Monday, June 16, 2008

June 17: sad and tragic day in our nation’s history!

On this day, the decision by the California Supreme Court to allow same-sex “marriage” will be implemented.

This terrible decision will create legal havoc across the nation and be used as a battering ram to impose same-sex “marriage” across the nation.

Since the homosexual movement has faced dismal results whenever the issue is put to a vote, the new strategy is to force same-sex “marriage” down the throats of Americans through judicial decisions.

In face of this great outrage, I am asking if you could join with me tomorrow by taking some time out of your schedule to pray in reparation for what will be done tomorrow.

I would ask you to pray and make sacrifices as a way of asking God to save our nation.

I will be especially praying for a great victory for the California marriage amendment in November.

Could you join me in this effort?

Perhaps you could spend some time before the Blessed Sacrament at a nearby adoration chapel?

If we unite in prayers and efforts, we are confident that Our Lord will hear our prayers.

We are heartened by the defeat of the Treaty of Lisbon which would have led to the imposing of an anti-Catholic agenda on Ireland.

Let us pray that similar things will happen here!

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