Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Catholic Fordham Allows Pro-Abortion Student Group with Ties to Planned Parenthood

Stop abortion

Although the sin of abortion is perhaps the greatest injustice of our time, Catholic Fordham University in New York recognizes a pro-abortion advocacy group called “Law Students for Reproductive Justice.”

However, more than just advocating abortion on a remote web site, Law Students for Reproductive Justice openly promotes the culture of death.


According to Fordham’s official web site entry, for instance, the group takes part in “an ongoing escort program in partnership with Planned Parenthood.” Other activities include: “a research partnership with local pro-choice legal organizations,” and “brownbags with reproductive rights activists.”

It is incomprehensible why a student club that embraces behavior that is so blatantly against the law of God and nature is allowed to freely operate at Fordham. Why is this happening? How much funding do they receive to promote abortion under the false pretense of “justice”?

Please Protest: Click here to defend the unborn

TFP Student Action invites its readers to register their firm yet peaceful protest, urging Fordham University officials to revoke the pro-abortion group’s status. Please support the timeless teachings of the Church, and the restoration of Catholic education. Let us expel the abortion agenda from every Catholic classroom.

Contact information:
Fordham University
Fr. Joseph M. McShane, S.J.
441 E Fordham Rd.
Rose Hill Campus Admin. Bldg. Rm. 107
Bronx, NY 10458
Phone: 718-817-3000

Before the TFP protest Screen shot from 09-19-12: The group's partnership with Planned Parenthood is mentioned. How can Fordham U allow this scandal?

After the protest: Web entry gets a scrubbing Screen shot from 09-26-12. The reference to Planned Parenthood was completely scrubbed off the web site. When will Fordham scrub the pro-abortion student group from its Catholic campus?

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