Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Repercussions from our Public Square Rosary Campaign Office

A stay at home mom from Maple Shade, New Jersey told one of our volunteers how apprehensive she was about organizing her rally last year.  After holding her rally she realized how easy it was and how pleasing it was to Our Lady.  The rally she said, has changed her life.  She also told us that EVERY MOMENT since the rally has been affected by it.

Another lady in a wheelchair told us how happy she is to be able to do something for Our Lady.  She said that organizing her rally last year was the easiest thing she has ever done.

An 85 year old gentleman is happy to be a rally captain.  He loves to do all that he can for Our Lady.  You see, when he was 34 years old, Our Lady cured him of a terrible illness.  In his gratitude he is doing all he can for Her.

From a lady in Sweden:

What a marvelous initiative.You made me so happy. You can count on me.

I have been trying different things for the past five years to commemorate Our Lady of the Rosary's feast day  in a way or the other, but all the proposals of the prayer group of Fatima were turned down, even the simplest one which consisted of praying only 5 decades, not at the same time, but on the same day, in different parishes and towns of Sweden!!!

(The feast is celebrated here on the 8th  because the 7th is dedicated to St Bridget)
I know personally the people  who lead small prayer groups , at least in the Stockholm area, who pray the rosary at their meetings.
Is there anything in particular that I should know before asking around?
The best time to come out with the idea here is late August, beginning of September, when people are back from their vacations and the kids are back to school.
It would be very useful  to have a one page A4 ad to post it early September in the churches as well as on the local Catholic websites. I guess you are preparing one. Please forward it to me as soon as possible.
I pray that we can also get on board Copenhagen and Oslo, and may be also Helsinki.

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