Monday, November 16, 2015

Fox TV Approves LUCIFER – Send him back to Hell…

Fox TV Series Plants A Seed For Lucifer

As A Charming Friend Of Mankind

And Victim Of A Tyrant God

Tell Fox: Be Gone LUCIFER!

     The malice of Lucifer is such that he has always wanted to be not only known, but worshipped as God is worshipped, by angels and men. He even tempted Our Lord to worship him!

     Our words and efforts should echo the response of Christ Himself:  “Be gone, Satan: the Lord thy God shalt thou adore, and Him alone shalt thou serve!” (Matt.4:10)

     Now, see how Fox TV seems to plan to help Lucifer appeal to weak modern humanity  in their scheduled series “Lucifer” for January, 2016.

  • Fox’s online “About The Show” presents the devil as “charming, charismatic and devilishly handsome.”


  • In the show – Lucifer refers to God like this: “Hey, he’s my father, not yours. I can say whatever I want about the guy. I quit Hell because I was sick and tired of playing a part in Dad’s plan. I believe in free will, not the tyranny of all his predestination hoo-ha.”


  • Lucifer continues: “Thank you! But I’ve been doing a fair amount of thinking. Do you think I’m the devil because I’m inherently evil or simply because dear ol’ Dad decided I was? Is this a classic case of labeling? What do you think?”


  • The film is quite demonic in its subtlety. In a nightclub, clips show plenty of gyrating, scantily clad dancers, sexual innuendos, glorify a party lifestyle, and portray Lucifer as a fun loving young man while God and his angel Amenadiel are no fun at all and don’t relate to modern man.

Like St. Michael, make no compromises with evil. PROTEST To FOX NOW

     Not too long ago we protested the opening of a Luciferian church in Texas and now this TV show.

We will not allow Fox TV or anyone to get our children used to Lucifer


Our Divine Redeemer Himself spoke of the devil like this: "He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies" (John 8, 44).

     The devil is a murderer and the father of lies, the liar par excellence, who hates truth, because truth leads to God.

Do NOT Let Fox TV Bring Lucifer To America


     I asked one of my associates here at America Needs Fatima to investigate this diabolical maneuver to make Lucifer seem harmless.

     Here’s what he found how Fox’s upcoming January TV series will portray Satan:

  • Lucifer gets bored running Hell and comes to the City of Angels in human form.

  • Lucifer is a successful, handsome, dashing, witty, likeable, and intelligent young man innocently “indulging in a few of his favorite things – wine, women and songs.”

  • Lucifer’s “conscience” is increasingly touched by a successful, beautiful, serious, likeable, and intelligent young woman detective.

  • Lucifer starts helping this woman to solve crimes by bringing out the innermost thoughts and desires of suspects.

  • Lucifer, enjoying himself and carefree, is pestered to return to Hell by an angel from heaven dressed all in black and with black wings.

Do NOT Let Fox TV Try To Make Lucifer Charming & Harmless


HERE’s More TRUTH About The Fallen Angel Lucifer

     "Satan is distinguished by his guile,” writes Monsignor Cristiani. “Guile is a deceitful scheme. The being that acts with guile has bad intentions. If he speaks, it is not to say the truth, but to deceive, to lead to falsehood. Satan is treacherous, false. One cannot trust him. He lacks equity, loyalty, frankness. He is erroneous, voluntarily obscure and dissimulative."

A Perverted Will

     In his book Angels and Demons, author Luis Solimeo states:

  • The devils are pure spirits, since they are Angels. They do not have the weaknesses of men. From this, we understand why their revolt against God is permanent, immutable, and eternal.
  • Their will became perverted and fixed in evil after they abandoned the Highest Good as their objective.
  • As a consequence, the devils do not wish anything but evil in all their voluntary acts and, even when they appear to do good (as, for example, when they restore someone's health, give riches, or teach something), it is only as a means to cause more evil, leading the person to final perdition, which is their ultimate wish for all men.


May Our Lady of Fatima protect us from the snares of the Devil.

Thank you.

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  1. If you dont like it just change the channel. With the wide variety of channel choices out there these days, no one is forcing you to watch it.