Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"NO Smartphones at my Thanksgiving"

When you’re talking to someone, how do you feel when they ignore you to check their smartphone?

I personally can’t stand it. And I hope that at your Thanksgiving dinner there are no guests who interrupt the conversation by checking their smartphones.

On the issue of smartphones, you may find interesting facts to fill your Thanksgiving conversation here:

The Smartphone: A Double-Edged Sword

Actually, for a very hot topic of conversation for Thanksgiving, take a look at this:

What Saint Thomas Says About Immigration

It’s the most popular article right now on the Return to Order website.

Another tragic topic is the spread of Satanism in America.

In this line, we’re promoting a protest and petition drive against the new show Lucifer planned by Fox. Please sign and spread this urgent petition:

Tell Fox TV to Cancel Lucifer

Finally, and most importantly, we turn to Almighty God on this Thanksgiving in prayer and gratitude for all of His blessings.

I wish that you and your family have a Thanksgiving Day that is abundantly blessed.

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