Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Please pray and contact your senator so NY rejects homosexual “marriage”

New York faces looming, too-close-to-call vote on homosexual ‘marriage’

by Christine Dhanagom

ALBANY, New York, June 14, 2011 ( - New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to legalize same-sex “marriage” appears to be gaining momentum in the state legislature, with a vote expected in the Senate possibly as early as this week, the Wall Street Journal reports.

A similar measure failed in 2009 when the Democrat-controlled Senate rejected same-sex “marriage” legislation by a sweeping 38-24 margin. Many believe that the current measure is poised to pass, however, despite the Republican take-over of the Senate this past election.

Four law-makers, including one Republican, who had opposed the bill in 2009, announced yesterday that they would vote in support of the current measure, bringing the total confirmed “yes” votes in the Senate to 30. Thirty-two votes are needed to pass the bill.

A Republican Senator told the Wall Street Journal that the bill was “too close to fail,” predicting that four or five Republicans would vote in favor.

According to New York State Catholic Conference Spokesman Dennis Poust, New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan will be contacting certain senators regarding the legislation. The archbishop is in Seattle for a meeting of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, but has been briefed regarding the recent developments in the Senate, said Poust.

The bill would also have to pass the State Assembly, where the Democrats have maintained a majority since 1975. The Assembly has twice voted to legalize same-sex “marriage” in the past.

“I believe the votes will be there for marriage equality,” Gov. Cuomo told the Wall Street Journal. “We’re moving toward the goal line, but we’re not there yet. We need Republicans to take up this issue.”

In a recent video message asking New York voters to contact their legislators in support of same-sex “marriage,” Cuomo claimed, “When it comes to fighting for what’s right, New Yorkers wrote the book, and marriage equality is the next chapter of our civil rights story.”

Cuomo had pledged to push the homosexual agenda since his campaign last year, when he told reporters that passage of a same-sex “marriage” bill would be a priority for his administration.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has also been a prominent figure in pushing for similar legislation, calling the 2009 bill a “number one” legislative priority.

A recent Siena poll found that 37% of New York voters rank Cuomo’s proposed cap on property tax increases as a legislative priority for law-makers, compared with only 14% who placed same-sex marriage legislation as the highest priority.

New York Senators contact info:

Joe Addabbo   Queens         (518) 455-2322
James Alesi   Rochester suburbs (518) 455-2015
Greg Ball     Putnam County     (518) 455-3111
Joe Griffo     Utica         (518) 455-3334
Mark Grisanti   Buffalo, Grand Island, Niagara Falls (518) 455-3240
Shirley Huntley Queens         (518) 455-3531
Carl Kruger   Brooklyn       (518) 455-2460
Andrew Lanza   Staten Island     (518) 455-3215
Betty Little   North County - Plattsburgh to Glens Falls (518) 455-2811
Jack Martins   Nassau County,Garden City (518) 455-3265
Roy McDonald   Troy, Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park (518) 455-2381

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