Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Lady Moves More People to Become Rally Captains...

   Two of our volunteers today had some very interesting conversations.  To me, these conversations demonstrate the graces of Our Lady touching souls across our country.

    In the first case, one of our volunteers spoke with an elderly woman who was a rally captain last year.  This year she decided that she wasn't able to organize a rally.  She did however, promise Our Lady, that if someone asked her, that she would consider it a sign that Our Lady wanted her to organize a rally again this year.

    A couple of weeks later, she attended First Friday Mass.  After Mass as she was leaving the Church, someone she knew came up to her, and asked her if she was going to organize a rally again this year.  She considered that a sign from Our Lady so she is now one of over 2,400 rally captains.

    Another volunteer from San Diego CA, spoke with someone who didn't seem to have the time to become a rally captain.  The caller then told the person that she too was from San Diego which prompted a good conversation.  At the end the person enthusiastically agreed to become a rally captain, plus, she plans on bringing her youth group with her!

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