Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Forging ahead despite the wiles of the devil

    Whenever we do something that pleases Our Lady, we can be assured that the devil becomes furious. The more something pleases Our Lady, the more furious the devil becomes.

    If the devil could, he would annihilate us each time that we do something good, but Our Lady does not allow this. 

    Sometimes She does allow the devil to attack us in certain ways. Why?  As a  test of our genuine love for Her. Love is proven with sacrifice. If we still love Our Lady amidst the assaults of the devil, then we show Our Lady the depth of our love and fidelity, which in turn brings more graces to us.

    We should anticipate that every good venture that we attempt to do will be fraught with trials and difficulties.

    Recently I received an email from a friend who is involved in opening a crisis pregnancy center.  The project has had numerous difficulties to endure.  Those involved have suddenly suffered significant financial difficulties, several car accidents, significant illnesses including cancer.  One person involved owns a restaurant.  On a certain day he made an appointment to meet with a priest over the spiritual assaults he had been suffering.  On that very day one of his employees fell dead at work.  The restaurant owner said that since he has become involved in this most worthy venture, "the gates of hell have opened up against him."

    The devil wants abortion.  He wants all involved to continually sin mortally with each and every abortion.  No wonder he is so angry about a crisis pregnancy center that can potentially prevent further mortal sins.

    So, when we do something pleasing for Our Lady let us be forewarned that the devil will do all that he can to make things difficult for us.  Let us then turn to Our Lady with confidence.  She will only allow us to be tested within our endurance.  As grace grows within our souls, so does endurance, so comes heavier blows.  Of course when we suffer these trials, Our Lady is pleased when we plead with Her for help. As St. Bernard states in the Memorare, "that never was it known, that anyone who fled to Thy protection, implored Thy help or sought Thine intercession was left unaided."

    We don't have to suffer these trials alone, Our Lady wants to bestow Her graces and aid upon us.  Sometimes She will remove the trial, other times She will give us the strength to endure it.

    Let us proceed with the good that we must do as Catholics and as devotees of Our Lady, despite the trials that it brings.  With the angels and Our Lady behind us, let us have contempt for the wiles of the devil.

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