Friday, June 10, 2011

Certainty of victory for pro-life and pro-family cause based on Our Lady’s Fatima promise

Day after day, we read the news and what do we see?

Some good news, and lots of bad news.  The good news is the growing reaction of mainstream America against the dangers of the radical homosexual agenda.  Americans are increasingly reluctant to give up the benefits of God’s marriage and to give approval for the sin of same-sex “marriage.” 

March for Life 2011 327

The other good  news is the growing number of pro-life and pro-family marches and demonstrations in the USA and across the world.  The recent 2011 March for Life in Poland, which was triple the size of last year’s march, is a good example.

But there also lots of bad news. I won’t list them here because they are listed in a rather complete fashion in other posts on this blog.

However, we must always remember that in the spiritual war between good and evil, good will win. 

That is 100% for sure.  Guaranteed.  More certain than I will wake up in the morning. 


The answer is that at Fatima, in 1917, Our Lady promised: “Finally My Immaculate Heart will triumph!”

This promise should inspire in our souls an unlimited and deep confidence in the Blessed Virgin who is the source of our courage.

She will intervene in the events to bring about the final victory of good over evil.

Saint Louis de Montfort writes in his book True Devotion to Mary: 

In these latter times Mary must shine forth more than ever in… power, to combat the enemies of God who will rise up menacingly to seduce and crush by promises and threats all those who oppose them; finally, she must shine forth in grace to inspire and support the valiant soldiers and loyal servants of Jesus Christ who are fighting for his cause.

Lastly, Mary must become as terrible as an army in battle array to the devil and his followers, especially in these latter times. For Satan, knowing that he has little time - even less now than ever - to destroy souls, intensifies his efforts and his onslaughts every day. He will not hesitate to stir up savage persecutions and set treacherous snares for Mary's faithful servants and children whom he finds more difficult to overcome than others.

It is chiefly in reference to these last wicked persecutions of the devil, daily increasing until the advent of the reign of anti- Christ, that we should understand that first and well-known prophecy and curse of God uttered against the serpent in the garden of paradise. It is opportune to explain it here for the glory of the Blessed Virgin, the salvation of her children and the confusion of the devil. "I will place enmities between you and the woman, between your race and her race; she will crush your head and you will lie in wait for her heel" (Gen. 3:15).

So let’s forge ahead in the fight for God, country and family with renewed enthusiasm and with full certainty that we will win because Our Lady will soon have her triumph!

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  1. I always take comfort in the fact that this world is temporary. It's another take on your same point, but I always find it relieving that no matter how bad we mess this world up, its not the end of the eternal world that awaits us.

    Of course that also puts more pressure on "getting it right" for the afterlife;)