Monday, June 15, 2009

Rosary Rally in Miami – great success!

Again pictures tell it all...


Our Lady attracted true devotees to one of the busiest intersections in SW Miami 40 St & 87 Ave. for our monthly rosary rally


Thousands of drivers saw the banner and the Cross.


They honked or gave a “thumbs up” when they saw Our Lady, the America Needs Fatima signs, and a group of faithful Catholics praying the Rosary in almost 95 degree weather.

An interesting story from our Rosary Rally. One of the attendees accidentally dropped his Rosary down the street water drain.

Because of this, three families stayed behind to help fish it out.

Finally almost one hour later in very hot weather, a gentleman was able to hook it and bring it out.

Our Lady may have permitted this, because we were all tired and so we went to a near by restaurant, washed up, had lunch, and some great conversation.


The whole time, we were talking about Our Lady of Fatima, and the great events that She prophesied at Fatima.

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