Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2009 Fatima Family Day in Pennsylvania

061409-ANF BBQ 010

Every year, Fatima Custodian, Mr. Jose Ferraz hosts a Fatima Family Day in conjunction with TFP-America Needs Fatima at his home in Drums, Pennsylvania. 

061409-ANF BBQ 012

This year, he hosted the event on Sunday, June 14.

061409-ANF BBQ 018

He invites friends, family and people he has met through the ANF home visitation program.  Usually 200 to 250 people attend.

The program is varied and wonderful. 

061409-ANF BBQ 036

It starts with Mass, then a talk about current events.

061409-ANF BBQ 028

There's a great barbeque lunch.

061409-ANF BBQ 015

The experts barbeque team.

061409-ANF BBQ 020

Games for the children (old and young) and cultural programs like the choir presentation conducted by Mrs. Ferraz.

Here are some more beautiful and expressive pictures from this year's event.

061409-ANF BBQ 049

The choir conducted by Mrs. Ferraz provides a wonderful cultural experience to all present.

061409-ANF BBQ 041

The children also did a marvelous theater play.

061409-ANF BBQ 039

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