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Anti-blasphemy protests are more effective, more necessary than ever

Pope Benedict congratulates protestors of EU anti-crucifix ban in Saint Peter’s Square

There are encouraging signs of renewed Catholic militancy as witnessed over the last few months in anti-blasphemy protests.

Catholics in Italy have reacted with defiance against a decision by the European Court of Human Rights to ban crucifixes in public schools in that country. In some cities, public officials have not only openly defied the EU ban on crucifies, but have led efforts to increase the number of crucifixes in public schools. And in one city, the mayor has leveled a fine of 500 euros against anyone who removes a crucifix from a public place.

This widespread Catholic protest against the EU crucifix ban received encouragement from Pope Benedict in a message to pilgrims in Saint Peter’s square:

"I greet with affection the Italian-speaking pilgrims, especially those who took part in the march organized by the Movement of Family Love to express my deep love for the Crucified, recognizing the value of religious, historical and cultural heritage."

The Pope’s words ought to inspire Catholics worldwide to more heroic efforts to energetically protest blasphemy in their respective communities in the most public manner possible.

In Poland, lawmakers have approved a resolution defending the right to hang crucifixes in public schools in to a decision by the European Court of Human Rights, which banned the display of crucifixes in Italian schools.

Promoters of Blasphemy Dread Protests

Another major result of anti-blasphemy protests is they create difficulties for the promoters of blasphemy. Each time someone attacks Our Lord, Our Lady or the Catholic Faith, they face the very real possibility of public protest with its ensuing publicity nightmare, which most people and institutions dread.

This fact is underscored by a recent decision of the BBC to cancel plans to screen a ballet called “In the Spirit of Diaghilev” that featured a deformed Pope who rapes nuns as a main feature of its Christmas schedule. The BBC canceled the ballet to avoid receiving another massive wave of protest, like the 65,000 protests it received in 2005 for screening the blasphemous theater play “Jerry Springer: The Opera”.

Never before or since has BBC received such protests. The intensity and volume of protests against “Jerry Springer: The Opera” has evidently shaken up BBC executives.

Blasphemy spreads when Catholics do nothing

When Catholics do nothing, the sin of blasphemy triumphs. Blasphemy and the promoters of blasphemy must be opposed. God commands those who are good, not just to avoid evil but actively oppose it.

As Saint Jerome said: "A dog may bark in his master's defense, and am I to stand by silent when God's holy name is blasphemed? I would sooner die than forbear to speak."

Faithful to the spirit expressed in the words of Saint Jerome, America Needs Fatima has moved national and worldwide anti-blasphemy campaigns. Here are a few of them.

Protest of Homosexual Calendar that Offended Our Lady

According to press reports, homosexual groups in Spain published a calendar that has horrific blasphemies against Our Lady of Fatima and other Marian apparitions. Besides a man that is practically naked alongside Our Lady, the calendar has "images that are based on famous works of sacred art, especially apparitions of the Virgin Mary, but interpreted by transsexuals.”

"In the 'Secular Calendar,' informs the BBC Brasil, “each month is represented by a free interpretation of famous scenes of Catholic imagery, such as Our Lady of Fatima and the three shepherd children but redecorated with homosexual esthetics.” The scenes show saints dressed as “drag queens,” and using “crowns, necklaces, bracelets, and colored condoms…”

Moreover, the homosexual group behind the calendar suggests December 25 be officially declared the Day of Democracy instead of Christmas.

Access with extreme caution: blasphemous image. Article is written in Portuguese.
America Needs Fatima launched a worldwide barrage of emails to the Minister of Justice in Spain asking him to apply Spanish anti-blasphemy law and stop this outrage that offends God and so many Catholics everywhere. 

HBO show blasphemes Our Lord Jesus Christ.

According to press reports, the episode takes place in a Catholic home, where Larry David visits the men’s room and dirties a picture of Jesus in the process.

Next, a Catholic woman uses the restroom.  She sees the wet picture and thinks it is a miracle: the picture has shed tears.  Impressed, she calls her mother and shows her the picture.  Both mother and daughter fall in prayer to their knees.

In another vulgar moment, when asked if he had ever seen a miracle, David answers, “every erection is a miracle.”

America Needs Fatima is promoting a national protest and rosaries of reparation for the blasphemous and crude episode in the HBO show “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Protest of Eucharistic Desecrations on YouTube

The online video sharing site YouTube is host to some very sick, blasphemous and disturbing videos, which contain brutal attacks on the Holy Eucharist.  Perhaps the most disturbing video of all is the one titled: Desecrating the Eucharist by smoking Jesus body.

It is followed by this caption: “Eucharist desecration.  You Catholics are truly going to love this one.  More is on its way.”

It was posted on YouTube by user name antieucharist.  And it shows people in a mock Catholic ritual of sorts burning and stepping on the Holy Eucharist.  (Access with caution:

Beneath the offensive video are a series of viewer comments about the video Desecrating the Eucharist by smoking Jesus body.  One tried to minimize the gravity of the video with this comment:

“I know you are just kids having fun, but you do not understand what you are doing.  I made fun of the same thing when I was a teen.  There is much more to it than you realize.”

Although we have no way of knowing for sure if this is a Consecrated Host, the answer of user antieucharist indicates his intent in desecrating the Eucharist:

“…you are incorrect.  We are not kids just having fun.  We are fully aware of what we are desecrating."

And in an answer to another viewer, he wrote:

“We are well aware of the Eucharist’s status, and that’s why we chose it.”

That’s why America Needs Fatima has launched another worldwide protest.

Contact information to send your protest message against these blasphemies by calling or writing to their promoters.

Ministry of Justice in Spain

Ministro de la Justicia, el Exc. Sr. Francisco Caamaño

Plaza de Jacinto Benavente, núm. 3
28012 Madrid Spain

Phone: 011- 34-902 007 214

Fax: 011-34-91 3904556





HBO Chairman and CEO, Bill Nelson:

1100 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10036

Phone: 212-512-1000

Fax: 212-512-1182



YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066
Phone: 650-253-0000 then press 0 to talk to a live person
Fax: 650-253-0001
Email: or

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