to compensate contractors to enroll people in ObamaCare, has been fraught with problems since its introduction.

Ascension Health hospitals and facilities are members of the Catholic Health Association (CHA), the largest trade group of non-profit healthcare providers in the U.S.

The Catholic Health Association and its president and CEO, Sister Carol Keehan, DC, have been strong proponents of ObamaCare, and supported the final HHS mandate rule in conflict with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and Vatican officials.

In 2010 the then-president of the USCCB, Cardinal Francis George, roundly criticized the CHA’s support of the abortion-expanding healthcare bill, as did Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City.

Shortly thereafter Bishop Thomas Tobin of Rhode Island joined Cardinal George and Archbishop Naumann in criticizing CHA support for ObamaCare as well as asked that a local hospital in his area be removed from CHA membership.

USCCB Vice-President Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, then-chairman of the Committee for Pro-life Activities of the USCCB, said in his 2012 Respect Life statement that with the healthcare law, “‘reproductive rights’—abortion, sterilization, contraceptives and abortifacient drugs—trumps the right of believers to live and act according to their faith,” posing a serious problem for Catholics.

Dozens of Catholic organizations sued the Obama Administration in 2012 over the HHS mandate.

The USCCB declined to comment on Ascension Health’s acceptance of the ObamaCare navigator grant, citing jurisdictional and venue reasons.

With the HHS mandate at the center of the religious freedom debate in the U.S., and more Catholics and Christians suffering for their faith across the country, news of the nation’s biggest Catholic health system taking the grant to promote ObamaCare drew criticism.

The fact that Ascension Health’s president and CEO Robert J. Henkel is on the board of trustees for the Catholic Health Association, this split with the US Bishops isn’t surprising, said Michael Hichborn, director of American Life League’s Defend the Faith project.

“At the time the USCCB stated its opposition to Obamacare, Sister Carol Keehan lobbied hard for Obamacare to pass, for which she received a pen from Barack Obama,” Hichborn said. “Ascension Health is just showing its collegiality with the Catholic Health Association, regardless of what the bishops wish.”

“By signing people up for Obamacare, Ascension Health is helping to feed the beast of state-funded abortion and contraception,” he said. “As they do this, Ascension Health is just another partner in this criminal legislation.”

Ascension Health did not provide a response to LifeSiteNews’ questions on the grant.