Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"It was great to be in a Catholic country..."

My friend, William Drake, just got back from a pilgrimage to Quito, Ecuador.

He said he was thrilled to visit a Catholic country and to see the marvelous traditions of the Church, especially in the art and culture.

Here are some of the things he saw there:


Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Quito


Painting of the Sacred Heart commissioned by President Garcia Moreno, which was used in the ceremony of consecration of Ecuador to the Sacred Heart.  Shortly after Garcia Moreno had Ecuador officially consecrated to the Sacred Heart he was murdered by the Masons.


The giant statue of Our Lady of Quito that overlooks the city.



The incorrupt bodies of the first Conceptionist nuns who went from Spain to Ecuador in the 16th century, at the Conceptionist Convent off the main city square in Quito, where Our Lady of Good Success appeared.


The tomb of the murdered Catholic President. Garcia Moreno.

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