Thursday, June 12, 2008

Big launch of 2008 Rosary Rallies...

The Public Square Rosary Campaign for 2008 is gearing up.  Members of America Needs Fatima have been working all week at our national rally coordination office in Kansas, testing computers, cleaning, and organizing to prepare for our kick off on Monday, June 16. 

    On Saturday, eight volunteers are arriving from various states to help man the phones beginning early Monday morning.

    Yesterday, a tornado struck a town and city west of our office.  When the weather radio sent out the alarm that the tornado might possibly strike Rossville, KS which is where the office is located, local America Needs Fatima members got up at midnight to pray that Our Lady would spare Her office.  The tornado veered to the northeast and completely missed Rossville. 

    We our grateful to the Virgin Mary and Her angels for protecting us.

    We know that the devil does not want this public rosary campaign to succeed, so he is doing what he can to interrupt it.

    With confidence in Our Lady we will keep forging ahead to attain our goal of 3,000 public rosaries on October 11, 2008. 

     To join, please call 866-584-6012.

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