Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Volunteers at rosary rally office show great love for Our Lady

     Why do volunteers travel all of the way to Kansas to volunteer for the Public Square Rosary Campaign? 

     I can say without hesitation that each and very volunteer has a great devotion to Our Lady.  Also, many volunteers have had to suffer some great trial or bear a heavy cross in their life.  They tell us that they only made it through with the help of Our Lady and they seek in some way to repay Our Lady's generosity towards them. 

    Others are grateful to Our Lady for protecting them from evil throughout their lives.  They sense that it was Our Lady who somehow prevented them from choosing paths that could have ended in their spiritual destruction. 

    Volunteering at our Rosary Crusade Office seems to these devotees of Our Lady, to be a way of demonstrating their gratitude to Our Lady in a most tangible manner.

    I received a note from one such volunteer today.  She wrote that she has been under Our Blessed Mother's care since she was a child and while she attended a Catholic convent school.  She also noted that she leads her neighborhood block rosary.

    Another volunteer told me that throughout her first year of life her mother dressed her in blue each and every day in honor of Our Lady.

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