Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ANF members in action against blasphemy at Columbia U.

Dear Mr.Ritchie,

Thank You for keeping me up to date regarding the blasphemous XMAS play at Columbia University.

I contacted the university directly to get a response. I asked to speak with President Bollinger's administrative assistant, but she was unavailable. The lady I spoke with took my name and number. I think she will provide it to the students in question.

I asked why President Bollinger didn't stop the play. Her response,"President Bollinger is not their babysitter. We honor the Freedom of Speech here at Columbia." To which I replied, "Even to the extent of offending the Mother of God who is everyone's mother."

I asked that a formal public apology come from the students and a separate apology be made by the University. Nothing short of this would suffice. I further mentioned that this is another example of intellect running rampant ie spiritual ignorance.

She had other phone calls waiting. I was abruptly disconnected as I mentioned my utter dismay with President Bollinger, former University of Michigan President to whom I am an alumni of.

I will put my  request in writing as the Columbia university employee directed.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to the entire America Needs Fatima Apostolate.

God Bless,



Hi Robert..... It was my pleasure to have joined you this protest. This is not only an American crusade, but its a crusade of every Catholic that believes in the purity of the Holy Mother of Christ.

I stand behind you in this protest.




Dear Robert,
It is refreshing to see such devotion to the Holy Family and your emails encourages prayers and action.  We also need a Light that shares the wonderful happenings around the world that are inspiring and victorious.

Today's world seems to focus only on the dread and we need to be aware of the gracious works of our Lord Jesus and Mother Mary.  Please include a few in your future emails.

Merry Christmas

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