Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lesson about the Rosary from Our Lady's apparition at Fatima

The first apparition of Our Lady at Fatima in May, 1917 teaches us a very simple yet powerful lesson about the Rosary.

Sacred Statue - Christmas 2002  D (61)

    When Our Lady appeared, Lucia asked, “Where are you from?” Our Lady responded, “I am from heaven.”

    Lucia then asked, “And will I go to heaven?” Our Lady responded, “Yes, you will.” “And Jacinta?” “Also.” “And Francisco?” “Also, but he has to pray many rosaries.”

    Francisco was only 9 years old, yet Our Lady said that he would have to pray many rosaries. The first thing that comes to mind is how serious life is. Here a young boy living in a far more innocent time than our own without immoral tv, movies, rock and roll etc., from a Catholic family and village needed to pray many rosaries in order to make it to heaven. What does that say about the state of our time, our souls and the souls of the rest of mankind?

    Despite the above grave and necessary reflections, Our Lady gave a remedy, the Holy Rosary!  Obviously, the sacraments, especially Confession and Holy Communion are essential, however Our Lady said that Francisco should pray many Rosaries.  The Rosary is the infallible path to Our Lady.  By daily praying the rosary we place our souls in Her care. In so doing, if we remain faithful, Our Lady will never let us down.  As in Francisco's case Our Lady will give us graces of repentance and fervor.

If it is important for our individual salvation to pray the Rosary, how much more important is the public Rosary?  By praying the Public Square Rosary, not only do we demonstrate our personal love for Our Lady, but we also, by our courageous prayer and example, lead the way for others to Mary, sure and safe harbor of refuge. 

As our society sadly continues on its moral decline, the time will come when passersby at your Public Square Rosary will ask if they may join you. Some may even ask you for a Rosary or how to pray the Rosary. 

May Our Lady based upon our reflection on the importance of the Rosary, grant us graces of renewed fervor to promote Her Rosary everywhere, especially in the public domain!

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