Wednesday, December 2, 2009

500 captains enrolled in the 2010 Public Square Rosary Crusade!

  Some very good news!   We are very close to reaching our first 500 captains for the 2010 public square rosary! 

    After the 2009 public square rosary we sent out a brief form so that new captains could already begin signing up for 2010. Those who sign up ahead of time help us to get a good jump on increasing the number of rally captains.  Rally captains who sign up now and in the first half of 2010 will make it possible for our volunteers to concentrate on signing up new rally captains.  All of these efforts combined will help us to reach our new goal of 5,000 rally captains for Our Lady!

    If you haven't responded yet to your questionnaire, please do so right away.  Wouldn't it be nice to give the Holy Family an early gift of 1,000 rally captains, or, even more for 2010?

    We eagerly anticipate the celebration of the Virgin birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  On Christmas day our hearts are filled with adoration and gratitude to Our Lord for the Incarnation.  We also experience a much greater closeness to Our Lady for becoming the Mother of God, and the Mother of us all. 

    How it would please the Holy Family if we gave the gift of becoming a 2010 rally captain.

    To sign up please call our toll free number at (866) 584 - 6012, or email us at

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