Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Warning: this movie has blasphemous and offensive content against Our Lord...

Warning: this movie has blasphemous and offensive content against Our Lord.

If you prefer, please skip the movie description and go directly to the action item.

On August 22, a blasphemous movie called Hamlet 2 will open in theaters across America.

According to reviews, the movie includes a song called Rock Me, Sexy Jesus!

Here is an excerpt:

Rock me, rock me, rock me sexy Jesus, He died for our sins, you gotta believe us, Rock me, rock me, rock me sexy Jesus, all night long.

And on the website of the movie distributor, you read: Want to be the first to learn how to join the Rock Me, Sexy Jesus! fan team?

And yes, you guessed it, Hamlet 2 was written and directed by the homosexual filmmaker Andrew Fleming. A movie like this should never be shown in theaters. It truly a terrible sin; blasphemy on a national scale.

Here's what you can do:

-- Sign and send a protest message to Focus Features, the movie distributor (see sample message below).

-- Pray a Rosary in reparation.

-- Call Focus Features to kindly yet firmly voice your opposition to Hamlet 2.

    --------- Sample protest message ------------

To: Focus Features

The news that your company is the distributor for Hamlet 2, with its song Rock Me, Sexy Jesus was shocking.

I am deeply upset and disappointed.  The movie is an egregious display of blasphemy.  Over 82% of America is Christian. Millions feel insulted by this show. Such a production offends in many ways because it is at the opposite end of the spectrum of basic decency and moral behavior.

Nothing like this should be produced. I hope your company will NEVER again distribute a movie as disgraceful as Hamlet 2.  Thank you!____________________

Focus Features

65 Bleecker St., 3rd Fl.

New York, NY 10012

Phone: 212-539-4000

Fax: 212-539-4099


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