Thursday, June 25, 2009

Animals are symbols...for those with eyes to see

I am disgusted with the way some left-wing eco-fringe reporters in the media today write about animals.
They refer to animals with the regard and consideration normally given to human beings alone.  Their columns on animals read like society news, or they print banal and insipid comments as captions for animal photos, such as:

Giant panda eats watermelon; or...

Eight month old gorilla

Please -- are their minds so empty and hollow?

In contrast, I share some comments of Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira about the cat.


The mystery in a cat:

“The reactions that cats awaken in men are varied.  They range from extreme antipathy to extreme sympathy, and include the many degrees of  antipathy and sympathy which are between these two extreme positions.

"This is because the cat is an animal extraordinarily rich in aspects; it has everything.

"Tiger in miniature, the cat is a small beast that at times expresses itself by suddenly clawing, biting, jumping; scaring, and turning everything upside down.

"But when its ferocious side subsides, the cat shows its other side; lively and charming, delicate and classy in its movements, expressive in its attitudes, caressing, tender and cozy, in sum, a living bibelot.

"However, this living bibelot has no airs of bagatelle, inseparable even from the finest bibelots.  This is because in its gaze, which has something magnetic and unfathomable, of reserved and enigmatic, the can reserves the terrible and attractive superiority of mystery."

(Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, Primeval Innocence and the Sacral Contemplation of the Order of the Universe, pg. 225)

Article taken in part and translated by Robert Ritchie from:

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