Thursday, August 28, 2008

Three Rally Captains, Three Amazing Stories

    Three of our volunteers recently signed up three rally captains with some amazing stories. 

    The first was the rally captain who is totally blind.  Not only is he blind, but his wife and some of his children are blind also.  They are going to be offering their public rosary walking around their block.

    The second was a rally captain who called into our office.  Somehow he stumbled upon our America Needs Fatima site and the Public Square Rosary section really grabbed his attention.  He called wanting to know how to become a rally captain.  He also called for one other reason, he doesn't know how to pray the rosary.  Our volunteer gave him excellent advice about praying the rosary and showed where on the site he could learn how to pray the rosary.  This new captain so moved by grace is planning on zealously praying his rosary together with others at his Public Square Rosary Rally on October 11th.

    The third was a gentleman from California who was not really practicing his Catholic Faith.  One day his son who was eight years old said something to him that really made his seriously think about his faith, or lack of it.  He began practicing his faith again.  He told our volunteer that his big turning point was the Public Square Rosary from last year.  This year he is resolved not only to organize his only public rosary, but to try to have one on as many blocks surrounding his neighborhood as possible.

    Our rally captain today is 2,752.

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