Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Closer to Our Goal of 3,000 Rally Captains; Saint Joseph caravan on its way...

0818 volunteers

New Volunteers Who Will Do a Lot to Bring Us Closer to Our Goal of 3,000 Rally Captains.

    This week we are honored to welcome more volunteers to increase the rally captain count. Three time zones are represented with this group.  They come from a variety of backgrounds, but all are here for the same reason, to enlist more rally captains for Our Lady!

    From the left there is Mr. Reeys Falcon from Skidmore, TX, Mrs. Patricia McDowell next to her husband from Carlisle, PA.  Next we have Mrs. Rita Martinez from Ada, OK, Miss Catherine Schneider from Alexandria, LA, and Mrs. Thelma Escaro both seasoned veterans from last year and Mrs. Christina Hughes from Coral Springs, FL.

    With such a talented, devoted  and dedicated group of volunteers we will grow much closer to 3,000 rally captains for October 11th!


Please pray for the members of the Saint Joseph caravan that departed from our headquarters in Spring Grove, PA, yesterday.  They will campaign in defense of traditional marriage in California.

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