Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This Is NOT Marriage

Save The Definition Of Marriage

Sign The Petition NOW

We must continue to pray many rosaries. As many as we can.

And please forward this to all your friends and ask them to forward it to their friends.

Homosexual activists are pressuring Dictionary.com with over 115,000 petitions so far to change their definition of the word marriage.

Dictionary.com’s Present & Traditional Definition:

mar-riage: noun

a: the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc.1

Homosexual Activists Want It Changed EXCLUSIVELY to:

mar-riage: noun

a: the civil, social and legal institution under which two consenting adults establish their decision to live as spouses by legal commitments, etc.2

Such a change in the definition would be a powerful prelude to endorsing the institutionalization of un-natural vice.

Save The Definition Of Marriage!

You and I know that God’s marriage is between one man and one woman, preferably ‘til the death of one spouse.

Changing God’s marriage would be one more offense to Our Lord. How much more will He tolerate before sending the chastisement

His Mother spoke about at Fatima?

     Do your part. Sign The Petition NOW
     We are obligated to defend God’s prerogatives. God wills marriage to be what it is.

     If God wills it, ask yourself: who would be against it?

     And the self-evident answer should convince you to Sign The Petition NOW

{Full Disclosure: At present, Dictionary.com has added a “b” definition that defines marriage as “a similar institution [to the present and traditional definition used in ‘a’ above] involving partners of the same gender: gay marriage,” and while this is aberrant and shameful, what the homosexual activists want is that both the ‘a’ and ‘b’ definitions be eliminated and only their all inclusive definition (above in the pink box) be used.}


Will you please lead a public Rosary of reparation? A red rose will be placed at Fatima, Portugal, in your name. All it takes is a few people praying the Rosary in a public place. It’s easy to do.

SEE last year’s Rally Captain red roses delivered to Fatima, Portugal:

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