Thursday, December 24, 2009

Story shows how God blesses us at Christmas time

Something very beautiful happened yesterday during the open house at the America Needs Fatima Office in Kansas.

    One of the families that showed up had just recently moved to Kansas from Florida.  The father has had difficulty finding steady work and he recently learned that he has a form of cancer related to asbestos for which he is receiving treatment.

    Both parents and their five children attended the open house.  Their children marveled at the prizes to be given away by a drawing. The father particularly marveled at the nativity set.  He commented on how very much he would like to win the nativity set, as they did not have one.

    After the open house there was a public drawing of names.  The winner of the third prize, a beautiful Christmas tree ornament of a magnificent angel was won by one of the children of this family.  The winner of the second prize, the nativity set, was the father.

    They were not present for the drawing, so they were called and a message was left about their winnings.  Later that evening the mother came to the office to pick up the two items they had won.  She spoke movingly about how they had lost their own nativity set some time ago and had not been able to replace it.  With tears in her eyes she graciously accepted the little nativity set and the ornament.

    Our Lady knew who needed these items, who needed Her consolation most. 

    The first prize, the Infant Jesus statue, was won by an employee of the local dentist, right next door to our office.

    May these gifts draw those who won them ever closer to the Holy Family this Christmas!

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