Thursday, June 11, 2009

Report from young American in England spreading the Fatima message

We've already done about four days of campaigning for Our Lady of Fatima, hitting Liverpool Station in London, Canterbury (which was the first time our standard was raised there), South-End-On-the-Sea, Basildon, and Victoria Station.

So far, we've handed out around five thousand Fatima leaflets. At many places, the people won't even look at you when you offer them a leaflet, making it hard to get even a thousand handed out in the hours of campaigning we do a day. 

We see "born-agains", Muslims, and other kinds of people who come up to us and act hostile.


One person even came up to us at Liverpool Station calling us right wing fascists -- but he hadn't even read the contents of the leaflet.   He didn't even know who we were!


After the campaigns, we usually go to a historical location such as Canterbury Cathedral, Edinburgh Castle, the shrine of the English Martyrs in Tyburn, and an old castle by the sea.

These places are all full of history, and more importantly Catholic history.


After our campaign in Canterbury, we went to see the place where St. Thomas Moore's head was buried and found.

I will attach some pictures of the many places we've been.


Sincerely yours,

Joseph Jordan

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