Thursday, June 19, 2008

Public Rosaries Inspire More Frequent Public Actions

From Rossville, Kansas:

    One of our volunteers today spoke with a rally captain from Binghamton, NY.  Their 2007 rally was in front of city hall.  Their local city hall flies the rainbow flag.  After the rally, her group decided to pray the rosary and protest in front of the city hall on the fourth Saturday of every month.

    A local factory had been flying the rainbow flag as well.  Eventually, they took it down and stopped flying it.  No doubt, the public actions and prayers of America Needs Fatima members made an impact.

    The public square rosaries can help bring us graces of fortitude so that we have the courage to defend our faith and to stand up to the evils that confront it.

Prayer and Sacrifice of ANF members

Hi to all at ANF--

Yesterday, June 17th I came down with a 24 hour intestinal viral illness. I was unable to eat (food made me nauseous) and so the only thing I had  all those hours was sips of water.  I felt I had to offer up my illness to Jesus for whatever cause (He knew). And now I received this e-mail!!!



At Mass, yesterday, and throughout the day, I prayed for the restoration of the Natural Institution of Marriage.  I skipped dinner and went to bed hungry in reparation for those who set a poor example to others by allowing same sex "marriage."
The power of prayer and group sacrifice is very powerful and a point frequently made by Pope John Paul II.  I believe that what you are doing will benefit us all.
For your information, the attached message came into my mailbox after sending the email to Governor Swarzenegger.

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