Friday, August 29, 2008

Rosary Rally news...Fatima Custodian news...and please vote in the AOL poll against blasphemy...

Good example is very important

From the email, we received this comment:

"I think that there should be rallies on every block around my town. I will follow the example of the man from California."

This was in response to yesterday's post "Three Rally Captains, Three Amazing Stories" about a heroic rally captain in California.

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Fatima Custodian Auxiliary Michael Miller reports:

My wife Jenny and I took the statue of Our Lady of Fatima to visit a lady and her sick mother in the hospital last night.  She was just diagnosed with lung cancer as of a week ago and is not very coherent now.

When we arrived, there were six other woman in the room praying.  When we unveiled Our Lady, one of the woman immediately dropped to her knees and began to sing to Our Lady.  This woman had great faith.

We prayed a Rosary together and then I spoke a little about our apostolate.  I passed out the intention envelope for those who had intentions they wanted to write down to send to Fatima.  I did not solicit  donations, but these fervent women all offered donations.

The lady we went to visit is very distraught over the situation with her mother.  And her husband died 15 years ago.  And her mother lives with her severely mentally handicapped brother.  I asked her if she would like me to bring the the image of Our Lady to their home. 

She said yes and we brought Our Lady to her mother's house.

The one woman who had dropped to her knees when we arrived with Our Lady, ended up going room to room in the hospital, handing out some of the devotional materials I brought, to other patients. 

I believe one of the woman who was in the room at the hospital, is scheduled for a home visit from a Fatima Custodian next week.  All in all, it was a blessed visit and I hope Our Lady brings her and them all great comfort.


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