Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August 16th Rosary Rally At City Hall in Berwick, PA...

    On Saturday, August 16th Public Square Rosary Captain, Mrs. Nancy Spaide held a public rosary in front of the city hall in Berwick, PA.

    The local Press Enterprise published an article with photos of the event.  The title of the article is, "Rosary Rally May Rile Some In Berwick, Catholic Event at City Hall Aims to End 'Immorality' in US".

This demonstrates that there is indeed a spiritual war that is taking place.  What could be so controversial about praying the rosary in public? The answer is that the rosary is a powerful weapon against evil.  Obviously, brave Mrs. Spaide knows that.

    In the article Mrs. Spaide was quoted as saying, "People have abandoned God and we need to bring Him back to America and all over the world".  The article also noted that according to Mrs. Spaide, someone threw eggs at her vehicle after the rally.

    A crowd of around forty attended Mrs. Spaide's rally.  Bravo to Mrs. Spaide and to all of the upcoming rally captains.

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