Monday, June 20, 2011

Catholics in Ireland step up opposition to blasphemous “Our Lady;” two rallies and Rosaries of Reparation planned

There is growing enthusiasm around County Cork, Ireland, for a prayerful protest and Rosary of Reparation in front of the University College Cork against the blasphemous image of “our Lady.” 

As you probably know, the blasphemous image, “Our Lady” shows Our Lady of Guadalupe in a floral bikini held up by a bare breasted angel.

Ireland Needs Fatima is organizing 2 Rosaries of Reparation; one on Friday, June 24, (4:30 pm) and one on Saturday, June 25, (12:30pm).

If you are in County Cork, Ireland, or know someone who is, please spread the word.

Ireland Needs Fatima, Telephone Number:

01-842 9640

May the real, pure, spotless and Immaculate Our Lady help Ireland Needs Fatima in their protest of this blasphemous exhibit at the University College of Cork – hopefully getting it stopped.

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  1. Wow! I missed uniting myself with this effort in prayer on Thursday, but will be praying tomorrow! Praise God...And if anyone is going to grow alive in the Faith through a good fight, then that's definitely the Irish:)!!!