Monday, November 9, 2015

Rescue Thanksgiving

Sign a petition to the Deptford Mall in New Jersey, asking them to:

    STAY CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day
So employees can stay home with their families.

Sign petition HERE

Family time is important. And Americans are getting less and less of it, even on special days like Thanksgiving.

For example, for the first time in history the Deptford Mall in New Jersey will open for business at 6pm on Thanksgiving.

This is outrageous. Mall employees should be allowed to stay home with their families on Thanksgiving.

So. . .

Please sign the petition to keep the Deptford Mall

CLOSED on Thanksgiving!

Sign petition HERE

By signing this petition you are doing something that is simple and effective.

Your signed message with be sent to the Deptford Mall and will contain this message:

Dear Jim Mackey, Senior Property Manager at Deptford Mall:

“Please stay closed on Thanksgiving so employees can stay home with family on Thanksgiving Day!”

Sign petition HERE!

Your action is absolutely necessary!

You see, to have a major impact, we need to collect over 10,000 thousand signatures right away. Before Thanksgiving Day.

And, as I said, your signed petition – along with all the others – will be presented to Deptford Mall management asking them to STAY CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day!

Thank you!

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