Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Answer to the question: Did Saint Pantaleon’s Blood Turn Liquid This year?

I researched the Spanish press today to find the answer to the question many of us Catholics have about the blood of Saint Pantaleon, which every year, on his feast day, turns from a hard state to a liquid state.

Well, the answer is, the blood of Saint Pantaleon, according to press reports, did turn to liquid yesterday on the Saint’s feast day.

Why is this so important?

It’s important because only twice in history has his blood NOT become liquid:

Right before World War I, and right before the Spanish Civil War in 1936. 

So, people evidently worry when the Saint’s blood fails to  liquefy.

Now that Saint Pantaleon’s blood has turned to liquid, as it normally does, do we have no reason to be concerned about the events in the world?

Well, let’s face it – we have lots of reasons to be concerned. 

In fact, it was during this month of July that the miraculous International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Fatima cried 14 times in the diocese of New Orleans in 1972.

14 times!

These mysterious tears show Our Lady of Fatima crying over the modern world, as Our Lord once cried over Jerusalem. Tears of most tender affection, tears of deep pain for the punishment that will come.

It will come to the men of out times, if they do not reject immorality and corruption. It will come if they do not fight especially against the self-destruction of the Church, the cursed smoke of Satan that according to Paul VI has penetrated even into the sacred places.

There is still time, therefore, to stop the punishment!

                                            * * *

But, some will say, these thoughts are not those for a pleasant Sunday afternoon. I answer: Is it not better to read this article now under the tender manifestation of our Mother’s prophetic sadness than to live through the days of tragic bitterness that will come if we do not amend?

If they come, I am convinced a special mercy will be shown to those who, in their personal lives, have taken the miraculous warning of Mary seriously.

I offer my readers this article so they may benefit from that mercy.

(These last paragraphs are from the article Tears, A Maternal Warning, by Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira.)

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  1. I feel that today people have their eyes on miracles! and not on prayer. If we were more prayerful and open ourselves to more prayer then our Lady would not have to cry for she see how people are turning to God in prayer. We look for dried blood of a saint to liquefy to see a miracle. Pray for humanity pray for peace! Lets see A miracle in the world and PRAY! and pray the saints are in prayer for us.