Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"She wanted to know all about the Public Square Rosary Campaign..."

   On the feast day of the Assumption, America Needs Fatima volunteers traveled to the Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Valparaiso, NE to witness the profession of former and very dedicated America Needs Fatima volunteer, (Catherine Lee) Sister Gabrielle Marie. 

    The Pontifical High Mass offered by Lincoln, Nebraska Bishop, Fabian Bruskewitz was inspiring to say the very least. Accompanied by a number of clergy clothed in beautiful vestments of gold, the entire Mass and ceremony moved all who had the incredibly good fortune to be there. 

    After the gospel, Bishop Bruskewitz accepted the vows of Sister Gabrielle Marie in the sanctuary.  Sister Gabrielle Marie accompanied by her fellow Sisters, participated in this ceremony from behind the grill in accordance with the strict cloister of the Carmelite rule.

    After the Mass, an excellent luncheon was served to the guests in an outdoor tent.  Each group of families were then called for the opportunity to visit with Sister Gabrielle Marie at the grill. 

    Men of today's world cannot remotely understand how such a life of total self sacrifice can exist.  They don't remotely see how such a person could even be remotely happy.  Well, if they had the opportunity to meet Sister on that day, they would see the complete happiness in her face.  She spoke so kindly to each and every family, asking about each member and about all of the events happening in their lives.  To one family she wanted to know all about the Public Square Rosary Campaign. The most important gift that Sister offered each and every family and the Public Rosary Campaign was her prayers.

Today our count of rally captains has reached the 2,463 mark!

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