Thursday, September 20, 2012

Prophecy of Saint Louis Orione: “Feminism will destroy society more completely than the Bolsheviks destroyed Russia”

Saint Louis Orione*

In a recent interview on the site Vatican Insider about abortion with Dr. Flavio Peloso, general director of the Dom Orione Project, we read this prophecy from Saint Louis Orione about the decadence in the family:

“To work for the condition of women, or better, for the Christian family, is something Christian and charitable.

“Be on your guard: The latent attacks on this social fortress, the Christian family, kept safe in the indissoluble bonds marriage, will soon become overwhelming.

“Feminism is a most important social issue, and we Catholic have been lacking in our understanding of its importance.  This was a great mistake.

“The day women are liberated from everything that we call her slavery, to become a mother according to her pleasure, a wife without a husband, without any responsibility to anyone, on this day, society will fall apart in a more shocking manner than Russia did under the Bolsheviks.

(*) Dom Luigi Orione (1872-1940), was canonized by John Paul II on 5-16-2004.

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