Monday, June 13, 2011

March for Life in Reading, PA

Sunday, June 12, there was a tremendous March for Life in Reading PA, which started at Holy Rosary Catholic Church.  I estimated that about 750 people attended, although the leader of the Knights of Columbus there told me there were more.

TFP members play and march out of Holy Rosary Church to kick off the march.


The March crossed the city of Reading.      


It was encouraging to see so many families with children marching.  At one point in the march, a young person laid down on the sidewalk in front of us, apparently trying to show his opposition to the march.   He was invited to get up, which he did without further incident.


It was also encouraging to see the enthusiasm with which people marched – they loved the marching part of it!  MAG_3160

The march ended with speeches and song in front of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church on the other side of the city. 

The event included Fr. Peter West of Priests for Life and representatives from "Silent No More."  All in all, the march was a wonderful witness to the power of the Pro-Life message.


  1. Hundreds of folks march as the local rag (Reading Eagle) refuses to report it. Today their editorial was about how end of life issues ala Jack Kevorkian are now discussable!

    BARF Alert

  2. Reading Eagle is self-serving; if anyone wants to really protest, cancel your subscription. I did a long time ago because of things they front-paged instead of real news.