Thursday, September 27, 2012

This Is NOT Jesus

Our Lord On His Cross
Is Once Again Publicly
Mocked Before The Whole World
“P*** Christ”

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(Please read with caution. This is very disturbing.)

Our Lord Jesus Christ died on the Cross to save us from our sins – can we not, at the very least, speak out in His defense?

I’m deeply pained to tell you that Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who suffered the torture-death of crucifixion in order to redeem mankind, is blasphemed at the Edward Tyler Nahem gallery in mid-Manhattan, New York City.

The gallery is hosting an art exhibit that includes Andres Serrano’s notorious “P*** Christ” - - - according to press reports, a photograph of a beautiful crucifix immersed in Mr. Serrano’s urine.
E-PROTEST NOW To Defend Our Lord’s Honor.

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The gallery’s curator, Walter Robinson, according to The Huffington Post, seems to admire Serrano’s audacity: “When it comes to the global stage of the spectacle, many are called but few are chosen, but those who are [chosen], like Serrano…are to be admired.”

This high-profile, blasphemous presentation of Our Lord’s holocaust on His cross, plunged in the artist’s own urine is planned to be exhibited for a month, from this Thursday, Sept. 27 through October 26.
Send the gallery your instant e-protest message.

You and I cannot sit by idly and do nothing about this awful blasphemy! We must do reparation and lift up our voices in peaceful and prayerful protest.

The silence and indifference of Catholics serves only to encourage the promoters of blasphemy to push their agenda.
And why so many blasphemies?

I don’t have all the answers, but we cannot allow this to shake the deep love and veneration you and I have for Our Sweet Savior, Jesus.

You and I must strive to increase our love for Our Lord by protesting blasphemy with ever-greater zeal and increasing our acts of reparation!

I’m sure you agree that we must rise to this occasion and protest, with all our hearts.

We must show Jesus that we care, and that we love Him, our Redeemer, and that we will defend His honor no matter how many times He is attacked and insulted.

And our prayerful protest and reparation is the only way of showing our gratitude and our only hope of redeeming ourselves.
That is why I am urging you to speak out, and to:
Send the gallery your instant e-protest message.

God does not need our help to defend His honor, but He does require our love for Him be made manifest.
Don’t miss this opportunity to…
Show your love for Jesus…please join in this peaceful and prayerful protest.

To contact the Edward Tyler Nahem gallery directly (please be polite, but firm):
Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art, L.L.C., 37 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019
T 212-517-2453, F 212-861-3566
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