Friday, July 30, 2010

This prayer is always answered

When we pray and ask God for graces for our eternal salvation, we are always answered, says the Doctor of the Church, Saint Alphonsus Ligouri. 

God may not answer our prayers when or how we want, but He will answer it and will either give us the grace requested, or He will give us something even better.

Another thing is certain: God will not fail to answer a humble and perseverant prayer.

Whether He chooses to grant what we ask immediately or make us wait, we must trust that He, regardless of appearances, is doing us good.

What we think is good and what He thinks is good may be two different things: “My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor your ways My ways” (Isa. 55:8), but here is where we must abandon ourselves to His beneficent will.

Our part is to be patient, calm and, above all, faithful, because this is the time for testing and later will come the time for full enjoyment.


God gives to all the grace of prayer, in order that thereby they may obtain every help, and even more than they need, for keeping the divine law, and for persevering till death. If we are not saved, the whole fault will be ours; and we shall have our own failure to answer for, because we did not pray.

Saint Alphonsus

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