Monday, December 7, 2009

Comments by hosts of the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima

    Here are some recent comments submitted by hosts of the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

    Mrs. Pineda from Hayward, California wrote how satisfied she was with Gregory the custodian.  She described him as, very courteous, polite and knowledgeable about Fatima.  She also wrote that the children present loved the visit.

    Mrs. Salonga also from Hayward, California commented that her only disappointment was that Our Lady was only able to be present for two hours.

    Mrs. Bronner of Ware, Massachusetts commented about setting up a special visit for her mother at the nursing home where she resides.  Her mother, the other residents and the staff were very pleased with the visit.

    Mrs. Occiano of Hayward, California commented on how her guests were very noisy until Our Lady arrived.  Once Our Lady arrived they were very quiet except when praying the rosary.  She did request that Our Lady come back on her birthday next year.

    Mrs. O'Brien from Ocala, Florida commented on how protective the custodian was of Our Lady, how he handled her with tremendous care and devotion. 

    These are some of the many comments that we receive from hosts all across America.  Soon our dedicated custodians will be taking some time off to prepare for Christmas, before they head out in January again, through the ice and snow. 

    Christmastime provides a much needed break and spiritual refueling for our custodians who travel tens upon thousands of miles each year in all kinds of weather.  Sometimes lodging is not always easy for them to find, plus they have to find their way to each home, which they have never visited before, and most importantly, they must always safeguard Our Lady.  Sometimes, when there is a shortage of volunteers they must travel alone as the sole protector of Our Lady.

    Please remember these dedicated custodians in your prayers this Christmas.  Ask Our Lady to grant them many graces for the tremendous good that they do throughout Christmas and the year of Our Lord, 2010.

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