Saturday, September 15, 2012

Notre Dame's Student Leader Wants To Make Institutions More Welcoming to Homosexuals

From CardinalNewmanSociety: The University of Notre Dame’s new vice president for student affairs says she will support the University’s Catholic identity but also intends to make the institution more welcoming to homosexual students, according to The Observer.

"[University President] Fr. John [Jenkins] has asked our office to look broadly at the services and support that we offer to our gay and lesbian student population on campus," Erin Hoffmann Harding reportedly told The Observer.

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  1. I thought the University of Notre Dame was a Catholic university. Maybe it cares more about football and being politically correct than it does about being Catholic. How sad. I wonder what its patron would say about that? And who is its patron you may ask-the Mother of God! That is what Notre Dame means:Our Lady.