Monday, December 21, 2009

ANF members in Kansas has memorable Christmas outing

    Yesterday, America Needs Fatima employees and volunteers at our Kansas office traveled to the Kansas City area to spend the afternoon and evening together in anticipation of Christmas.

    They visited a beautiful Victorian home that was decorated throughout for Christmas.  It was nice to see so many nativity scenes set up in this home.

    90% of the furnishings are all original to the home.  One received an excellent sense of what life must have been like to live in such a magnificent home.

    After visiting the home we went to a local Italian restaurant for a nice dinner together. After dinner everyone exchanged gifts.

    Besides our regular employees we were honored by the presence of a number of volunteers who helped tremendously throughout the year, by placing calls for the Public Square Rosary Campaign, stuffing thousands of envelopes etc.  They did this entirely out of love for Our Lady.

    It was a magnificent occasion for everyone to be together in preparation for the Holy Feast of Christmas.

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