Saturday, August 30, 2008

Over 2,800 Rally Captains already; act of reparation today in Ohio...

    Today our volunteers signed up our 2,800th rally captain!  This has been accomplished in only two and a half months of calling!

    I thought readers might be interested in some very interesting statistics.  Since June 16th when we began our calls, we have placed 25,000 outgoing calls!  We have taken 5,000 incoming calls.  This of course does not even count the many emails and correspondence received as well.

    I hope these numbers give you some idea of the tremendous dedication of our volunteers!  This also speaks volumes of our rally captains.  Obviously the statistics show that the overwhelming majority of those called are unable to become rally captains, at least not for this year.  The age, health, work and family obligations of some whom we contact may be obstacles that make it very difficult to become a rally captain. 

     Sadly, sometimes there are those who do not fully see the importance of the Public Square Rosary, or, others who are apprehensive because of human respect, fearing criticism from some members of the public who may be opposed to the public rosaries. 

    The rally captains then, really represent a potent and dedicated minority who love our Lady so much that they will not let anything get in the way of the Public Square Rosary.  I believe they are the leaven Our Lady will use as channels for Her abundant graces to bring about the repentance and conversion of many! 


America Needs Fatima held a public act of protest and reparation for a blasphemous insult against Jesus Christ at Lorain County Community College today at 12 noon.

     News reports describe a large poster put up by an atheist student group depicting a Christ figure being kissed by a man, with the words, "Jesus Christ had a homosexual relationship". 

     Many other students were upset by this and when one of them took the poster down, he was turned over to security.  The college defended their action against the student, declaring,it is no way limiting "freedom of speech", as the poster continues to be displayed.

     America Needs Fatima vehemently objects to this toleration of blasphemy against Our Lord and calls for its immediate removal, together with a public apology from the college for allowing the display of the insulting poster which offends God, Our Lord, and all Christians.

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