Saturday, November 21, 2015

After Paris Attacks, French Mayors Say “Ban Nativity Scenes From Public Places…!”

According to a report from LifeSiteNews, there was a meeting of the Association of French Mayors this week that “came up with an idea: let’s ban Nativity scenes from all public places.”

“Having a proper law to make sure that no town hall can have a ‘crèche’ at Christmas was one of the major proposals made in a report that the Association had been working on in the wake of the Charlie-Hebdo attack in January.

“Their ‘Guide for good secularist conduct’ was presented on Wednesday and their president, Republican François Baroin, explained: ‘It is up to us, who are elected and close to the population, to hold up secularism, which is at the same time a condition for community life and a means to emancipate human beings.’

My comment is: How will removing the Nativity Scenes from public places protect France from more attacks?

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