Thursday, December 17, 2009

College Professor Protests Columbia U. Blasphemy

Mr. Lee Bollinger:
It is very sad that what now passes as "freedom of expression" is nothing more than hurtful, hateful and despicable public speech.

That this is condoned by the highest centers of learning in this country is a testimony to how far this country has fallen when it comes to respect for the feelings and spiritual beliefs of a significant number of Americans. To what am I referring?

It was with deep grief and real shock that I read about the blasphemous play hosted at Columbia University called XMAS, where the "Blessed Virgin Mary" asks for sins of impurity. Would such a play depicting the Prophet Muhammad be allowed to be staged at your university? No, of course not.

I cannot accept this egregious blasphemy against the Most Holy Person of Our Lady, nor will I remain silent in face of this insult to my Catholic Faith, especially at Christmas time.

I respectfully urge you to issue a public and appropriate apology to Our Lady and to all Catholics. That is the least you could do in reparation to the Most Pure Being, chosen by God to be His Mother.

For the record, I send you this protest message, which I offer as an act of reparation to Our Blessed Mother in reparation for this and all blasphemy in the world.

Douglas J. Anderson
Professor of Anthropology
Lay Carmelite

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