Monday, November 2, 2015

Catholics and Luciferians Face Off In Spiritual Warfare – PHOTOS

Here are photos of the TFP-America Needs Fatima prayer vigil on Friday at 5PM, in front of the “church” of Lucifer that was just opened in Spring Texas.

In this spiritual warfare, Mary Most Holy, the most humble and powerful of all of God’s creatures, once again overcomes the action of the proud and weak Lucifer.

Young Spiritual Warrior makes a bold statement.


  1. We held a Rosary at our Adoration Chapel in Franklin, LA at 5:30 last Friday. We wanted you to know we joined you in spirit with 23 people who gathered to pray while you were bravely gathered there in Spring, Texas. God Bless you all! Becky

  2. That guy in the light green shirt, oh my goodness! that poor heretic, as soon as we started the Holy Rosary, he started to harass us, but as soon as he was sprinkled with Epiphany water, he crossed the street and stayed mute and inmobilized in his corner throughout the whole Rally. The amazing power of the sacramentals!!