Saturday, July 31, 2010

Great success – Catholic Prof Reinstated

The University of Illinois finally backed down and invited Prof. Kenneth Howell to return to the classroom. 

Read the full story: Catholic Professor Finally Reinstated

I don't think this victory would have been possible without your participation, support and prayers.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

But please don't think that we can sit back and rest.  The truth is being contested more and more and you and I must not allow it to be silenced in the halls that preach "academic freedom."

Hollywood is the problem, Chivalry is the solution

I'm writing with more good news: The timeless virtues of Catholic Chivalry came to life this summer for a new generation of boys attending the TFP Call to Chivalry camps. 

Read about their knightly exploits here

Please pray for the young TFP volunteers who are giving up their summer vacation to organize Call to Chivalry camps, promote moral values and, with the grace of God, inspire a new generation of bold and courageous leaders.

Our Readers Write:
From a veteran pro-lifer
"I applaud these young men who value life and are not afraid to confront the world with their views.  As someone who has fought with the Pro-Life Movement for over twenty-five years, it is encouraging to see young people taking a stand."
Carol A.

Watch the TFP videos here

"Stand up for what is right"
"I felt that the evil one was alive in the rage those women had in the video.  I wonder if it was rooted in the shame they don't want to feel, perhaps because they have had an abortion. We must pray and have compassion and stand up for what is right."
Dorene S.

"That many people will wake-up"
"I thank God, the Father Almighty! for brave warriors:  That's what I think of you. I pray with all my heart and soul that many people will wake-up with the good words that you're saying to them. Always say the Saint Michael prayer."
Irene J.

"I applaud you"
"I think it's absolutely fantastic that you, especially being young men, had such courage to go forth & try to open people's eyes.  It is a shame that there were not more of you there.  Your behavior, in face of some radical females, was courtly & knightly & I applaud you.  We don't have a TFP over here in CA (go figure!)."
B. Sneed

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